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There are many, many things to be done on this wiki to make it better. Mark incomplete pages or pages needing work with {{Stub}} to make our job a bit easier.

If you want to suggest something that needs to be done, sign your post with ~~~~ - Zesty (talk)

Pages that need rewrites, creation, content, or updated/more images[edit]

Pages to be rewritten[edit]

This automated list displays a random selection of up to #50 pages out of #117 designated as in need of rewrites. For a complete, see Category:Pages to be rewritten.

Image(s) wanted[edit]

This automated list displays a random selection of up to #50 pages out of #90 designated as in need of images. For a complete, see Category:Pages that need images.

Pages wanted[edit]

Note that this requires a user to be autoconfirmed to create a page, if you are not autoconfirmed please perform 10 edits to be autoconfirmed or contact someone to create the page you wish to work on. N.b. that autoconfirmation can take a little while.


Be sure to add the biotech banner to these pages with {{Biotech}}


This automated list displays a random selection of up to #50 pages out of #617 designated as in need of additional content. For a complete, see Category:Stubs.

Pages that need fact checking or details[edit]

This automated list displays a random selection of up to #50 pages out of #262 designated as in need of fact checking or additional detailss. For a complete, see Category:Pages that need fact checking.

Pages to be Moved[edit]

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Pages to be Merged[edit]

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Pages to be Recoded[edit]

This automated list displays a random selection of up to #50 pages out of #45 designated as in need of recoding. For a complete, see Category:Pages to be recoded.

Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls[edit]

This category is currently empty. Good work!

Unverified articles[edit]

This automated list displays a random selection of up to #10 pages out of #545 that have not been verified. For a complete, see Category:Unverified articles.

Category checks[edit]

Page category check[edit]

The following pages (ordered by Modification date) only have a maintenance category defined and lack a content category:

Subcore ripscanner, Basic subcore, Standard subcore, Mech recharger, ... further results

The last checked page has a Modification date of: 28 February 2023 06:57:53. There are still more to go. Ex.png

File category check[edit]

The following files (ordered by Modification date) don't have a file category set:

The last checked file has a Modification date of: 17 May 2023 09:16:24. Which is the date of the most recent edit. Check.png

Copyright checks[edit]

No license[edit]

The following files (ordered by Modification date) don't have a license template:

The last checked page has a Modification date of: 17 May 2023 09:16:24. Which is the date of the most recent edit. Check.png

Incomplete license[edit]

The following query returns up to #10 out of #66 random files that have a license template but with incomplete information:

Warden And Slave Gear.png, Folders-OS-Windows-8-Metro-icon.png, Anatomy of the pawn Edited.png, SlagSnack.png, Body Part Coverage And Hit Chance.jpg, Folders-OS-Linux-Metro-icon.png, Irc icon.png, Save file for Mac using EasyFind reveal in Finder.png, Crafting stone bricks doesnt give crafting XP anymore.png, Modal Safe Delete Icon.png... further results

General To-do List[edit]

Needs to be done list: (Feel free to do these if you know how!) (italic = minor, bold = major)

  • Defs: Def elements might be something useful to add in for technical reference/modder wannabes. This stuff is being constantly revised and constructed upon, so it's your choice whether to make it its own page or to integrate it as part of another page (e.g. Colonist). I've only covered a small amount of defs (see Category:Defs for a list), and that was a year ago. Longbyte1 (talk) 05:05, 16 February 2015 (UTC)
  • Properties: Need to have descriptions added to pages - some of the older ones have unknown purposes and some documentation, even if it appears obvious, would be good. Harakoni (talk) 01:07, 14 October 2021 (UTC)
  • Chair super page: As above but for "sitting furniture". - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 04:05, 14 March 2022 (UTC)
  • Animal Combat Power: Major only because of the scope, Combat power should be added to the infobox, and the combat power of each animal should be added so it can be called. Atm the only way to find that info is the xmls and thats not useful for a lot of non-tech savvy player. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 11:52, 15 June 2022 (UTC)
  • Goodwill template: Some way of expressing the variabliltiy of goodwill gains due to their scaling that can be easily linked in-line. The need for this arises out of the scaling for changes that brings them closer to their neutral position whether that be hostile or not. So if a player is relying on a good action getting their ally from 80 to 100, then they might do the action on the wiki's recommendation and then only get part of what they expect. Part of the issue is that this system is not fully understood/detailed on the wiki. Can't explain, or even decide what needs to be done, when you don't understand yourself. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 04:37, 17 October 2022 (UTC)
  • Insectoid pollution stimulus: effects need to be added to the relevant insectoid pages, and possible ailments. - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 12:24, 12 November 2022 (UTC)
  • Deathrest building default text: A default spiel for every deathrest building covering the shared mechanics of deathrest buildings. How they bond, connection distance, deathrest capacity limitations, bonding etc. Ideally it can be placed in a template ala Template:Apparel_Social_Impact_Note so it can standard across all pages and updated all at once.
  • Lifestage and gendered names for animals: Lots of animals have different names at different life stages e.g. a baby cat is called a kitten. They need to be documented in the intro of the page, bolded for their first use as with the animal name, and ideally a redirect to the page from the alternate names. Some are complete, but not all. Similarly, some names are gendered - in RW, the cow species has female cows and male bulls. These should be included similarly - afaik these are all done, but any missing ones noticed while adding the lifestages should be added. - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 12:21, 18 March 2023 (UTC)

