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Lung rot is a long-lasting disease that can be fatal if untreated.


Lung rot appears after prolonged exposure to rot stink, and affects both of a person's lungs. It can't be acquired from an event.


Preventing colonists from inhaling rot stink, which is done by avoiding rotten corpses; a rot stink severity of at least 0.5 is required to contact lung rot. Try to avoid being in melee with scaria-infested animals, as they will immediately rot on death. Otherwise, haul, bury, burn, or cremate corpses in a timely manner, or wait for them to finish rotting.

In the Biotech DLCContent added by the Biotech DLC, face masks, gas masks, and other sources of Toxic Environment Resistance all reduce the severity of rot stink.


These are the following stages in which lung rot will progress through, and the effects it has on the victim. Note that the effects are generally doubled as lung rot usually occurs in both lungs at the same time.

Stage Begins at Symptoms
Lung rot (minor) 0 - 0.59 severity
Lung rot (major) 0.6 - 0.84 severity
  • +5% Pain
  • −10% Breathing
Lung rot (Extreme) 0.85 - 0.99 severity
Lung rot (Extreme) 1.00 severity


  • Severity increases by 0.300 per day.
  • Treatment slows progression by a maximum of 1.000 per day.
    • This means the disease will regress by 0.700 per day at maximum tend quality.
    • Note that good treatment will not cause the disease to go away on its own.

The disease resolves after 6-8 days, independent of the patient's immune functioning.[Fact Check]


Treatment can be done using medicine which suppresses the disease, preventing it from reaching fatal stages. Pawns do not need to rest, as no immunity is gained.

As long as it is tended by a decent doctor, lung rot isn't particularly threatening to a pawn's life. The real downside is the medicine consumed for treatment, especially if many pawns get lung rot at the same time.

An immediate cure is expensive, requiring 10 glitterworld medicine and a doctor with medical skill 5 or above.[Verify]

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