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A corpse is the dead body of a human, animal or mechanoid.

Corpses begin in a fresh state, but will deteriorate over time.

Corpses can be butchered, buried or burnt depending on need. Those that deteriorate completely will leave distinctive skeletons in their place. They can also be consumed raw, even by humans. Any human that consumes a corpse will suffer negative thoughts, however a human with the Cannibal trait will have this offset by a positive thought, Raw cannibalism.

Corpses produce negative beauty, and colonists lacking the Bloodlust, Cannibal or Psychopath will suffer negative thoughts on seeing human corpses (with worse debuffs for rotting corpses).


Corpses can be disposed in three ways (the three b's): Butchering, Burying, and Burning. Generally, burning with incendiary weapons is the best way to dispose of human and rotten corpses, and butchering is the best way of disposing of animal corpses. Butchering can also be alternatively used for disposing of human corpses, but gives a negative moodlet.


Corpses can be butchered at a butcher spot or butcher table by a pawn assigned to cooking.

Butchered corpses produce meat and leather.

Butchering a human corpse places a negative We butchered humanlike thought over the entire colony, and the butcherer will also suffer a I butchered humanlike thought. Colonists with the Bloodlust, Cannibal or Psychopath trait, however, are immune to these (See Human Resources)


Human corpses can be buried in a grave or sarcophagus. Corpses can be hauled to finished resting places after construction.


Corpses can be burnt in an electric crematorium.

A cheaper way of burning corpses is to use weapons that produce fire, such as molotov cocktails or incendiary launchers. These can be manually-targeted at corpses to set them on fire. A walled-off corpse stockpile can dispose of multiple corpses at once. If the temperature outside is low, one can build a small fireproof room somewhere inside and burn unwanted corpses or tainted apparel there to create some heat in addition to corpse disposal. The door can be left open for faster heat transfer, but make sure that noone is allowed to enter and there is nothing flammable close to it. A colonist with the appropriate trait should handle human corpses to avoid negative mood effects.