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Greetings! This is Harakoni's user page. I'm a moderator here, so feel free to post on my talk page if you need assistance.

You can see my contributions here.

You can compare almost every item in the game here.

Hey Harakoni, if you're looking for your mess its here: User:Harakoni/Sandbox

<div><li style="display: inline-table;"> </li><div> {{clear|left}} {{Q|page|Market Value Base #}} style="background: hsla(120, 100%, 50%, 1.0);" <div style="clear:left></div>

Maximum image area equates to 3500x3500px

This is a way to link to a list without making it ugly here.


There's no mistakes in RimWorld, only surprise wealth management techniques - Necrofancy


I created, or contributed to the point where the difference is academic, the templates below:

If you have any issue with any of them, including any instructional or formatting problems, please feel free to ask on my discussions page.

Table templates[edit]

  • Click to
    Template Controlled By Rollout Feature
    Template: Building Stats Table {{Building Stats Table Row}} Check.png Check.png
    Template: Apparel Stats Table Template: Apparel Stats Table/Row Check.png Check.png Making an interstitial template might be more processor/load time efficient - the template would instead call a middle template, which calls the row template for every quality of that material. This would let you call the material stats once total instead of once per quality.
    Template: Weapon Stats Table Template: Weapon Stats Table/Melee
    Template: Weapon Stats Table/Melee/Row
    Template: Weapon Stats Table/Ranged
    Template: Weapon Stats Table/Ranged/Row
    Check.png Check.png
    Template:Persona traits Check.png Check.png
    Template: Apparel comparison table row Ex.png ?
    Template:Psychic Sensitivity Factor Table Check.png Ex.png
    Template: Leather List Check.png Check.png
    Template:Recipe List Template:Recipe List Row Check.png Ex.png
    • Added crafted resources/drugs/etc
    • Consider adding Value-Work Efficiency Value-Materials Efficiency Value-Weight Efficiency
    • Consider adding skill requiremnts
    Template: Ingredient List {{Ingredient List Row}} Check.png Check.png
    Template: Pawn Table Header Ex.png Ex.png Add a header in which you can input a pawn type (e.g. Tribes/Empire/Pirates/Mercenaries etc) and it will output the table nicely for you and provide an edit link for the page.


    • Hediffs should be in an expandable section to prevent table bloat, likely in their own section.
    • Available apparel like weapons has
    • Traits sortable? Probs not
    • give them row ids like empirepawns.
    Template:Grow Table Check.png Ex.png Add nutrition for pages that have make food because someone was already confused about the plant nutrition vs vs the products nutrition
    Template:Recreation Power Quality Table Check.png Ex.png When its understood how rec power translates into time taken to fill rec bar, add time to fully recreate. If this is done, add a no-quality version that only has one column so it can show the rec power time ratio.
    Template:Comfort Quality Table Check.png Check.png
    Template:Rest Effectiveness Quality Table Check.png Ex.png Sleep accelerator and time to sleep
    Template:Psychic Sensitivity Quality Table Check.png Ex.png
    Template: Heal Option Table Check.png Ex.png
    Template: Stat Factors Table Check.png Ex.png See page for other notes. Is currently written such that transition away from Property:Skill/Property:Skill Base Factor/Property:Skill Base Factor to <SKILLNAME> Bonus Factor etc will be relatively painless, but it should still be implemented.
    Template: Animal Health Table Check.png Ex.png
    • Bones don't bleed, and are not destroyable by damage, and cannot receive permanent injury
    • Move to more descriptive name?
    • Add importance % to capacity
    Template: Aiming Time Row Check.png Check.png
    Template: Ranged Cooldown Row Check.png Check.png
    Template:Weapon Time Row Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Tree Comparison Row Check.png Check.png
    Template: Meal Comparison Row Check.png Check.png
    Template: Body Part Weapon Table Row Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Stomach Comparison Table Check.png Check.png
    Template:Ask Table Formatter Check.png Ex.png A way to do operations on a thing would be useful.
    Template:Egg Table Row Check.png Check.png
    Template: Apparel Layer Table Row Check.png Check.png
    Template: Sight Part Efficiency Table Check.png Check.png
    Template: Hearing Part Efficiency Table Check.png Check.png
    Template: Moving Part Efficiency Table Check.png Check.png
    Template: Manipulation Part Efficiency Table Check.png Check.png
    Template: Mechanoid Table Row Check.png Ex.png Replacement for Mechanoid_creation#Controllable_mechanoids
    Template: Faction Xenotype Table Template: Faction Xenotype Chance Check.png Check.png Displays xenotype percentages of a faction
    Template: Xenotype Faction Table Template: Faction Xenotype Chance Check.png Check.png Displays percentages of a xenotype in various factions.
    Template:Pawn Temperature Row Check.png Check.png
  • Other templates[edit]

  • Click to
    Template Controlled By Rollout Feature
    Template: True Melee DPS Calculator Ex.png Ex.png
    • Investigate Knife>Gladius for steel at normal.
    • Add support for adding weapons/animals together. E.g. power claw + plasteel longsword.
    • Animal base Melee Hit Chance = 62%
    Template: Weapon DPS Chart Ex.png ?
    Template: Weapon Iterated DPS Chart {{Template:Weapon DPS Iterator}} ->
    {{Weapon Iterated DPS Chart Segment}})
    Ex.png ?
    • Add armor or at least DPS reduction
    • Add minimum range and then add to turrets.
    Template: Apparel Protection Chart Template: Apparel AP Calculation Ex.png ?
    • Flak and Duster vs Marine
    • add color option so you can have plasteel be teal, devilstrand red etc. See Plate armor for relevant example.
    Template: Apparel Protection Chart/Quality Generator Template: Apparel Protection Chart Ex.png ?
    Template: Nav/materials which replaced my other creation {{nav|textiles|wide}} Check.png Ex.png
    Template:Nav/Utility Check.png Check.png
    Template:Nav/factions Check.png Check.png
    Template:Nav/stats Check.png Check.png
    Template:Nav/status levels Check.png Check.png
    Template:Habitats Check.png Check.png
    Template: Version Nav Check.png Check.png
    Template: Console Check.png Check.png
    Template: ConsoleIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template: PCIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template: Royalty Check.png Check.png
    Template:Ideology Check.png Check.png
    Template: Biotech Check.png Check.png
    Template: RimworldIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template: RoyaltyIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template:IdeologyIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template:BiotechIcon Check.png Check.png
    Template:Stonecutting maximization Check.png Ex.png
    Template: Market Value Calculator Check.png Check.png
    Template: Daily Tip Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Tag List Template:Tag List Excluder Check.png Ex.png Now that most tags have been split up into individual entries in to the properties, this can be rewritten to be less clunky.
    Template:Current Version Check.png Check.png
    Template:Required Resources Check.png Ex.png
    • Add simple mode with just icons.
    • Add "s" when using words that should be plural (components) and tthere are more than 1.
    • Add stuff types when the thing detects stuff.
    Template: Sic Check.png Check.png
    Template: Market Value Check.png Check.png
    Template: Quality Calculator Ex.png Ex.png Monosword|Excellent|Attack 1 Damage)) or ((Quality Calculator|Duster|Excellent|Armor - Sharp|Thrumbofur))
    Template: Verification needed Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Check Tag Check.png Check.png
    Template: Page Under Construction Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Acquisition Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Body Modder Summary Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Good Check.png Check.png
    Template: Bad Check.png Check.png
    Template: Control Panel Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Apparel Move Speed Note Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Apparel Social Impact Note Check.png Check.png
    Template: IED Note Check.png Check.png
    Template: Apparel Suppression Note Ex.png Ex.png Slavery suppression summary template
    Template: Apparel Nudity Note Check.png Ex.png Missing info on PREVENTING nudity. Also put on every headgear and utility page?
    Template: Utility Note Check.png Check.png
    Template: Pyromaniac Weapon Note Template:Crpss Template:Crpss
    Template: Cleanliness Note Check.png Check.png
    Template: Faction Xenotype Chance Check.png Check.png
    Template: Stacked image Check.png Check.png
    Template: Thought Check.png Check.png
    Template: Icon List Check.png Check.png
    Template: Containment Note Ex.png Ex.png
    Template: Egg Note Ex.png Ex.png
  • Obsolete templates[edit]

