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Alpha 10 - 0.10.785 was released on April 15, 2015 - Alpha 10 Release + Hotfixes

New Contents

  • New joy need added. Colonists want to have “joy”, which means anything that lets the stop working and enjoy themselves for a while.
  • Added joy sources
  • Skygazing
  • Meditating/praying
  • Social relaxation around campfire or table, with or without beer
  • Horseshoes game
  • Chess
  • Billiards
  • Television (purchasable)
  • Telescope for astronomy (purchasable)
  • Added armchair and dining chair
  • There are various kinds of joy. Repeated use of the same kind of joy builds up a tolerance, reducing its impact. Colonists will prefer joy sources they are not already tolerant to. Result: it’s beneficial to provide a variety of joy sources.
Outfits system
  • New outfits manager system added. You can design ‘outfits’ (restrictions on what a colonist is allowed to a wear) and assign them to colonists in a central interface. Colonists will then independently work to find the best apparel possible given their outfit and the current season. They will automatically switch out damaged apparel for better apparel, or poor-quality apparel for high-quality apparel.
  • If the player manually assigns apparel, the colonist will never remove it until the manual assignment is cleared.
Timetable system
  • New timetable system added. You can assign each colonist a daily timetable which describes when they should sleep, work, have joy, or decide on their own.


  • Substantially increased the speed of joy gain. (Alpha 10b)
  • Door locking is really door forbidding, so it happens instantly again and does not require colonist interaction. (Alpha 10b)
  • Trees are sowable again. (Alpha 10b)
  • The first enemy raider will never flee (makes him easier to capture). (Alpha 10b)
  • Colonist names can now include numerals. (Alpha 10b)
  • Fixed colonist outfit apparel search so colonists with guns will not take personal shields. (Alpha 10b)
  • Improved colonist outfit apparel selection in general. (Alpha 10b)
  • Some other smaller fixes. (Alpha 10b)
  • Changes to speed up pacing: reduced building costs, start with more steel, a colonist will join reasonably early (on Cassandra or Phoebe). Recruiting is slightly easier. Joy tolerance is gained slower. (Alpha 10c)
  • You’ll get a letter when an animal goes insane due to taking damage. Also, the chance of this happening is reduced.(Alpha 10c)
  • Colonists will stand away from boomrats while executing them. (Alpha 10c)
  • Joy-related thoughts are broken up more finely and balanced. (Alpha 10c)
  • Planning designation has dark outline for easy visibility. (Alpha 10c)
  • Trees are still sowable, but it takes a lot of time to sow them. (Alpha 10c)
  • Bugfix: Colonists will no longer get stuck if you put a blueprint under a hopper and they try to fill it. (Alpha 10c)
  • Bugfix: Colonists no longer relax socially in prisons. (Alpha 10c)
  • Bugfix: Cooks will no longer make more meals than requested in the “do until you have X” bill repeat mode. (Alpha 10c)
  • Bugfix: Unpowered lamps will no longer start glowing after being destroyed. (Alpha 10c)
  • Fixed and rebalanced prisoner recruiting: Prisoners no longer get cabin fever and no longer have a joy need (until we get support for proper prison complexes). They can be recruited at any mood over 35% (though the chance may be very low). (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed a units change bug that caused 40% of enemies to flee after taking one hit, and other enemies to never flee. Now the flee properly with individual health thresholds again. (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed PawnName parsing so pawns with apostrophes in their names will work. (Alpha 10d)
  • Cleaned up and robustified the AI with regards to finding a space to stand next to medical beds. Abolished the “medical bed needs headspace” alert as it’s no longer needed. (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed a bug that caused colonists to get stuck switching apparel over and over given certain weather conditions and combinations of apparel (they were considering the needed warmth in relation to their own current apparel instead of in relation to their absolute naked needs). (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the UI if colonists hauled a sculpture or TV while the player was selecting an install location. (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed bug that caused pawns to sometimes teleport to the bottom left corner of the map. (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed the needs tab not displaying on animals if a human was never previously selected with the needs tab. (Alpha 10d)
  • Fixed a bug that caused colonists to spaz out around the billiards table when they reached full joy instead of just ending the job. (Alpha 10d)
  • Some minor storyteller tuning. (Alpha 10d)
  • Some minor typo fixes in game text. (Alpha 10d)
  • Reworked apparel optimization AI. Now they very much prefer wearing anything over wearing nothing (so they don’t walk around naked with clothes on the floor), and have a lower threshold of quality difference to replace apparel. (Alpha 10e/f)
  • Optimized fire significantly so large fires won’t slow down your computer as much. (Alpha 10e/f)
  • Some very minor fixes. (Alpha 10e/f)

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