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Consciousness is a pawn capacity: The state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30% and dies when this reaches 0%. Consciousness, also called Data Processing on mechanoids, itself doesn't have any effect on a pawn's stats, however it does directly influence several other capacities that a pawn has.

It is lethal for humans, animals and mechanoids for Consciousness to be reduced to zero.

EatingCapacity1-A character's ability to eat.
ManipulationCapacity1-How well a character can physically interact with objects. Directly affected by consciousness and arms/hands/fingers effectiveness.
MovingCapacity1-How well a character can move around. Directly affected by consciousness.
TalkingCapacity1-A character's capacity of speech. Directly affected by consciousness.



The following factors affect Consciousness.

  • Blood Pumping: 20% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max
  • Breathing: 20% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max
  • Blood filtration: 10% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max
  • Brain part efficiency. 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max