    Template Controlled By Feature
    Template: Weapon Material Table Template: Weapon Material Table Row Check.png Merged into Template: Weapon Stats Table. Retained for use in history.
    Template: Other Weapon Attack Table Check.png Merged into Template: Weapon Stats Table. Retained for use in history.
    Template:Weapon No Quality Table Check.png Merged into Template: Weapon Stats Table. Retained for use in history.
    Template: Apparel Material Table {{Apparel Material Table Row}} Check.png Merged into Template: Apparel Stats Table. Retained for use in history.
    Template: Armor material table Check.png Outdated but retained for use in history.
    Template: Clothing material table {{Clothing material table row}} Check.png Outdated but retained for use in history.

    Harakoni namespace templates[edit]

    I also created the following templates, however they are not intended for wiki-wide use Set wide to-do: Swap Q for {{#show}} and reduce template load on comparison pages. If suffcient roll out to main.

    Template Controlled By
    {{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffable|WEAPONNAME}} {{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffableMaterial|WEAPONNAME|MATERIAL}}
    {{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffable|APPARELNAME|CLOTH/METAL}} {{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffableMaterial|APPARELNAME|MATERIAL}}


    For eaach psycast, mentione dhte need for the a minimum psyfocus level


    ==Asks== {{#ask: [[Coverage::+]] [[Type::Gear]] |?Clothing For Nudity |sort=Clothing For Nudity |limit = 500}} There are lots of things that have CLothing for nudity yes, but don't affec.t Need to make Nudity page.

    • Adding the work speed stat and swapping to the acquisition template for all weapons - got up to incendiarylauncher on the nav template going from the top

    {{Acquisition}} | work speed stat = General Labor Speed

    • Installing a detoxifier lung might completely subsidise its creation material wise because you can sell the lung?
    • manhunter pulse is excellent against fleshbeasts but only affects some types??
    • Add gene list/complexity/metabolism etc of each germline xenotype with sanguophage genes so that players can see what a result will be.
    • Add canTarget to psycasts.
    • Check the patches in the DLC data to see what changes - some items have descriptions change for example e.g. go-juice description re: psycasters.
    • Mech gestators have progress bars displayed on their sprites. add to page
    • Verify blood feeder precept only affects pawns with bloodfeeder gene not all hemogenic pawns, and then disessminate to relevant pages.
    • Verify thump cannons don't have quality any more - previously they'd spawn as poor, Normal, and Good quality
    • Add what buildings turna room into on the building pages - i.e. beds turn a room into a bedroom, or if set to medical a hospital, or if set to prisoners a prison, or if more than one a barracks/hospital/prison barracks.
    • xenogerm is probably the ideal early game transhumanist pleaser.
    • test cataphract against venom fangs at skill 10
    • [1]
    • Version/0.8.671 - existed, but not documented.
    • Version/1.0.2059 - Real version number of 1.0.0?
    • Version/1.1.2554 - Real version number of 1.1.0?
    • Blasting charges (mod) and Blasting charge - remake into obsolete page?
    • Bionics body weight effects
    • Accele-potato plant
    • Temperature genes affect slept-in-cold/heat temperatures.

    Do crypto chambers suspend the duration of negative mood buffs

    • Shield belts protect against all forms of antigrain - fire shell, warhead being damaged, and ied. Wb flame and bomb explosions?


    • Template:Ticks and its family of subtemplates is convoluted. Simplify and combine.
    • Add Polluted biome to infoboxmain?
    • psycast page genes.
    • Melee damage gene = less turret explosions. + high quality Breach axe = good?
    • "The mortars aren’t even the real benefit of the new mortar system. The benefit is being able to carpet your base with IEDs since they become positively dirt cheap and never miss"
    • Meal analyses expansion.
    • Once biotech is all up: Go through all the stats and do their additions. E.g scanning sickness affects capacities, need to be on those pages. genes. etc.

    Archite capsule, Baby food, Band node, Control sublink (high), Control sublink (standard), Deathrest accelerator, Deathrest capacity serum, Deathrest casket, Detoxifier kidney, Detoxifier lung, Embryo, Gene assembler, Gene bank, Gene extractor, Gene processor, Glucosoid pump, Growth vat, Hemogen amplifier, Hemogen pack, Hemopump, High subcore, IED tox trap, Kid tribalwear, Large mech gestator, Large mech recharger, Mech booster, Mech gestation processor, Mech gestator, Mech recharger, Mechanoid transponder, Mechband antenna, Mechlink, Needle launcher, Ovum, Pollution pump, Polux tree, Psychofluid pump, Remote repairer, Remote shielder, Repair probe, Spacedrone, Standard subcore, Stasis cocoon, Subcore ripscanner, Subcore softscanner, Toxalope, Toxic wastepack, Toxifier generator, Wastepack atomizer, Xenogerm

