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Hello! This is Harakoni's user page.

You can see my contributions here.

You can compare almost every item in the game here.

I created the following templates:

Template Controlled By Notes/TO-DO
{{Apparel Material Table}} {{Apparel Material Table Row}}
  • Needs an update for exclusions (e.g. uranium coronets and crowns are banned)
  • Needs an update for market value calculations like on the Hood.
{{Building Material Table}} {{Building Material Table Row}}
  • Add terrain affordance
  • Check rounding
  • Add rest effectiveness
  • Check beauty calc on things with beauty (e.g. Chess table)
  • Do general check using bed for example
  • work out how to apply to Barricade/Sandbags and Table
{{Apparel Quality Table}}
{{Weapon Quality Table}}
{{Weapon DPS Chart}}
{{Weapon Iterated DPS Chart}} {{Template:Weapon DPS Iterator}} ->
{{Weapon Iterated DPS Chart Segment}})
  • Add armor or at least DPS reduction
  • Add minimum range and then add to turrets.
{{Apparel Protection Chart}}
  • Flak and Duster vs Marine
{{nav|materials|wide}} which replaced my other creation {{nav|textiles|wide}}
{{Persona traits}}
Template: Apparel comparison table row
{{Version Nav}}
{{Leather List}}
{{Animal Health Table}}
  • Add all teh bones?
{{Ingredient List}} {{Ingredient List Row}}
  • Check case sensitivity
  • Add item categories
Template:Stonecutting maximization
{{Market Value Calculator}}
{{Daily Tip}}

I also created the following templates, however they are not intended for wiki-wide use

Template Controlled By
{{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffable|WEAPONNAME}} {{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffableMaterial|WEAPONNAME|MATERIAL}}
{{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffable|APPARELNAME|CLOTH/METAL}} {{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffableMaterial|APPARELNAME|MATERIAL}}

Outdated but still maintained for now:

I also contributed code to

I also created the following that are not yet templates but are similar mechanically to the above.

If you have any issue with any of the above, including any instructional or formatting problems, please feel free to ask on my discussions page.

<div><li style="display: inline-table;"> </li><div>

Hey Harakoni, if you're looking for your mess its here: User:Harakoni/Sandbox



Market Value Mismatch

The pages listed below have a mismatch between the calculated price and the listed market price. This might be because the market vlaue on the page is incorrect, because the ingredients or work to make on the page are incorrect, because the market value is non-standard or because of a flaw in Template: Market Value Calculator It is currently known that the Prestige armors have some seemingly non-standard behavior, but any others must be investigated to indentify where the issue lies.

Name Listed Market Value Calc'd Market Value
Assault rifle, Flak helmet, Muffalo 300 480 Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Assault rifle, Flak helmet, Muffalo 300 480 Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Peg leg 1.4 1.2
Prestige cataphract armor 3930 5550
Prestige cataphract helmet 1155 1965
Prestige marine armor 2530 3430
Prestige marine helmet 850 1300
Prestige recon armor 1975 2785
Prestige recon helmet 715 1015
Wooden foot 1.4 1.2

Very odd behavior. Small volume materials like Gold and Silver display inconsistent behavior in this ingredient calculation. When used as stuff, such as in Gold Plate armor, the value of the ingredients is as expected. 10x as much small volume material is required, so the ingredient cost reflects this - Gold Plate Armor requring 1700 gold, and gold having a market value of 10 results in an ingredient value of 17000. However, when used in item recipes that are not using the gold as stuff but as a regular ingredient, such as Prestige marine armor Content added by the Royalty DLC, the expected increase from that ingredient is only 10% of what would be expected. For the prestige marine armor, the 100 Gold required only adds 100 to the ingredient value, instead of the expected 1000.

However, this does not hold true when used in the Royal bed, that properly calculates teh ingredient value. Of note, is that despite the prestige marine armor requireing 100 gold in-game, its only defined as requiring 10 gold in the files, presumably then the small volume mateiral takes over and multiplies it by 10. But the royal bed doesn't need to define it as 5 to get 50 in game, instead it just defines it as 50. Something weird is going on here.

Pages in need of integration

Investigation TODO


  • Does clothes flammability affect chance to light on fire?
  • Investigate Base Hunger Rate is multiplied by 1.6 for animals for some reason?
  • Investigate Template: Version
  • Investigate carrying chess set on caravan provides recreation
  • Investigate sarcophagus giving a mood boost
  • Investigate Pyromaniac mood boost - just incendiary launcher or molotovs as well? Wb inferno cannons or plasmaswords? Add to pages.
  • Investigate if pawns with 0% Hearing can be insulted. Could it be a way to negate the downside of bloodlust on non-social pawns?
  • Investigate do pawns with 0 Sight "see" corpses?
  • investigate the damage type of doomsday launchers and how they interact qith armor
  • Investigate EMI Dynamo destruction causing unconsciousness brain implanted pawns
  • Investigate animal haulers not triggering proximity activators for mortar shell plant
  • Investigate EMP shells having a larger explosion radius when exploding on ground than when fired.
  • Investigate effect of emp and mortars (on top of and next to) on broadshield packs
  • Investigate Using beckon not waking mech clusters.
  • Investigate if beautiful colonists get better trade prices, and ugly colonists get bad trade prices.
  • Investigate why End tables don't inherit the ability to eat on them from TableBase, is it because they lack the <compClass>CompGatherSpot</compClass>?
  • Investigate Injury implies that beds add heal rate, This needs better investigation and integration with pages such as Hospital bed. It also implies a use for Animal beds - namely that it helps animals heal faster.
  • Investigate AP mechanics for Armor - it appears that damageDef.armorCategory.armorRatingStat is set only once, at the start, and thus even if the first layer mitigates the damage and changes the damage type from sharp to blunt, it continues to use the Sharp armor ratings of lower layers. i.e. if the damage is sharp, and a duster mitigates the damage, halving it and changing it to blunt, the flak vest still uses the 100% sharp armor rating when performing its penetration checks. This is important as it makes layers significantly better. Thick armor mod author mentions this on the mod page


Infobox Updates

Template: Infobox main is in need of some TLC.

