Stonecutter's table

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Stonecutter's table

Stonecutter's table

A work table equipped to cut rough stone into usable blocks.

1 ˣ 3
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 105

This table is used to cut rock debris found on the map into stone bricks that can be used to build the stone wall, the stone tile and some furniture.

To start creating bricks, select the table and click on "Bills" then "Add Bill" to add an order to create stone bricks. You can cut each of the 5 kinds of stone separately, or make them out of any stone type available.

The colonist will automatically take any rock debris from the dumping zone. If there is no more rock debris in the dumping zone and there isn't any marked rock debris, the colonist will stop working until more rock debris has been selected for hauling. For every chunk, 20 stone bricks will be created independent of the crafting skill. Each rock debris will give 30 XP.

A stonecutter's table can be made out of various materials.

Material Steel Cost Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Beauty
Steel 105 Steel.png - 180 20 0
Plasteel 30 Steel.png 75 Plasteel.png 505 10 0
Wood 30 Steel.png 75 Wood.png 90 100 0
Gold 30 Steel.png 750 Gold.png 108 20 0
Silver 30 Steel.png 750 Silver.png 126 20 0
Uranium 30 Steel.png 75 Uranium.png 450 0 0