    • mechanoid melee verbs.
    • ribworld. DLC name theory context etc.
    • Bring all raw plant foods to raw fungus standard.
    • Children can meditate at teh anima tree. Mention and strategy.
    • What is the net total of stat effects of Focus psycasts.
    • MTB - Mean time between = time/failures. Reliability (chance of run without failure for given time) = e ^ (-failure rate x time)
      • Stolen from Khitrir and Bork e.g. Chance of death from go juice. Mtb of death while in major 3 days = 3days/1 failure. Average time in major from a random OD 0.17 days. Chance of death from random OD = (1 - e(-(1/3)*0.17)) * chance of overdose 0.5% = 0.0275% chance of death per dose of gojuice
      • make into auto template similar to Template:Ticks
    • Console edition UX UI:
    • Anicent lmaps are moving to core in 1.4, as are capes kinda.
    • Effectiveness of Manhunter Pulse and animal pusler on yttakin raids.
    • "Edit: Alright! So! Fully clean vanilla game, a pawn with no arms CAN feed themselves, but they CANNOT haul items, clean, or equip weapons, alongside many other things." - per reddit user Lord_Of_Coffee. Despite manipulation not affecting cleaning time. so 1% manip = fully leaning speed 0 = no cleaning at all.
    • Who gets an archotech eye:
      • Only the following get bonuses above 100%: Shooters, Melee, Cooks, Doctors, Researchers
      • Shooters: Full bonus.
      • Melee: Full bonus.
      • Cooks: Reach cap with at skill 15 with gastro analyser. 16 with 2x bionic arms. 12 with 2x archotech arms. Or 11 with gastro an bionics (add arm bonuses to cooking speed.
      • Doctors: Only need 1 and 1x bionic eye to cap, and even then the bionic is a small bonus
      • Researchers: Reach cap with 1x bionic eye
      • Doctors and fighters of either type, but only 1 eye each at first. because of the weighting for the dominant eye
    • Derp - royalty and ideology planets and moons are the same but rotated. Figure out what to do re them.
    • File:ChangeGameVersion.mp4
    • Archotech towers emit negative mood in radius like psychic emitters.
    • Cheapest chair type, quality and material to get comfort 1.0+
    • File:Deermale_east.png Old version is higher res. From art source? Crop to 128?
    • Add a habitat counter for leather list? As in animals that drop this leather are available in the following biomes: blah.
    • A thought display template.
    • Psycaster apparel and Noble apparel summaries.
      • title cloth requirement tags are sorted - need to create standardized template for use in Summary Sections of required clothes to replace the current :Up to the rank of blah this or an altenrative is needed" This should be placed in summaries as well anyway.
    • Titles - rewrite the noble and eltex apparel pages to reflect the reality of title requirements per Titles#General_mechanics - e.g. cape is cost effective and proective as it works for the body slot for every rank up to Count, eltext shirt and a prestige cataphtract helmet can be worn by anyone etc.
    • Mindscrew#Removal for the other unremovable implants?
    • Buildings that need to be in the ideo to buidl - e.g. altars, need to be noted in acquisition
    • Sandbags v Barricades
      • Same cover. Same time to walk over each. Barricades are much slower to construct. "You can use sandbags in a pinch when attacking enemy installations. At only 3 work to make, you essentially have portable cover". But permanent are better left to barricades - they're less uglgy and tend to have more HP. For this reason, Plasteel barricades are best for permanent defensive locations. High teier leathers that compete with stone tend to be in hgh demands. The terrain affordance may sometimes be relevant tho.
    • Table-ize factors on stats to allow sorting?
    • destroyyield is nonstandard in infobox main, should be destroy yield
    • AP of AoE weapons including grenades.
    • Roof drop traps deal between 15 and 30 crush damage at 0 AP to the any of the following: Neck, Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Jaw for humans. Helmets and flak vests make for significantly reductions to the damage dealt. Construction helmets are relevant. Check efficacy on tribals vs pirates vs mechs vs bugs. Discuss roof traps on new Roof page when created.
    • A place to host a combined table for both Floors and Terrain.
    • potatoes in hydroponics for deserts because of work efficiency per food
    • Advanced Endgame Guide Quests Ending the game - all cover the same content and are somewhat redundant in doing so.
    • All animals and sycthers have a hit chance of 62%, add to DPS calc?
    • Train analysis? Psychopath huamn butchers, wimp animal tamers,
    • Allowed defects for stats.
    • Ancient ruined tank - prevents moving over it, but does not prevent firing over it. Essentially a vanilla embrasure.
    • shooting at a hostile target will gain you more than 8 times the xp than a neutral target
    • All the pain effects have to be checked: Many are just written as -10%, when actually they're pain x90%, while some like smokeleaf joints are actually offsets.
    • Investigate the worth of Psychically deaf pawns as melee pawns, as they're immune to dropping blinding/berserk pulse/etc but their enemies arne't and will be bunched up around them. Neuroquake? If everyone is psy deaf though, you can do tactics like "leaving psychic drone ships intact, deliberately building a protective temple around them, and watch as enemies who show up have to eat -50 mood penalties" Anytime you're immune to something that everyone else isn't, you can intentionally make them all miserable by filling your environment with the thing wihch doesn't affect you.
    • Given the vitals monitor acts as an offset, how do its effects stack with the hopsital bed? ARe they affectd by quality, do they need to be added to the automated tables like dresser/end table. etc.
    • Finish Mortar Pits in Mortar#Mortar_pits
    • Half cyclers for anima and guarantlen trees? +Slaves for cleaners
    • Mental break#Manhunter - list of herd animals.
    • Prisoner#Prison_breaks, Prison break. Events#Prison break - detail and integration. Focus likely should be on the prisoner page, with the event page summarizing it and redirecting to it as main. Redirect should as well.
    • Hypothermia, Hypothermic slowdown, Heatstroke cleanup and format standardization.
    • only 40% of pawns will meditate for recreation, only 50% will pray.
    • Do slaves make good gau pruners? Does pruning give recreation like meditating at anima? idt so? if not the base happiness boost and the lack of rec time need means that they spend more time pruning
    • Stoves produce heat. need thing like other heat producers have.
    • Which rec/priduction builds etc can be used with chairs. Place in summary
    • All the Diseases need linking to the capacity pages as well as being put on the capacity pages themselves.
    • add points/silver etc on to raid points
    • list of animals does not have the products that the animals produce, nor their nutritional efficiency from being a dairy/hatchery animal (e.g. (cows milk per day * milk nutrition)/nutrition consumption per day
    • Does comfort increase at a rate proportional to value, or just to a max proportional to the value? Wb under 100% and above?
    • Mortar Miss Radius Multiplier it doesn't have capacity factors like normal, instead it has capacity offsets similar to the melee hit, melee dodge, and shooting accuracy. Afaik its the only non-post processed example. Should this replace the normal importance stats then?
    • Do textiles have door speeds now with animal flap?
    • Drug Crop Harvest Yield
    • Work as a concept should be made into a page, see also Work To Make, but that only applies to certain things. Work is consistent hwoeve e.g. work to mine.
    • Can now jump pack with downed pawns. Page needs updating with strats.
    • Terrain water has a extraDeteriorationFactor var of 3. Investigate and integrate.
    • Tree connection and cocoa trees? DO they count
    • Gunlinks, see u/Hanif_Shakiba's very good post and update the analysis based on own findings and their post - key points, 1) Doubling of DPS of skill 0 pawn at combat relevant distances (12tiles)= Significant increase, check if HS's post agrees, 2) risk of headshot small, what weapons can 1 shot brain and does their ap invalidate most of the protection the simple helmet offers anyway? Lancer will basically ignore both so why not have better DPS? Once you upgrade to Marine/Cata then the eqn changes.
    • Weapon testing - khit says that other discord users found that spear > longsword due to verb system changes fixing previous issue with spear. Needs new testing. Also need warhammer vs mace testing with steel and uranium. User: XeoNovaDan did previous mass testing. How? Mods? Dev Mode? Need to find out.
    • Slavery and Human Resources need to be better integrated.
    • style dominance.
    • When 1.3 releases, use the list from the Goodwill folder to add to Factions
    • Disfigurement needs to be on the injury page and linkt to from the social page, also the fact that it nullifies beauty traits but not ugly traits should be mentioned.
    • Do animals get Food poisoning from raw foods? Its defined as "FoodPoisonChanceFixedHuman" which implies no and I've never seen it. Needs to be confirmed and integrated into the wiki.
    • Add habitats to animals.
    • Effect of 1 strike from Venom fangs and venom talon - how much does 1 strike cause Toxic buildup and whats the effect on Consciousness i.e. how quickly does it debuff enemies.
    • Wealth management
    • User:Pangaea/Pawn test
    • Circadian_half-cycler#Analysis
    • Social - the opinion tables need updating
    • harvestMinGrowth add to pages? - could be useful for production/time analysis if cutting down early produces more. check.
    • Stat skills need to be defined like Capacities - with "Animals Base Value" and "Intellectual Bonus Per Level" as they can have more than one skill (e.g. hunting stealth). They ALL need to changed to fix this.
    • stats should list allowed defect
    • investigate if neural heat dump coma shortened by psy foil helmet
    • Change stat table and others to templates to make use of Is Obsolete property (feed it to template, display if not obsolete property != True)
    • Jade has different work to make and work to build stat factors
    • Melee comparison page - add Maximum damage attack (or all attacks?), add cooldown, split material from quality (so you can look at only Plasteel weapons, or only Legendary Weapons).
    • Diseases is a mess of non-standardization - with some information transcluded and other information not. The diseases should be standardized at least,. but really its likely that diseases shouldn't have the information and instead individual pages should be use with only a short summary of each disease on the Diseases page.
    • create attack animal comparison table? With health scale, DPS, training requirements
    • Property:Small Volume exist but isn't displayed anywhere
    • rewrite all the pages for the psyfocuses to properly reflect their use as such.
    • Combat effectiveness of yayo, adding overdose information
    • Hospital_bed#Version_history is clean. Implement?
    • Animals with wilderness above 10% (meaning all animals aside from farm animals) will have their tameness training degrade eventually
    • Fix frag grenade and add to table.
    • Tribal improved foraging vs outlander improved research and the effects on recruiting people of your tech level aren't anywhere I can find on the wiki
    • Heat Armor
    • Finish convert of Armor comparison table into row template ala ranged table on Weapons, including steel and plasteel versions of material dependent metal items, include cloth, devilstrand, hyperweave and thrumbofur of cloth items? Maybe bloat. Put cloth items on clothing table only?
    • Create Melee weapon comparison table, include implant weapons.
    • Traits needs an overhaul. A lot of outdated info, a lot of subsidiary info. Investigate "Character Quality" - beautiful adds 40% quality, staggeringly ugly reduces by 40%, wimp reduces by 15% etc
    • Ice Sheet Guide - update, compare with previous edit-warred version


