Stonecutter's table

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Stonecutter's table

Stonecutter's table

A work table with saws and chisels for cutting stone chunks into usable blocks.

Base Stats

20 kg
Path Cost


3 × 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
Tool cabinet


Required Research
Work To Make
2,000 ticks (33.33 secs)
Stuff Tags
Metallic, Woody
Resources to make
Stuff 75 + Steel 30
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 37 - 38 + Steel 15
Destroy yield
Stuff 18 - 19 + Steel 7 - 8

This table is used to cut rock chunks into stone blocks. Stonecutting is a crafting task, but gives no experience points. Each rock chunk will make 20 stone blocks, and the crafting skill level of the pawn does not influence the yield. Stonecutter's tables are considered dirty, and have a cleanliness of -5.


Stonecutter's tables can be constructed once the stonecutting research project has been completed. Each requires Stuff 75 Stuff (Metallic/Woody), Steel 30 Steel and 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder and the work to build factor and offset of the material.


Each stonecutter's table is considered dirty with a Cleanliness of −5, applied to the bottom-left-most tile from the player's perspective, regardless of orientation. This reduces the average cleanliness of the room it occupies.


Work bills can be created at the stonecutter's table for each kind of rock chunk, as well as a special bill that will use any type of rock chunk available. In order to any of several types of stone block, it is easiest to create the universal work bill, and then select only the desired rock types from the list of allowed ingredients.

Chunks for the active work bills will be taken from anywhere on the entire map, even if they're not marked for hauling. This can be avoided by reducing the ingredient radius on the work bills. It is more efficient to create a dumping stockpile zone close to the work station, and adjust the ingredient radius accordingly. Especially when creating an infinite work bill, your pawns will eventually travel very far to gather the remaining rock chunks, unless the ingredient radius has been limited manually.

When setting up the work bills, keep in mind that the task count lists the amount of chunks that are cut, not the amount of stone blocks produced. So in order to produce 100 stone blocks, a bill of 5 work units has to be set up, each producing 20 stone blocks.

Production strategy

This section is transcluded from Stonecutting maximization.

Stonecutting speed is controlled by the cutting pawn's General Labor Speed stat which is determined by a pawn's stats and capacities rather than any skill. Thus, maximization is based on improving that stat and removing process inefficiencies rather than grinding for experience.

General Labor Speed[edit]

General labor speed is affected by manipulation, sight and global work speed.

  • Sight decreases general labor speed if below 100%, but offers no benefit above 100%.
  • Manipulation can be improved with bionic or archotech arms, or with drugs that improve Manipulation or Consciousness such as Go-juice or Wake-up.
  • Global work speed can be improved by certain traits, such as Industrious or Neurotic, a Leader's Work DriveContent added by the Ideology DLC, and the drug Wake-up, which stacks with the drug's manipulation improvement.
  • General Labor Speed can also be directly increased by +50% Production specialistsContent added by the Ideology DLC, and those affected by their Production Command.
    • The ability stacks with the role, but a specialist cannot self-buff.

Like other workbenches, using a stonecutter while outdoors, having no light, or under extreme temperature will negatively affect production speed. Care should be taken to avoid these conditions. Pawns with damaged vision / manipulation, or with traits such as Lazy should avoid stonecutting unless they are otherwise unoccupied.

While being a production specialist will lock out a pawn out of many other work types and the quality increase is useless for stonecutting, a stonecutter may want to become a specialist regardless. You can have as many specialists of a type as you wish, and the role can always be removed if the pawn is required for another role or once a sufficient stockpile of blocks has been made. Note that there is a −15 <Role> lost if you decide to switch or remove the specialist role later. If a temporary role switch is still untenable, consider placing the stonecutter table in range of your regular production specialist's workstations to benefit from their aura.

Process efficiency[edit]

Using shelves placed directly adjacent to the crafting position will remove travel time to pick up new chunks for cutting, as described on that page, so long as:

  1. Sufficient haulers are present to bring chunks to them.
  2. The bill is set to drop the blocks on the ground.

If there are insufficient haulers, removing the shelves and instead positioning the cutting table next to the chunk stockpile is ideal.

Placing an armchair or other chair will not improve production rates, but will ensure that the pawn remains comfortable and happy while cutting. It's worth mentioning, with the Ideology DLC installed, slavesContent added by the Ideology DLC are ideal as stone cutters as the task doesn't raise any of the pawns skills. The -15% work speed from slaves is offset by a lack of need for recreation. Adding a circadian half-cyclerContent added by the Royalty DLC further increases efficiency by removing the need for sleep at the cost of -15% consciousness.

Stats table

  • Stonecutter's table Stonecutter's table Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Market
    Bioferrite Bioferrite Content added by the Anomaly DLC 0 005,000 ticks (1.39 mins) 360 75% 131 Silver
    Gold Gold 20 001,800 ticks (30 secs) 108 40% 7,565 Silver
    Plasteel Plasteel 0 004,400 ticks (1.22 mins) 504 0% 750 Silver
    Silver Silver 6 002,000 ticks (33.33 secs) 126 40% 815 Silver
    Steel Steel 0 002,000 ticks (33.33 secs) 180 40% 205 Silver
    Uranium Uranium 0 003,800 ticks (1.06 mins) 450 0% 520 Silver
    Wood Wood 0 001,400 ticks (23.33 secs) 117 100% 152 Silver
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