Muscle parasites

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A parasitic disease hampering the muscles. The disease does not kill the patient.

General Symptoms:

  • Pain (+20%)
  • Impaired manipulation (-30%)
  • Impaired movement speed (-30%)
  • Tiredness (x200%)

Advanced Symptoms:

  • None


  • Treated with medicine
  • Treatment duration: 120,000 ticks (2,000 secs)
  • Total treatment quality required: 300%
    • For example, the disease can be treated with 3 treatments at 100% quality, or 5 at 60%.


In real life, humans can become infected by eating infected pork, or wild carnivores such as fox, cat, or bear.

Unlike in-game, muscle parasites can kill in real life.

Version history

Prior to Beta 19, muscle parasites always required 5 treatments regardless of quality.