    Draykoth Reading isn't just a learning activity, it's the best one, because it's the only one you can force a child to do. Instead of waiting for them to hit 90% learning and then do it on their own, if they have the reading learning need, you can just order them to go read and they'll actually learn stuff if you have good books, not just get recreation

    Reports that you can imprisone and study cult of horax membiers.

    • mechanoid slag chunk
    • Bionic jaw
    • organ decay - scarless cures organ decay, affects heart, lungs and kidneys, one each only. Bioregeneration doesn't cure organ decay but does stop the counter. Mech serum cures it

    Anomaly pit gate cube sculpture pit burrow gray box

    New textures:

    • Weapons


    • research strings
    • book rulestrings, planet descriptions - can also tell thingsa bout specific types of planet (e.g. toxworlds generally) not specific planets
    • Planet list of types.

    Unreported change

    • Drill arms on the shoulder.
    • Shelves don't have quality
    • Smelt or destroy thing combined bill on smelter
    • psy lances had warmup or cooldown chances changed?
    • skulls are core
    • trade price improvement now capped at 39.50%
    Cooking speed uncapped?

    Unrleated to 1.5 but to be implemented: For example, Baby Infant Illness is NOT cured by the biosculptor -- but you can keep tossing in the baby until Grave Illness switches to Common

    After some quick tests - Looks like piercing spine is.. still behaving a little weird but this doesn't seem like a bug so much as a weird damage type thing. It does 30 damage when hitting an external part (which is quite uncommon, possibly need to look at piercing spine specifically to see if it's got an abnormally high internal part hit chance). When hitting an internal part it does 22.5 damage to the parent part and 12 damage to the internal part. Which is a little weird because regular stabs just do their full damage distributed evenly amongst the parts hit.. This is instead doing 75% damage to the parent and 40% to the internal for a *slight* damage increase. There's no longer the armor interaction weirdness. Now if that internal part was targeted and the hit was mitigated by armor it would do 11 to the parent and 6 to the internal part. The changes make piercing spine vastly less lethal, but probably more useful. You won't randomly poke someone's liver out and kill them immediately, but on the other hand you *will* do a bunch of torso damage and cause them to bleed if you hit something like a stomach, kidney ect. Previously you could just pop out someone's stomach with a piercing spine and they'd be literally unharmed minus the part.

    Yeah it's now incapable of removing an internal part without damaging the external part, which is how basically all other damage types work. It should be *vastly* more consistent, less spontaniously lethal (the damage done to internal parts has gone down substantially, below the threshold for 1-shots in most case), and better when contributing to damage done by other damage types And now piercing spines won't do that annoying thing where they magically remove someone's stomach or kidney, which has no impact on their combat performance whatsoever. Now they'll have a substantially mangled torso and a damaged stomach/kidney instead

    Caption text
    Apparel Cold insulation Heat insulation Material Cost
    Button-down shirt
    0.52 0.2 90
    0.44 0.2 80
    Formal shirt
    0.44 0.2 130
    Tribalwear 0.55 0.55 60


    Post 1.3.3066[edit]

    Version/1.3.3101 for ancients?

    • Faction ideologies



    Someone on /r/RimWorld had the idea of putting how much you get slowed down walking over stuff in the wiki. That's just pathCost in XML, but I'm not sure exactly how it translates to the real world, but... there really only seems to be three or four speeds in use in vanilla. 10-14, 30, 42, and 50. Which is something like "Tiny Furniture / Loose Stuff", "Medium Furniture like Telescopes", "Security Features like Sandbags or other hard to cross stuff like campfires", and "Big furniture like workbenches or pianos."

