Butcher table

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Butcher table

Butcher table

A heavy table for butchering dead creatures into pieces of raw meat.

Base Stats

20 kg
pass through only
Path Cost
3 ˣ 1
Terrain Affordance
Cover Effectiveness


Work To Make
2,000 ticks (33.33 secs)
Stuff tags
Metallic, Woody
Resources to make
Buildingmats.png 75 + Wood.png 20
Deconstruct yield
Buildingmats.png 37 - 38 + Wood.png 10
Destroy yield
Buildingmats.png 18 - 19 + Wood.png 5

A heavy table for butchering non-rotten creatures into raw meat and leather. Colonists assigned to cooking will butcher creatures as part of their duties but still giving priority to cooking first. The Butcher Creature bill defaults to include all animals and exclude humanoids, but can be configured. The bill configuration can also restrict ingredients by hit points by adjusting the minimum and maximum sliders. A better version of the butcher spot.

It is built with Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75 Stuff (Wood/Metals), Wood.png 20 Wood in 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs).

A butcher table can be made out of wood or any metal, and are identical in work speed and function regardless of material used.

Cleanliness & filth

Butcher tables are considered dirty with a cleanliness of -15. In addition, butchering leaves bloodstains around the table, reducing cleanliness even more. A room exclusively built for the butcher's table reduces cooked meals' chances of causing food poisoning. A shelf placed right next to it can "hide" bloodstain filth that lands on it and negate its beauty malus.


This practice is a last resort commonly used in harsh environmental circumstances for survival purposes, which often carry negative side effects that penalize colonist moods. Only use as a last resort unless you have a colony full of cannibals. Pawns can distinguish the meat source but don't bother much about the leader source. After butchering, about 85 human meat and 47 human leather is dropped (depending on the size of the corpse and on Butchery Efficiency). If the goal is to get rid of the bodies, it is still better to bury or burn them. Colonists find human butchering abhorrent, and will get negative thoughts if:

  • The Colony butchers humans (all colonists suffer).
    • Butchers get an additional penalty.
  • Eat raw human meat or meals that contain human meat. (-25 for raw (stacks 3 times), -20 for cooked (stacks 3 times), but a +15 for cannibals eating cooked meals, and +20 for cannibals eating raw meat)
    • These mood debuffs are negated by people with certain traits.
  • People also get a negative opinion of the butcher.

Material Table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work Mass HP Flammability Market Value
    Wooden Butcher table Wood.png 75 0 1,400 ticks (23.33 secs) 20 117 100% 119 Silver
    Golden Butcher table Gold.png 750 20 1,800 ticks (30 secs) 20 108 40% 7530 Silver
    Plasteel Butcher table Plasteel.png 75 0 4,400 ticks (1.22 mins) 20 504 0% 715 Silver
    Silver Butcher table Silver.png 750 6 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) 20 126 40% 780 Silver
    Steel Butcher table Steel.png 75 0 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) 20 180 40% 174 Silver
    Uranium Butcher table Uranium.png 75 0 3,800 ticks (1.06 mins) 20 450 0% 490 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
  • Version History

    • 0.10.785 - Can now be made of various stuffs.