  • Searhc in stuff tags " " + <stuff tags> = the first word will always start at 1 not 0?
  • |imagesize = 192px
  • Implement Ingredient List but for stuffable - i.e. this list of items is stuffable with metallics, this one with stony etc. and then link each metal, stone, wood etc to their respecitve type.
  • General clean up cleanup. Weapons especially.
  • Animal DPS doesn't take into account the chanceFactor - e.g. Wargs.
  • To add
    • Add Research requirement to infobox?
      • Add research and resources and crafting skill required to info box main, then make a template to automatically make that information show up in acquisition. Additionally the Research page can have lists of everything that the research unlocks
    • Add construction skill to items?
    • Add crafting skill requriement to infobox?
      • Medicine requires both crafting and intellectual, which means that the infobox var must be set up in a very particular way
    • Add recreation efficiency
    • Automatically add types to categories?
    • Should the infobox have a "crafted at" tag, so you can see at a glance whats crafted where. The infobox would say something like Crafted at : Hand tailor bench TableTailor.png
    • Scale image with the size ingame? As in if its 3x2 in game, scale it so that its 3x larger than a normal image? Might be a way to stndarzie on an image szie
    • Move speed penalty for Armor?
  • Hidden backend section - ideally in a retractable section that the user can choose to show (like the exapand sections. Would display:
    • Tags (e.g. royal7 or NeolithicRangedBasic)
    • The defname
    • The location in the .xmls
  • There is a way to search in the text of infobox variables, which would allow things like an automated ask to put on materials pages like Advanced component. This would let you list every item on the wiki with that component in it. Unfortunatley the current formatting using the icon template makes the information unsearchable. Perhaps applying the icon template in the OUTPUT of the infobox, and making the input as simple as "10 components + 15 gold" and using string functions on that would be better and allow searchability but it would require updating EVERY INFOBOX ON THE WIKI to do.
    • it seems buildings may have soemthing like this implemented already? with material amount and material name beign a thing (example at Throne. God infobox main is a mess.
  • How should we handle extra effects of weapons - EMP damage on Zeushammer, Fire on Plasmasword, Toxic Buildup on Venom Fangs/Talons and how should we display them on tables without messing with automated math. Should we just add new "special damage", "special damage type" and "special damage DPS" categories to infobox? Or is that bloating and already full infobox? Should it just be in the article? Then automated comparison tables won't display it.
  • Template talk:Infobox main STDT tables don't play nice with infoboxes. Wikitables do. Why? How fix? Fix. Jimyoda is working on it.
    • There is a partial fix with the use of the external tags, but its still not ideal
    • The difference seems to be in how the "table" and "wikitable" classes are defined.
    • Table seems to be defined at MediaWiki:Common.css but I can't find any definition anywhere for wikitable to compare.
  • Finish and integrate Template: ThingTag,this would let them calalable by ask.
  • Link Damage Types to infobox main? Standarize?
  • Stuffable tag on items could be used for automatic weapon materials tables. Maybe merged quality/material table.
  • implement the Headings like materials like Gold and Wood have as standard for every infobox? Nice and clean but possibly unnecessary? Might be nice on animals to split base stats, animals stats and combat stats?

Feed back Needed!(If you're reading this, please weigh in)

  • Should tables for ranged weapons blank Accuracy and DPS on ranges the weapons can't reach? Just DPS? The range stat IS displayed in game, despite the weapon never using it. We could split the difference and have Accuracy displayed but DPS not. This would allow easy comparisons with things like Weapons#Ranged Weapons without having to check the range for each weapon. Instead you can just sort by the DPS value.
I'd prefer it if the values were not even there. Effective DPS is 0 anyway and it's obvious at first glance that the weapon is useless at that range. Same goes for accuracy. If it's an issue that sorting would become less useful... that's a different story. Can't judge that until I see it in action. Dr. Strangelove (talk) 15:36, 2 March 2021 (UTC)
  • Finding information on natural walls is current unintuitive or outright unavaialbe. Atm I've created a secion on the Structures page but this is not great - while it puts it next to the other walls, its not an intuitive place to find that information. This is largely because of the intial structure of the wiki to match the menu structure. This is causing issues with things such as where to place uncraftable items such as Vanometric power cells. But back on topic:
    • Should we create pages for each Ore and Natural wall types
    • Should we create superpages for each stone type? With the stats for the wall, blocks and stone chunk all on one pahe
    • SHould we create an "ores" or "natural walls" page?
    • Should we abandon the menu-inspired nav structure? (Ultimately likely to be better, but a massive project).
  • Should we add a page of tables of social effects like we have for moods? The things that affect pawns opinions, like a body purist hating people the more prostheses they have?