    Fences have a path cost of 80, so that's probably why crossing them is so slow. I think I might have how some of it translates. Sandbag is 42, rock chunk is 42... Path cost of marshy soil is 14, speed is 48%, soft sand also 14, speed also 48% sand path cost is 4, speed is 76% lichen covered soil path cost is 3, speed is 81% soil path cost is 2, speed is 87%


    Head Body Utility Weapon
    Eltex skullcap Eltex robe + Eltex vest + Eltex shirt + Pants Shield belt Eltex staff
    Prestige cataphract helmet Eltex robe + Flak vest + Eltex shirt + Pants Shield belt/Jump pack Eltex staff/Charge rifle/Persona monosword
    Prestige cataphract helmet Prestige cataphract armor + Eltex shirt + Pants Shield belt/Jump pack Eltex staff/Charge rifle/Persona monosword
    Prestige cataphract helmet Locust armor + Eltex shirt + Pants Shield belt Eltex staff/Charge rifle/Persona monosword

    Psylink lore[edit]

    Idk if it'll be useful, but its an interesting distilation of the lore on psycasts. Might bear sourcing and inserting an cut down version into lore Psylink desc since upated see psycasts#lore

    As a physical phenomenon in the brain, psylink is poorly-understood by scientists, not least because it seems to actively conceal itself if studied too closely. One thing most agree on is that it somehow connects people to archotechs and harnesses their power, possibly through some sort of negotiation or sympathy mechanism."

    Did archotech AIs invented psychic powers in the rimworld universe? Or Did it always exist in it? Is this a reference to the shroud or warp since it can't be understood by normal scientist? What are your theories or thoughts on it?

    It is deliberately left vague. Per the lore document, some believe that archotechs have discovered a method to manipulate quantum interactions from a distance and use this as the basis for their seemingly fantastical abilities. Others believe that they manipulate the noosphere, but that's not a particularly useful theory for teleporting rocks so we'll ignore it here.

    So of these abilities, vanometric (i.e. above unity) energy and psychic abilities are the big ones. Prior to Royalty, the psychic effects were only mental/telepathic abilities but if the process is achieved by mechanically changing the structure of a brain rather than "manipulating consciousness itself" then that limitation is arbitrary and applying the same technology to extracting energy from the quantum foam makes more sense if its all from the same source.

    Psylink apparently lets you access this mechanism. Whether psylink is just an access card into their "quantum manipulator" like borrowing someones tools, or it requires some deeper connection to the archotechs themselves/their consciousness and not just their tools is up in the air.


       Did archotech AIs invented psychic powers in the rimworld universe? Or Did it always exist in it?

    Yes to both. They invented psychic powers in the same way that Yukawa "invented" the strong nuclear force or Newton "invented" gravity. Or maybe its closer to how Marconi/Hertz/Hughes/Whoever invented the radio. They discovered a physical reality of the universe and how it works and then built a system/mechanism/process to exploit that reality to do something useful with it.

    Pages in need of integration[edit]

    Investigation TODO[edit]


    Would it be worth it to swap the ranged weapon quality table on the pages with the one from the comparison tables, just with the page's weapon already enabled. This would let you just add the weapons you want to compare to the tool already on the page? IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE WEIGH IN.

    I think that the boxes for selecting all the weapons is very large and/or distracting. Unless you make use of horizonal space, I wouldn't agree with doing it (and even then). Hordes (talk) 01:34, 30 January 2023 (UTC)
    The current size of the control panel is only as it is because theres no real reason to fix it for whats nominally my personal use, but it can be shrunk down. As a quick and very rough proof of concept:
    Select weapons to compare
    Assault rifle Autopistol Bolt-action rifle Chain shotgun Charge lance Charge rifle Great bow Heavy SMG LMG Machine pistol Minigun Pila Pump shotgun Recurve bow Revolver Short bow Sniper rifle
    Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png
    Things like icon size, intro text, control size, orientation, positioning etc can all be tweaked. Heck it can be integrated directly into the main table. The question is more whether the functionality itself is useful. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 04:45, 30 January 2023 (UTC)
    Hr: So I suppose my new problem then would be: 90% of the time, I'd be comparing weapons of the same tech level - short bows to recurve bows, ARs to CRs, and not masterwork revolvers to good assault rifles. This is also a minor gripe I had with the weapon nav box - sorting industrial weapons by alphabet rather than (research unlocked). At the same time higher quality + lower tech level is relevant and is put in a lot of analysis sections. If it wouldn't increase load times by too much, then it's probably useful?
    At the very least you can put it on the main Weapons page and link to that (wherever). Hordes (talk) 05:15, 30 January 2023 (UTC)

    • Mortals: Is there anything anywhere about drugging children and their safe dose intervals? Khitrir: Nah Har and I have been talking about that - theres only the bit on tolerance being inverse proportional to body size. We wanna do a full thing on body size inc severity changes, tolerance, dosage times, but its being put off until all the biotech stuff is up