Updates and maintenance needed on the Wiki[edit]

  • Add an Admin noticeboard --> DONE by Pangaea
    • Not properly integrated or accessible from the rest of the wiki and thus of limited use. More work is likely needed Harakoni (talk) 08:10, 29 April 2021 (UTC)
  • Add Community portal to the Sidebar (and maybe re-order it slightly? See Wikipedia's system)
  • Update some of the default footer pages, as they seem outdated currently --> Partially done by Pangaea
  • Given a fitting license, borrow content from other wikis and improve and expand our Help sections
  • Add articles for each technology and skill, with fitting templates
  • Purge outdated SMW entities: (see Statistics) --> DONE by Hypolite
  • Edit or make new screenshots without (so many) UI elements, as seen for instance in the Events page
  • Template: STDT tables don't play nice with Template: infobox main and ToC as described here. This issue doesn't occur with wikitable class tables, so it is likely an issue with the STDT table and not the infobox. It might be related to the definitions in MediaWiki:Common.css as thats where the "c_01" values are defined. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the wiki formatting or the .css to fix it. There is a working hack but ideally we could make a fix thats native to STDT and not have to worry about it anymore. Harakoni (talk) 11:43, 1 January 2021 (UTC)
  • Finish the page Help:Templates#Creating_a_template.


  • Install the MobileFrontend-extension -- Crasheripot
  • LinkSuggest: Useful for new users to easier create links without knowing the ins and outs of the page names.
  • RandomSelection: This can be neat on the main page for various gameplay tips and such, which then get randomly selected. Not sure if there would be a good use for it with this game, but I have seen it used to good effect on other wikis, such as Witcher 3.

Large projects[edit]

The following page groups need to have a standardized format with adequate detail decided, have that standard applied over the entire group, and then brought up to quality. These are all relatively large, multi-page jobs, many including many pages that aren't just non-standard but outright stubs, but it can be done piecemeal. The important part is getting a suitable standard first.

I'm not sure anyone will take this on, but I'd appreciate any help, even if its just adding suggestions to the suggested standards below Harakoni (talk) 05:50, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

Adding contributors for volunteers to sign up with. There is no pressure to take on the entire project but if you add your name, I'll know to ask your opinions/keep you apprised, and help you in any way to get these projects moving. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 04:54, 19 March 2022 (UTC)
Page type Suggested detail/sections Contributors
Categories/All The grand recategorization and retyping - checking all page types and categories and reordering them in the same pattern as the stockpile/bills menu. Requires recategorisation, page moves, new categories etc Contributors
  • For plantables: Growing section using Template: Grow Table
  • For plantables: Economy - Proper analysis on their production compared to other producers of the same type (e.g. Food or Wood plants), as well as economic concerns - profitabiltiy with and without crafting, work/product, work/silver, tiles/product/day, tiles/silver/day etc.
  • Production strategies, e.g. how worth each is to put in hydroponics, greenhouses, whether to wall in, esp relevant for devilstrand
  • Trainability, diet, habitats, combat skills and analysis (seriously lacking atm), production economy, stragegies for combat/acquisition/use

See Go-juice for an example.

