Fibrous mechanites

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Fibrous Mechanites is a mechanite disease which brings mild pain in early stages but boosts several attributes. This disease does not kill the patient.

Important note: Treatment does not cure the disease, it only prevents the pain from worsening. Instead it must be waited out.

Fibrous mechanites incapacitate pawns with the Wimp trait from the onset of the disease. While the buffs are slightly less because of the Consciousness reduction from the pain, the base +50% manipulation and moving speed buffs mean this disease can actually be advantageous if the pain and rest fall rate can be managed. Note that the disease should still be treated even if it is to be exploited, as the benefits do not increase without treatment, only the pain, and treatment does not hasten the end of the disease.

General Symptoms:

Advanced Symptoms:

  • Intense pain (+60%)
  • No additional stat boosts over early stages


  • Severity increases by 0.25 per day when not tended
  • Severity decreases by up to 100% per day when tended; actual rate depends on treatment quality


  • Treated with or without medicine, though medicine improves treatment quality, preventing disease from progressing.
  • It should be noted that treatment has no effect on the time it takes for the disease to disappear.
  • Treatment interval: 120,000 ticks (33.33 mins)
  • Can disappear as early as 900,000 ticks (250 mins) (1 quadrum)
  • Can last as long as 1,800,000 ticks (500 mins) (2 quadrums)

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