    • Khitrir's suggestions:
      • Damage types maybe? I know there was some progress on that but idk how complete it is.
      • How heat mechanics work, generally and with heat pushers. There are some numbers so you can go "x is better than y" but no way to convert that to "how many to heat a room"
      • There's a bunch of questions about how ideoligion conversions work - the different weights for different traits and things for both conversion and for the mental break.
      • How the different tiers of medicine affect tend quality, speed, operation success chance, experience gain factor etc maybe?
      • How beds affect healing rate and other medical stuff maybe?
      • I think there are some other questions/inconsistencies about how the medical system works but I've never been interest enough to look into it.
      • How wind and weather correlate, and how weather is selected
      • Food foraging on caravans maybe?
    • Can you extract a hemogen pack from someone in a deathless coma, do they regen bloodloss when they're malnourished, and does malnourishment kill deathless pawns? A juice box you don't have to feed?
    • Does nutrifungus grow at the same rate as a normal light using plant - othe rlow light plants grow wierd
    • Does tortured artist get inspos from catatonia. says no.
    • You used to be able to use beckon to move sleeping mechanoids - they'd move, an then go back to sleep. Is this still the case?
    • age does affect with body part health. Young pawns have less hp
    • Robust digestion gene and insect jelly synergy.
    • "does this mean chem int slaves don't take drugs because they don't recreate?"
    • Reports that Tough and Robust gene affects damage taken by shields?
    • <mechanitorApparel>true</mechanitorApparel> ?
    • Category:Images - Background
    • How do siege mortars and auto mortars target and prosecute their firing?
    • Investigate Pain shock threshold items for psycasters - use it to get nueral heat loss but reduce the penalty from pain.
    • Investigate the Ideology polyamory/polycule bedroom mechanics and put on page. Is it a change in the DLC or is it in Core to support the DLC like other systems? In etiher case, does it now mean that you don't need a two person bed and can move two singles in?
      • Based on a reddit post: If an Ideoligion forbids unmarried lovers you can use this mechanic and place two single beds in a room to avoid the "Want to sleep together" moodlet without having them do lovin', and they won't get the barracks mod.
      • My understanding is that pawns with an ideoligion that forbids unmarried lovers won't have the "want to sleep together moodlet".
      • This seems to happen when one pawn's ideoligion allows premarital relations and the other doesn't.
    • Investigate the bonus from dark combat ideo - if it is post all other factors, it could redeem the LMGdue to its high optimal DPS.
    • Difference/exact relationship between Hunger Rate Multiplier, hungerRateFactor, and Hunger Rate Factor Offset, and clarification of which affects what. Malnutrition is HRFO, gourmand is HRF etc.
    • Risk of going manhunter on hunting. It is based on distance afaik but it should be confirmed. See also hunting stealth
    • Random breakdowns/maintenance where the item needs a component to fix it. Is this detailed anywhere? Broken down links to repair chance. Events#Breakdown:_.28Machine.29 also exists. Should have identify what can break down, how the mechanics works, create a template for addition to summary on the pages of the affected items to detail the effects. Rate of incidence needed
    • As part of their category reform project, Ickputzdirwech has removed the Category:Buildings from all pages. Investigate whether this will cause issues with future #ask requirements
    • Plants#Types_of_plants - I thought that domesticated/decorative/etc came from the game. Where are they? Or has that been removed? Check.
    • User:Crystalline Cat very pretty display
    • Investigate (Slave) Rebellion mental break? Separate to other rebellion mechanics?
    • Does removing the tongue of an abrasive pawn a neutralize all penalties in exchange for the mood debuff? Is removing the jaw a viable alternative?
    • "bionics are attached to the shoulder thus bionic arms improve the efficiency of flak vests" - true or false?
    • Whether sacrificing sharp armor of thrumbo shirt and pants is worth it to get the better heat armor of devilstrand when wearing something like cataphract - does the fact you're only still getting hit by a a small fraction of the sharp DPS make up for the loss.
    • Prisoners can use insanity lances and orbital targetters - investigate their use by enemies and other NPCs
    • Bonasai trees seem to be better than fibercorn in basically every way you'd use fibercorn. More wood in pots than even fibercorn in hydro, less mats to make pots than a hydro and no power, same light requiremnts. etc.
    • Hay and kibble seems to be trash - hay stacks to 200 rather than 75 and can't e used for meals, but otherwise is identical to corn, but corn plants require the same work to sow and harvest but provide a better yeild (22 vs 18), making them more work efficient. They grow less per day so size limitation has some merit. FERTILITY SENSITIVITY NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE PRIOR TWO ISSUES MAYBE REDEMPTION IS FOUND THERE. Kibble doesn't spoil but if you have the power, just give animals an animal flap fridge and nutrient paste. Even feeding ducks with their overflow is probably more efficient with NP over expensive low efficiency kibble (check tho)
    • User:Gottoni/User_guide/Optimal_bedroom_size_study
    • Social impact effect on conversion.
    • Body heat
    • megascarabs ignoring melee blocking?
    • How does recreation power convert to recreation time?
    • Slavery - use capes as alternative to dusters where they're necessary for temp resist as capes apparently don't have suppression loss rate increase?
    • Investigate effect of tongue removal on annoying voice, abrasive, kind, misogynyst and misandrist traits. Should definitely negate social effects of all but the first by disabling kind and insulting words, but may not be coded to remove penalty from the first.
    • Investigate AutoWikiBrowser and MsUpload
    • Investigate Template:RNG
    • Investigate Base Hunger Rate is multiplied by 1.6 for animals for some reason?
    • Investigate Template: Version
    • Investigate Sculptures giving solitary recreation - it is claimed that "legendary sculpture will fill rec meter almost instantly." Needs confirmation.
    • Investigate better tomb rooms for the sarcophagus giving better solitary recreation. Needs confirmation.
    • Investigate sarcophagus giving a mood boost
    • Investigate if pawns with 0% Hearing can be insulted. Could it be a way to negate the downside of bloodlust on non-social pawns?
    • field hand + elbow blade?
    • Investigate EMI Dynamo destruction causing unconsciousness brain implanted pawns
    • Investigate animal haulers not triggering proximity activators for mortar shell plant
    • Investigate effect of emp and mortars (on top of and next to) on broadshield packs
    • Investigate Using beckon not waking mech clusters.
    • Investigate if beautiful colonists get better trade prices, and ugly colonists get bad trade prices.
    • Investigate why End tables don't inherit the ability to eat on them from TableBase, is it because they lack the <compClass>CompGatherSpot</compClass>?
    • Investigate Injury implies that beds add heal rate, This needs better investigation and integration with pages such as Hospital bed. It also implies a use for Animal beds - namely that it helps animals heal faster.
    • Investigate if the table on Long range mineral scanner is incorrect - the code at RimWorld\Data\Core\Defs\Sites\Parts\PreciousLump.xml seems to imply that the the produce should have a totalValueRange between 3500 silver and 5000 silver. If that is the case, the values for several BUT NOT ALL of the entries are currently wrong.
    • Investigate inspiration freq vs mood graph
    • FixSomeBugs reported this issue:

    NOTE: Currently, the display of these stats is broken on the wiki. There are two properties here: Property:Insulation_-_Cold_Base, the base temperature offset, and Property:Insulation_-_Cold_Factor, the % by which we scale the base offset to get the final value for a clothing item. Unfortunately, prior to B19 (I think that's when it changed), clothing had the base value (e.g. 15°C) while textiles had the factor (e.g. 0.75). As of 1.0, textiles have the offset (e.g. Hyperweave has 26°C), while clothing has the factor (e.g. tuques have 0.5). Thus, a normal hyperweave tuque has a cold insulation of 13°C. We should find a way to either fix the display of the relevant stats, or flip the actual semantic properties between the items.

    • The places where the Saturation levels are placed seems to be determined by the diet of the animal in question, however there are inconsistencies that can't be explained. Why are sheep and horses different? Why are juvenlies different? There is info commented out, edit to see