  • Acquistion/crafting information standardized
  • Summary
    • Instanteous effects e.g. recreation +X% is instantaneous, but the mood buff and other hediffs are long term and have a duration.
    • High effects
    • Tolerance and Severity gains
    • Addiction effects
    • Withdrawal effects
    • Effects for mtb to chemical damage etc.
  • Analysis
    • Effectivness for use (e.g. combat buff for Yayo and Go juice, mood buffs for social and hard drugs etc.)
    • Comparison of production compared to other drugs in the same class as part of above
    • Comparison of economies, like is currently available for Flake and Yayo, but for all drugs. If you're only selling it, you don't need to assume psychoid plants are the only thing you can grow - needs analysis per pawn work (inc. sowing, harvesting, and crafting work), per unit time, and per tile of grow space.
Weapons Largely have a functional standard following the traditional Acquistion/Summary/Analysis/Quality Table method, but pages are all out of date and in need of massive updates.
Production facilities Workbenches like the smithy, tailoring becnh etc.
  • Acquisition - self evident
  • Summary - general information about it use, with both the use of Template:Recipe List to what is produced there (except when theres only 1 thing produced there) and a list of bills as not everything is a recipe for that list.
  • Analysis - how vital is it to get, and comparison between fueled/hand version vs electric.
  • Template:Building_Material_Table
Recreation Standardized recreation comparison - tables with time to recreate etc.
Traps IEDs and spike traps. Standardisation and comparisons - see Security table for start.
Sculpture Sculpture, Small sculpture, Large sculpture, Grand sculpture, Terror sculpture
  • Lore
  • Variants
  • Ideologies
  • Pawns (from pawn tables where needed)
  • Faction Bases
  • Raid "rewards" (raid leaders will often carry silver, drugs, jade, resources etc as a reward, this is dependent on the faction)
  • Caravans?
  • Reinforcements?
  • Raid types and constitution?

And then add other sections and subsections as needed.

Artificial body parts Almost all of them need a dedicated summary section of their mechanics
Illumination area Add similar images in style/quality/content to Standing lamp#Illumination area by User:SyntaxTerror to all items that put off light. Torch lamp, sun lamp, wood fired generators, mech nodes, the ancient lamps from ideology, etc.
Maintenance Not a set of pages, but for things that occasionally break down and need a component to fix. A standardized format for the Summary sections is needed as well as an entry on Component. I actually can't immediately find any mentions of this mechanic on the wiki, so either its not described or its poorly interlinked/SEO'd.
Materials, resources, and Ore Materials and crafting resources have a rough standard with Acquisition/Summary (where necessary)/Usage/Analysis however there are nonstandard mat pages, and there is a lack of standardisation in Usage beyond the use of Template:Ingredient List. There also is discussion needed on how to display stuffables on stuff pages. Its possible that another template similar to Ingredient List but for stuffables (Talk to Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) if interested) is needed to display all items that can be stuffed with the material in question. Materials don't just occupy one or the other e.g. some recipes require Gold and others require any metal including gold. Ore pages also need to be split off from their materials.

Butchery project[edit]

There are a factors to butchering that need to be verified by actual in-game testing (not just assumptions, word of mouth, or trusting current page information and/or version histories) in the current version, have their specific mechanics determined, and then disseminated to the various relevant points including:

The following are the things to be checked - don't delete wrong issues, mark them with a Ex.png. Feel free to add issues you think need to be checked.

Issue Issue Confirmed Mechanics Mechanics Confirmed
Difficulty affect butchery yield Check.png By default only Blood and dust (80%) and Losing is fun (90%) have values lower than 100%. Custom difficulties can change it from 0-500% Check.png
The 66% multiplier for damaged corpses applies to both meat and leather Check.png As stated in issue Check.png
"euthanize by cut" operation doesn't cause 66% multiplier for damaged corpses (assuming no other injuries) Check.png As stated in issue Check.png
The throat cutting done when an animal is tagged for hunting and downed but not dead doesn't cause 66% multiplier for damaged corpses if the animal was downed by some non-damaging means (such as a psychic shock lance that does not cause a brain burn) Check.png As stated in issue but also what methods for causing that downing without damage and if any of them aren't damage but do cause it? ?
The Animal Sacrifice ritual Content added by the Ideology DLC doesn't cause 66% multiplier for damaged corpses (assuming no other injuries) Check.png As stated in issue Check.png
Malnutrition causes lower meat returns ? Multiplier scales linearly between 0% at 0% malnutrtion up to 40% at 100% malnutrition is 40% ?
If above is correct, does Malnutrition also affect leather yield ? As stated in issue ?
Lost body parts reduce meat yield Check.png What are the mechanics of this? Is it body part coverage based? ?

