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The Plague is a deadly disease that progresses at a fast rate, killing untreated colonist in merely 1.5 day from discovery. It also causes +85% whole body pain with -20 mood penalty AAAAAHHH! Kill me now!, together with -5 mood penalty from the standard I don't feel very well, I'm sick. thought. It can be caught in any biome randomly.

Requires a skilled doctor and medicine critical to survival. The bonus immunity gain speed could mean the difference between life and death. Good treatment can slow the disease to the point where it takes 30 days to kill. It takes around 2.121 days to develop immunity to the plague; assuming the affected colonist is rested in an ordinary bed for the whole time, has normal blood filtration, is well-fed, and under the age of 40.

Blood Filtration organs should be replaced early on before catching any disease, as it might be too late to operate someone already sick.


Ensure the afflicted get as much bed rest as possible by prioritizing 'Rest until Healed' and get them the best medical treatment available.

Penoxycyline prevents colonists from falling sick to the plague but does nothing to stop an infection already in progress.

Normal people

You need at least 30% average treatment quality to slow the Plague's progression down sufficiently so that it doesn't kill the victim.

Extremely vulnerable

For those with a base immunity gain rate of 51% or less, there is no chance that they will be able to survive the plague normally, even with 100% treatment quality for all treatments and rest in a hospital bed with vitals monitor connected. This includes old people nearing the age of 120, and some people with kidney and liver damage (physical or chemical).

To save the colonist you can do the following:

  • Administer healer mech serum- instantly treats the disease
  • Administer luciferium- if pawn has 30% or more immunity gain speed remaining initially, this gives pawn a chance to survive


These are the following stages in which the Plague will progress through, and the effects it has on the victim:

Minor - Severity: 0 - 0.59

  • +20% Pain
  • -5% Consciousness
  • -5% Manipulation

Major - Severity: 0.6 - 0.79

  • +35% Pain
  • -20% Consciousness
  • -20% Manipulation

Extreme (Initial) - Severity: 0.8 - 0.9

  • +60% Pain
  • -30% Consciousness
  • -30% Manipulation

Extreme (Advanced) - Severity 0.91 - 1

  • +85% Pain
  • -30% Consciousness
  • -30% Manipulation
  • -15% Breathing


  • When not immune, severity increases by 0.4 per day.
  • When immune, severity decreases by 0.2 per day.
  • Immunity increases by 0.3 per day when sick.
  • Treatment slows progression by a maximum of 0.38 per day.
    • This means the disease will progress by 0.02 per day at this rate.