    • Pawn lists need updating - a lot have BeltDefensePop added now to get the firefoam pop now.
    • Factions - xenotype breakdowns
    • <weaponClasses>
    • xenotype pawn and faciton name generation.
    • Clothing comparison table:
      1. Several entries have set values because they're not stuffable, others have multipliers beccause they are. Put a range for each of the values? E.g. T shirt hot insulation = 0.1x (+0.9 °C - +2.6 °C). The indetification of the best for each stat for each item can be automated.
      2. Value/x entries have no context and do a poor job of explaining what the specific values mean. Previously there was a Profitiablity table. Perhaps this should be resurrected and seperated out from the main table? Either way context is needed
    • How apparel is chosen by pawns automatically - JobGiver_OptimizeApparel maybe ?
    • Psycasters aiming time build and references. Trigger happy + Hypersensitive is probably the best trait build combined with what? Shoot spec?
    • Nav template reform: turn Template: Nav into callable template and have the different nav types call it. WOuld make it mcuh easier to add new ones, and edit existing ones.
    • In the wiki for autodoors it mentions speed, and has a little video for it. It makes me wonder what the top speed is for a pawn before the door speed slows you down.
    • Health has detail that should be migrated to its subsidary pages.
    • a pawn's skin armor rating(e.g. turtle or from the gland implants) still protects body parts replaced by artificial body parts, even if they would not logically have skin. This is likely to prevent them from being a detriment to survivability. This is on the gland pages, but currently there are no artificial body parts for animals, so should it be on those pages? Is it relelvant?
    • Animal nutritional calcs depend on the difficulty. On losing is fun, meat yield is reduced to 80%, milk is not. This means cows are significantly better on higher difficulties. CHECK CONCLUSION.
    • a bad quality piano still sounds nice for those listening, and pawns play it longer due to slow rectime
    • Doomdropping - drop pod emergency doomsday
    • Sounds see dromedary
    • Rest fall rate page and integration into Rest
    • Add the green and red templates to the moodlet pages
    • It takes 6,500 ticks (1.81 mins) of work to smooht stone walls
    • Recreation summaries with skills etc - see horseshoe pin.
    • Apparel#Common_combinations
    • Brazier has some info on wood/day, heat push, heat max, light. Should be on torch lamp, campfire, heater, etc.

    Version/0.7.581 Version/0.14.1234 Version/0.15.1279 Version/0.15.1284 Version/0.16.1393 Version/0.17.1546 Version/0.18.1722 Version/0.19.2009 Version/1.0.0 Version/1.1.0 Version/1.1.2257 Version/1.1.2258 Version/1.1.2559 Version/1.1.2562 Version/1.1.2564 Version/1.1.2565 Version/1.1.2566 Version/1.1.2567 Version/1.1.2571 Version/1.1.2575 Version/1.1.2579 Version/1.1.2589 Version/1.1.2598 Version/1.1.2610 Version/1.1.2618 Version/1.1.2624 Version/1.1.2647 Version/1.1.2654 Version/1.2.2719 Version/1.2.2753 Version/1.2.2900 Version/1.2.3005 Version/1.3.3066 Version/1.3.3067 Version/1.3.3069 Version/1.3.3072 Version/1.3.3074 Version/1.3.3076 Version/1.3.3080 Version/1.3.3087 Version/1.3.3101 Version/1.3.3117

    • Redo the rigger happy vs normal vs careful shooter DPS analyses. From reddit: a "skill 10 user [with a chain shotgun] at max range (where the penalty from TH is at its absolute highest) has 90% the single target DPS vs a untraited pawn but still has 125% of the crowd DPS. By skill 14, a trigger happy pawn is flat superior with the chain shotgun at every range." i.e. e.g. is (shooting accuracy with TH^max range)/(shooting accuracy^max range) * {Cooldown + Warmup with TH)/{Cooldown + Warmup) > 1 for skill level X. Tables maybe? And only at max range? Can't generalize it as easy as "its always better at X skill" as it's been used previously.
    • once Field hand and Plant work speed have their math sussed out, analyse effect of archotech arms (manip affects both PWS and Plant Harvest Yield) vs field hands. Likely always better to just sow a larger field of crops with the extra work time to make up for smaller yield, but for some plants (e.g. trees) at some skill levels, may be beneficial to have field handed planter sow, and arhcotech armed harvest harvest? Investigate.

    The odd ones out have known numbers; verify and reset.

    Release Type Version Number Version Type Release Date Additional Comment
    Public 1.0.2059 Release 2018.10.17 Release 1.0
    Public 0.19.2009 Beta 2018.08.28 Beta 19
    Public 0.18.1722 Beta 2017.11.18 Beta 18
    Public 0.17.1557 Alpha 2017.06.03 Alpha 17B
    Public 0.17.1546 Alpha 2017.05.24 Alpha 17
    Public 0.16.1393 Alpha 2016.12.20 Alpha 16
    Public 0.15.1284 Alpha 2016.09.02 Alpha 15C
    Public 0.15.1280 Alpha 2016.08.29 Alpha 15B
    Public 0.15.1279 Alpha 2016.08.28 Alpha 15
    Public 0.14.1249 Alpha 2016.07.29 Alpha 14E
    Public 0.14.1241 Alpha 2016.07.21 Alpha 14D
    Public 0.14.1238 Alpha 2016.07.19 Alpha 14C
    Public 0.14.1236 Alpha 2016.07.18 Alpha 14B
    Public 0.14.1234 Alpha 2016.07.15 Alpha 14
    Public 0.13.1135 Alpha 2016.04.06 Alpha 13
    Public 0.12.906 Alpha 2015.08.21 Alpha 12
    Public 0.11.877 Alpha 2015.06.10 Alpha 11
    Public 0.10.785 Alpha 2015.04.15 Alpha 10
    Public 0.9.722 Alpha 2015.02.18 Alpha 9
    Public 0.8.657 Alpha 2014.12.15 Alpha 8
    Public 0.7.581 Alpha 2014.10.01 Alpha 7
    Public 0.6.532 Alpha 2014.08.13 Alpha 6
    Silent 0.5.496B Alpha 2014.07.14 Alpha 5D
    Quiet 0.5.496 Alpha 2014.07.07 Alpha 5C
    Public 0.5.492B Alpha 2014.07.06 Alpha 5B
    Public 0.5.492 Alpha 2014.07.04 Alpha 5
    Public 0.4.460 Alpha 2014.06.01 Alpha 4
    Public 0.3.410 Alpha 2014.04.11 Alpha 3
    Public 0.2.363 Alpha 2014.02.26 Alpha 2
    Public 0.1.334 Alpha 2014.01.27 Alpha 1
    Internal Internal 0.1.334 Alpha 2014.01.26
    Internal Internal 0.1.333 Alpha 2014.01.25
    Internal Internal 0.1.332 Alpha 2014.01.24
    Internal Internal 0.1.331 Alpha 2014.01.23
    Internal Internal 0.0.330B Pre-Alpha 2014.01.22
    Internal Internal 0.0.330 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.22
    Internal Internal 0.0.329 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.21
    Internal Internal 0.0.328 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.20
    Internal Internal 0.0.327 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.19
    Internal Internal 0.0.325 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.17
    Internal Internal 0.0.324 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.16
    Internal Internal 0.0.323 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.15
    Internal Internal 0.0.322 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.14
    Internal Internal 0.0.321 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.13
    Internal Internal 0.0.320 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.12
    Internal Internal 0.0.318 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.10
    Internal Internal 0.0.317B Pre-Alpha 2014.01.09
    Internal Internal 0.0.317 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.08
    Internal Internal 0.0.314 Pre-Alpha 2014.01.06
    Internal Internal 0.0.294 Pre-Alpha 2013.12.17
    Public 0.0.254B Pre-Alpha 2013.11.07 Pre-Alpha Backer 2
    Internal Internal 0.0.254 Pre-Alpha 2013.11.07
    Internal Internal 0.0.253c Pre-Alpha 2013.11.06
    Internal Internal 0.0.253b Pre-Alpha 2013.11.06
    Internal Internal 0.0.253 Pre-Alpha 2013.11.06
    Public 0.0.250 Pre-Alpha 2013.11.03 Pre-Alpha Backer 1
    Internal Internal 0.0.250 Pre-Alpha 2013.11.03
    Internal Internal 0.0.249a Pre-Alpha 2013.11.02
    Internal Internal 0.0.248 Pre-Alpha 2013.11.01
    Internal Internal 0.0.247 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.31
    Public 0.0.245 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.29 Pre-Alpha Press Release 2
    Internal Internal 0.0.245 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.29
    Internal Internal 0.0.243 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.27
    Internal Internal 0.0.241 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.25
    Internal Internal 0.0.240 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.24
    Public 0.0.232 Pre-Alpha 2013.10.16 Pre-Alpha Press Release 1