Tl;dr there is conflicting reports scattered around the wiki. We need to collate them, check them, and then disseminate them to all the relevant places. Potentially templatize them if necessary.

Pawn stats[edit]

The following stats are the ones currently in the game as of Version/1.2.2753, several aren't even on the wiki, and many of the pages are out date and/or are not properly structured to automatically link to the relevant capacity Harakoni (talk) 05:52, 17 November 2020 (UTC)

Updated Stat Source

Ex.png Mental Break Threshold Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Psychic Sensitivity Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Global Learning Factor Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Hunger Rate Factor Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Immunity Gain Speed Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Meat Amount Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Leather Amount Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Minimum Handling Skill Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Pain Shock Threshold Stats_Pawns_General.xml
Ex.png Cooking Speed Stats_Pawns_WorkRecipes.xml
Ex.png Melee DPS Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Melee Armor Penetration Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Melee Hit Chance Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Melee Dodge Chance Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Shooting Accuracy Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Trap Spring Chance Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Incoming Damage Multiplier Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml
Ex.png Medical Tend Quality Stats_Pawns_WorkMedical.xml
Ex.png Medical Surgery Success Chance Stats_Pawns_WorkMedical.xml
Ex.png Beauty - Pawn Beauty Stats_Pawns_Social.xml
Ex.png Global Work Speed Stats_Pawns_WorkGeneral.xml
Ex.png Hunting Stealth Stats_Pawns_WorkGeneral.xml
Ex.png Neural Heat Limit Content added by the Royalty DLC Stats_Pawns_General.xml (Royalty)
Ex.png Neural Heat Recovery Rate Content added by the Royalty DLC Stats_Pawns_General.xml (Royalty)
Ex.png Neural Heat Gain Content added by the Royalty DLC Stats_Pawns_General.xml (Royalty)
Ex.png Meditation Focus Gain Content added by the Royalty DLC Stats_Pawns_General.xml (Royalty)



  • Clarify that pawns with no xenogenes cannot implant their xenogerm into another person. Show correct warning message on attempt.
  • Updated psychic bonding hediff tooltip to factor in pawns contained in buildings.


  • Fix: Load stack count is incorrect for caravan itab when there is only one thing in the transferable and the player isn't taking the whole stack.
  • Fix: Pawns leaving map have their assignments reset. - "Does this relate to beds and caskets and such?" - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk)



  • The bestowing ceremony lord will now be removed once the last pawn has left the map.
  • Update previous passion values if a child growth moment picks a skill with passion dropped by gene.
  • Pawns that generate with passion-dropping genes will no longer generate with passion for those skills.


  • Fix: Captured prisoners escaping from reformed caravans.
  • Fix: Slaves freed on exiting map.
  • Fix: Ranged weapons that don't do bullet damage don't display "Headshot" text on head hit.
  • Fix: Pawns incapable of manipulation are able to strip targets via float menu option.
  • Fix: Caravans holding relics cause "relic lost" thought on map exit.
  • Fix: Pollution overlay grid not updating after cell-filling buildings are destroyed.
  • Fix: Pawn sibling relationships disappearing when parents are removed.
  • Fix typo: "Do really want to hack..."



  • Betrayal quests now fail once all the surviving refugees have joined your faction instead of just any.
  • Don't display owner types for cribs since cribs don't have their owner types changed as the room changes.
  • Colonists can now put unadopted babies born to prisoners in cribs.
  • Allow rescuing babies, even if they are from a hostile faction, without having to adopt them first.
  • Ageless gene stops aging progress at 18.5 instead of 18.
  • Unassign beds from pawns that have grown too large to fit in them.
  • Added an alert for babies from other factions which have no local caregivers and can be adopted.


  • Fix: UI scale resetting to higher numbers for monitors with height below expected values. (eg 1280x720)
  • Fix: If a child goes through a growth moment expecting passion increase choices, but there are no available passions, the UI will lock.
  • Fix: Errors when trying to bring a baby to a mom inside a container to breastfeed.
  • Fix: Colonist in labor letter doesn't have look target set.
  • Fix: Error on releasing space refugee prisoners.
  • Fix: Pawns considered free when using shuttle/pods, causing "Relic lost" thought if equipped.
  • Fix: Generated immediate family relationships unable to generate.
  • Fix: Paramedics not fighting fires automatically.
  • Fix: Psychic suppression targeted by healer mech serum.
  • Fix: Mech global work speed is affected by darkness. Inconsistent with move speed.
  • Fix: Gauranlen and polux seeds can be planted on hydroponics basins and plant pots.
  • Fix: Beard and genes offset incorrectly based on rotation in some situations.
  • Fix: Growth stat appearing on humans.
  • Fix: Lancer shoulder parts labels inconsistent.
  • Fix typo "crytosleep".
  • Fix typo: "means that so"
  • Fix typo "forth body ring".


  • Shuttles trying to land on a map that was despawned will fallback to using one of the player's home colonies instead.
  • Xenotype name is locked when loading custom xenotypes from gene assembler.
  • Removed duplicate stat entry RestFallRateFactor.


  • Fix: Styling station can instantly change hair and tattoo styles by pressing Escape or Enter while the dialog is open.
  • Fix: Power consumption on inspect string incorrect when using a consumer with idle power consumption.
  • Fix: Child prisoners attempt to wear adult clothing, causing it to disappear.
  • Fix: Pawn auto-uses age reversal after changing from Transhumanist to Non-Transhumanist ideoligion.
  • Fix: AI trying to use tox gas on immune targets.
  • Fix: Randomize symbols doesn't update member noun in ideology's description.
  • Fix: Some recipes missing ingredients in tooltip.
  • Fix: Reimplant ability not working with custom xenotypes.
  • Fix: Issues recruiting pawns in quests.
  • Fix: Colonists with pending bestowing ceremony quest in caravans don't have hediffs ticked.
  • Fix: Babies and children added onto total population for shuttle mission quests. Ensure that at least one adult pawn can be left behind before generating quest.
  • Fix: Xenogerms with different genes and name stack in trade screen.
  • Fix: Pawn lend quests only take into consideration children and babies when determining colonist count when generating.
  • Fixed issues dealing with betrayal and refugee quests around recruiting of refugees: Refugees are properly removed from extra faction lists when they are recruited. Recruiting a refugee will immediately fail the betrayal quest.


  • Display genes regrowing duration on gene extractor float menu options if available.
  • Check if region has deadly danger before giving nature running learning.
  • Update game UI to display that bionic stomachs prevent gut worms.
  • Show rejected float menu option for slaves attempting to use non-slave medical beds.


  • Fix: Archonexus quest generates "Caravan lost" letters for any pawns left behind.
  • Fix: Consume drug commands not appearing.
  • Fix: Furskin_Average3 head uses the wrong graphic.
  • Fix: Cannot absorb xenogenes from target if target has custom xenotype and selected pawn is baseliner.
  • Fix: Tattoos render below heavy brow.
  • Fix: Traits selected during growth moments don't modify skills.
  • Fix: Being carried by a pawn removes any tox gas buildup on a pawn.
  • Fix: Faulty report string "Extracting limestone reliquary to inventory."
  • Fix: Child not allowed to enter shuttle called via permit.
  • Fix: Second sentence of the biosculpter age reversal complete message begins in lower case.
  • Fix: Typo "worshiped".
  • Fix: Solar Pinhole cannot be created over non-edifice buildings.
  • Fix: Children cause the "anima linking ready" alert to be active when no adults can link
  • Fix: Embryo and growth vat embryo insertion command tooltips display incorrect gestation duration.
  • Fix: Furskin gene hair/fur color not staying when implanted with a skin color xenogene.
  • Fix: Inconsistencies with psychic bond distance between a pawn in a suspended container and a spawned pawn.
  • Fix: Incorrect dialog when completing research other than active project in some modded cases.
  • Fix: Deathless pawns who have the deathless gene removed don't have their health updated.
  • Fix: Searching for gene in create xenogerm dialog doesn't highlight selected genes.
  • Fix: Bandwith loss warning shown when pawn drops non-worn mechanitor equipment
  • Fix: Inspect pane displaying incorect power consumption with research.
  • Fix: Some buildings able to overlap zones where nonsensical.
  • Fix: Typo in colonist ripscanned thought description.
  • Fix: Duels continue indefinitely if the duelists don't have beds.
  • Fix: Exception trying to visit sick pawn with neversleep gene.
  • Fix: Babies being assigned child body type on load.
  • Fix: Radiotalking doesn't adhere to child's allowed area.
  • Fix: Wrong description and tooltip shown for custom xenotype pawns
  • Fix: Ambrosia ingestion float menu option displays untranslated key "ConsumeThing".
  • Fix: Ambrosia ingestion command displays untranslated key "ConsumeThing".
  • Fix: Selecting autobong blueprint causes NullReferenceException.
  • Fix: Biostats calculate incorrectly for xenogerms created with 3 of the same gene.