    New seats projects[edit]

    • Kneel pillow
    • Kneel sheet (tiny cover - cover baiting?)
    • Pew

    Mental breaks[edit]

    Old sprites[edit]


    • Finish updating textiles:




    Standardize to File:Friendly_Fire_Radii.png. Mostly contrast and lighting is the issue.

    Use styling station to get nice images of all pawnkinds.




    <bulletStaggerDelayTicks>120</bulletStaggerDelayTicks> <bulletStaggerSpeedFactor>0.2</bulletStaggerSpeedFactor> <bulletStaggerIgnoreBodySize>true</bulletStaggerIgnoreBodySize> <bulletStaggerEffecterDef>TunnelerSlowedDown</bulletStaggerEffecterDef>

    Infobox Updates[edit]

    Template: Infobox main is in need of some TLC.

    • True DPS.
    • <workSkill>Crafting</workSkill>
    • Diet. Better differentition, display and integration of the actual options. Tweak nutrition and saturation as needed. Alos check animal tables to aboid breaking tempaltes
    • Energy requirements
    • Would be nice if the bionics explicitly listed their attachment point on their pages
    • Drug stats to prevent having to set dozens of variables over the article. Also allow the display of the average high duration in the infobox.
    • Artificial body part part efficiecny?
    • mechanoids should have their shred returns mentioned in their infoboxc like butchery.
    • Searhc in stuff tags " " + <stuff tags> = the first word will always start at 1 not 0?
    • |imagesize = 192px
    • Biosculpter takes 200W when on, 50W when off. Wind tubrine varies from 0 - 3250W, should this display?
    • Implement Ingredient List but for stuffable - i.e. this list of items is stuffable with metallics, this one with stony etc. and then link each metal, stone, wood etc to their respecitve type.
    • General clean up cleanup. Weapons especially.
    • Change wool, milk, and eggs to generic products now that theres so many things that produce things that aren't either - boomalopes, medicinemakers, berry makers, etc
    • User:NotBadCat#Trying_New_Version_of_Animal_Stats_box
    • To add
      • Automatically add types to categories?
      • Scale image with the size ingame? As in if its 3x2 in game, scale it so that its 3x larger than a normal image? Might be a way to stndarzie on an image szie
      • Move speed penalty for Armor?
    • Fuel? Type, amount stored, consumption/day.
    • How should we handle extra effects of weapons - EMP damage on Zeushammer, Fire on Plasmasword, Toxic Buildup on Venom Fangs/Talons and how should we display them on tables without messing with automated math. Should we just add new "special damage", "special damage type" and "special damage DPS" categories to infobox? Or is that bloating and already full infobox? Should it just be in the article? Then automated comparison tables won't display it.
    • Template talk:Infobox main STDT tables don't play nice with infoboxes. Wikitables do. Why? How fix? Fix. Jimyoda is working on it.
      • There is a partial fix with the use of the external tags, but its still not ideal
      • The difference seems to be in how the "table" and "wikitable" classes are defined.
      • Table seems to be defined at MediaWiki:Common.css but I can't find any definition anywhere for wikitable to compare.

    Feed back Needed!(If you're reading this, please weigh in)[edit]

    • Finding information on natural walls is current unintuitive or outright unavailable. Atm I've created a section on the Structures page but this is not great - while it puts it next to the other walls, its not an intuitive place to find that information. This is largely because of the initial structure of the wiki to match the menu structure. This is causing issues with things such as where to place uncraftable items such as Vanometric power cells. But back on topic:
      • Should we create superpages for each stone type? With the stats for the wall, blocks and stone chunk all on one page
        • Since the limited use of this information I'd focus efforts elsewhere Jiquera (talk) 12:18, 16 August 2021 (UTC)
      • Should we abandon the menu-inspired nav structure? (Ultimately likely to be better, but a massive project)
        • This I think is a good idea regardless of the current topic, since it would allow a more intuitive structure of the overall wiki preventing the occasional "ow there's 3 different pages about fire". Maybe good to have design first so we can see how much can be recycled (which I hope is a lot) and to see where the biggest gain is.Jiquera (talk) 12:19, 16 August 2021 (UTC)

    Common errors[edit]

    Feel free to add more that you feel are common (i.e. likely to show up on multiple pages after a few months without culling)

    Bad titles[edit]

    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Crystalline Cat/Adding items to the "Base Stats" section of Template:Infobox/Thing?/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PieTau/Mass value in Infobox/Thing?/reply (4)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Zesty/A template for outdated items?/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Zesty/Questions for the Wiki/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Zesty/Help category on main page?/reply (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Jimyoda/Labeled section extension/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Jimyoda/Title case vs sentence case
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Jimyoda/Title case vs sentence case (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:XeoNovaDan/Accuracy graphs on ranged weapons (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Snickers10m/Game mechanics and constants/reply (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Snickers10m/Game mechanics and constants
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PigeonGuruTest/Assistance with Weapon Accuracy + DPS Graphs
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PigeonGuruTest/Do you have a Discord account?
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PigeonGuruTest/Toxic fallout causing Dementia at 80% toxic buildup
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:Yoshida Keiji/Mortar pages (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:LaMizzy/Welcome/reply (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PieTau/Mass value in Infobox/Thing?/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:User talk:PieTau/Mass value in Infobox/Thing?/reply (3)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Translation/reply (6)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Translation/reply (4)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Translation/reply (3)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Tracking page versions/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Editing/editing
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Armor Vest/Deletion/reply
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Colonist/Under construction (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:EMP mortar/Mortar - EMP mortar - Incendiary mortar (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Meals/en/editing (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Thrumbo/Butchered
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Main Page/en/Latest Version link proposal
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:RimWorld Wiki talk:Community portal/Why are "Mods" documented in Mainspace? Unless a Ludeon release, they should be in Userspace/reply (2)
    • Special:Badtitle/NS90:Talk:Traits/en/New applicable traits in Alpha?/reply
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