  • Update rewards for OpportunitySite_AncientComplex. Higher value rewards can now occasionally appear, along with genepacks, archite capsules, and deathrest capacity serums.
  • Hospitality refugee uses the same system to determine refugee count as for beggars.
  • Fix: Infinite loop of hauling mech to charger outside the mech's allowed area.
  • Fix: Inconsistent psychic bond torn when one partner is in a suspendable building.
  • Fix: Hemogen wasted when refueling deathrest buildings.
  • Fix: Food restrictions now respect eg "Allow vegetarian food" for instances of food and not just based on def.
  • Fix: "Tend to self" emergency work giver appears below non-emergency work giver on UI.
  • Fix: "Slept in cold" and "Slept in heat" memories don't take into account gene-related comfortable temperature offsets.
  • Fix: Drug synthesis speed stat drawer is now consistent with whether a pawn is actually going to be able to craft drugs or not.


  • Reworked how many beggars show up depending on colony population.
  • Added a new "core" reward tag for common vanilla quest rewards to avoid having them dilluted by future additions.
  • Updated the reward frequency for various items. Add flatscreen TV, telescrope, gladius, and recurve bow as quest rewards. Remove revolver, double bed, and slab bed.
  • Increased the weights for for high and mid frequency quest rewards. Reduce the weighting for empire-specific category rewards.


  • Assign a fallback ideo to non-baby colonists during load that don't have an ideo set.
  • Colonists born in the colony no longer stay stuck in labor forever if the Ideology DLC was not active when they became a child.
  • Dependency genes override other drug-related genes.
  • Slow study gene applies a 50% factor to global learning instead of a -50% offset.
  • Fix: Children get mood debuff for not having gauranlen connection, but cannot connect to tree.
  • Fix typo: "yielding" -> "wielding". (this relates to the addition in 3552 of the "is happier when yielding an incendiary weapon" to the pyro trait desc - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk))
  • Fix: "Child not in growth vat" thought appears for dead children.
  • Fix: Disabled "extract ovum for IVF" surgery option displays on some male pawns.
  • Fix: Inactive genes affecting needs.
  • Fix: 100% chance for tattoos if pawn has no ideoligion.
  • Fix: Banishing colonists doesn't recalculate faction ideoligions.
  • Fix: Skin or hair color xenogenes are able to be passed onto children in niche circumstances.
  • Fix: Exception when attempting to feed arrested patient via right click menu when only food source is nutrient paste dispenser.


Changes since unstable[edit]

  • Removed xenotype sets from existing MemeDefs.
  • Added a stat entry for humanlikes which displays their current age rate multiplier.
  • Chemically-dependent xenotypes can take their desired drug by right-clicking it, even if their ideoligion forbids it.
  • Added a positive "child not in growth vat" thought to "Growth Vats: Prohibited" precept.
  • Update the description for "child not in growth vat" to make it clearer that it relates to the colonist's child, not just any child.
  • Slightly reduce the impact that player mechanoids have on raid points.
  • Slightly reduce work needed for terminate pregnancy operation and increase medicine needed to 2.
  • Update non-combatant debug view to not draw timer on pawns which are permanently combatants.
  • Fix: Remove reference to damage over time in acid spray description.
  • Fix: Teenagers getting random backstories on save/load.
  • Fix: Right clicking injured pawns can cause usage of un-researched bioregeneration cycle.
  • Fix: Mechlinks give the starting mechs more than once.
  • Fix: Children attempting to draw on the floor of areas with dangerous temperatures.
  • Fix: Checkbox cutoff on wind turbine's auto-cut settings tab.
  • Fix: Administer drug doesn't display that teetotalers will be unhappy if there is a chemical dependency gene present.
  • Fix: If a pawn is designated to enter a gene extractor but dies before they get there, the order is not canceled.
  • Fix: Pollution goodwill loss during Archonexus questline.
  • Fix: Ultraheavy boss mechs are never targetable by lances.
  • Fix: Enslaving a pawn removes unwaveringly loyal.
  • Fix: 'Missing ideo building' debuff after reforming an ideo, even if the building is present.
  • Fix: New joiners can spawn as the children of colonists who grew up in the colony.
  • Fix: Prisoners can refuse to attend their own execution due to temperature in the ritual area.
  • Fix: Pigskin factions can have quest helper snipers show up without weapons.
  • Fix: Impossible relationships appearing with custom xenotypes.
  • Fix: Pigskin factions can have quest helper snipers show up without weapons.
  • Fix: Animals use human child and adult age rate multipliers.
  • Fix: Right clicking injured pawns can cause usage of un-researched bioregeneration cycle.
  • Fix: Growth points are gained during deathrest when learning need is frozen.

Big new stuff[edit]

Added a new category of precept: Preferred xenotypes.

  • Single-xenotype NPC factions have a chance to generate with this belief about themselves.


  • Xenogenes count as artificial enhancements for body modders/prosthophobes.
  • Autonomous weapons include colony-controlled mechanoids for precepts.

Smaller new stuff[edit]

  • Added an option for selecting “no trait” on growth letters some of the time if there are more than two trait choices.
  • Added a UI button for absorbing xenogerms of appropriate targets, to help players understand that this option exists.
  • Added social thoughts for giving a lesson to a child and the child receiving a lesson.
  • If a child is unarmed and hasn’t participated in combat at all, raiders will treat them similarly to harmless livestock. This means the raiders will deprioritize them as targets and not hunt them down. It makes unexpected combat more survivable for kids, opens up those “porkchop hiding in the shed” stories and might create some rimworldy strategies.
  • Melee raiders now ignore non-combatants that aren't in LOS when choosing new targets (previously only ranged-attack raiders did).
  • Factionless pawns can spawn with any defined xenotype including those from mods and those which are player-created. Player-created xenotypes must be referred to in an ideoligion, or used as a player starting colonist, to spawn.
  • Added more varieties of yttakin pawn kinds. This means more variety of yttakin raiders and traders.
  • Display recipe ingredient counts on recipe float menu option tooltip.


  • For the purposes of precepts, autonomous weapons include colony-controlled mechanoids.
  • Increased the availability of gene packs from various traders.
  • Yttakin factions no longer get desired apparel precepts, because they’re uncomfortable in all clothes.
  • We now allow the kind trait to apply in addition to other violence-related genes.
  • We now display market value on colony mechs’ inspect pane.
  • Pawn apparel generation takes into account min and max temperature stats per individual pawn rather than per xenotype. This means that yttakin will be less likely to spawn with parkas (they generally don’t need them) and so will look cooler.
  • When a bloodfeeder feeds on a person, the hemogen they gain is now related to how much blood was left in the target. This solves some logical incoherencies, and an exploit that involved keeping a deathless blood-farm and bloodfeeding on them over and over.
  • Reduced the impact and duration of gene loss shock from the gene extractor.
  • As people grow up, their aging rate now smooth scales from child age rate to adult age rate over several years. This prevents the problem of having a lot of 13-year-olds in the colony after raising children.
  • If child enemies are disabled in the storyteller settings, refugees with children will not betray and attack (because that makes children your enemy). We reduced the chance of children spawning in refugee hospitality quests to mitigate balance impact of this.
  • Allow modifying the “child aging rate” and “babies are healthy” storyteller settings even if children are disabled, in case there are already children in the game.
  • Display recipe ingredient counts on recipe float menu option tooltip.
  • Added a "(disliked food)" parenthetical warning on the right-click menu when telling colonists to feed themselves or a patient a food that the eater would dislike. This helps players predict what will happen.
  • A caregiver feeding a patient will now feed them ideologically-venerated food sources if there are no non-venerated food sources.
  • Improved formatting of the research project content source line in the research UI.
  • When a deathless pawn takes damage that would have been lethal and falls into a deathrest coma instead, as an additional consequence they lose 3-6% of XP in a random skill. This should make non-death less trivial for these characters and preserve the sense of risk and danger. We’ll tuned this ongoing as needed.
  • Super-mechanoids cannot be called when there is already another super-mechanoid on the way.
  • Player is given the choice to set mechs to escort when a mechanitor leaves a map.
  • Hemogen UI gizmo no longer displays when multi-selecting pawns, to reduce clutter.
  • Ability UI buttons can now shrink like psycasts if there are too many, to avoid covering the screen.
  • Update the wording of the stillbirth letter to be a bit clearer about the choice of naming the baby, and allow the player to decide not to name the baby.
  • Fathers now get a negative thought if their child is stillborn.
  • If a baby is stillborn from a surrogate mother, the gene-mother gets a negative thought.
  • Updated the apocriton's description to note that it has a jump launcher.
  • If player sends a pregnant colonist on a “pawn lending” quest in a shuttle, and she gives birth during the quest, the baby will be returned with her instead of being kept by the questgiver.
  • Psychic lances can't be used on mech bosses (because they trivialize the fight).
  • Added a thing category for mechanitor body parts (used on stockpile config etc.)
  • Added a toggle for the glower color picker to disable the darklight-related UI elements for modders that want to re-use the dialog for other things.
  • Pawns away on a PawnLend quest won't have their lactating condition expire if there are any babies with them that can feed.
  • Show birth letter for babies born from lent colonists in a PawnLend quest.
  • Babies born during a pawn lend quest: If a baby is stillborn they are sent to the colony immediately for burial.
  • Display conditional stat affecters from ideoligions in stats page.
  • Add dev tool to add ideology development points.
  • In the 'Completed scan' message sent when subcore scan is cancelled, changed 'cancel load' to 'cancel scan'.
  • Subcore scanners: Added confirmation dialog when cancelling a scan that can kill the occupant.
  • Added description to "force xenogerm implantation" command.
  • Shuffle inherited genes before adding them. Added a debug tool to spawn a baby given two parents.
  • Bringing babies to a safe temperature jobs can now be interrupted.
  • Added an alert which displays deathresting pawns who can be safely woken.
  • Gene extractors will cancel extraction and eject the victim if they are without power for a cumulative 24 hours.
  • Update the lactating hediff's description to mention that it reduces fertility.
  • Lactating no longer prevents pregnancy but just applies a 5% fertility factor to the pawn.
  • Update the fertility stat to read back any hediffs that are modifying fertility.


  • Fix: Ripscanning doesn't kill pawns if colonist instant death in difficulty settings is 0%.
  • Fix: Pilgrims coming to venerate a relic cause charity believers to get unhappy regardless of outcome.
  • Fix: Unwaveringly loyal inspect pane text not appearing for slaves.
  • Fix: Kills with body part weapons like knee spike and power claw don't satisfy kill satiety.
  • Fix: Custom xenotypes show up with relationships that make no genetic sense.
  • Fix: Hair color genes have a chance to not be passed on.
  • Fix: Grand altar draws rotated.
  • Fix: Bloodfeed can be used on pawns in mental states.
  • Fix: Wastepack cocoon infestation storyteller setting appearing in the wrong spot.
  • Fix: Genes requiring other genes can be skipped for child genes generation.
  • Fix: Pawns ignore allow zones when hauling to transport pods.
  • Fix: HypothermiaRevealed tale displays death by cold even if the subject did not die from hypothermia.
  • Fix: 'No colonists can do this surgery' message appears even when there is a colony paramedic mech.
  • Fix: Farskipping a pawn into a range of an expired proximity sensor will trigger it again.


  • Fix: Quest lodgers can do the "give up and exit" mental break.
  • Fix: Missing ideology check when drawing dietary type stat.
  • Fix: Certainty bar doesn't display for games where Ideology has been enabled after the game was started.
  • Fix: Coagulate can still be queued if hemogen is below casting cost.
  • Fix: Can destroy wastepacks on temp tiles to avoid relationship penalty loss.
  • Fix: Destroyed pawns can cause issues with deathrest building inspect strings.
  • Fix: Mechs summoned from mech drop beacons don't spawn in mech pods


  • Disallow baby food and hemogen packs for chemfuel creation recipes. (Check if this means outright prevents their use or just that they're disabled by default before adding - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk))
  • Adjusted power info text for deathrest buildings.
  • Fix: Softcore scanner tooltip formating.
  • Fix: Sites where the only player pawns are mechs inside drop pods will auto-remove.
  • Fix: When the mechanoid faction is disabled, mech bosses will not attack pawns.
  • Fix: Victims of bloodfeeder bites can gain hemogen from the interaction.
  • Fix: Mech debris can spawn on the anima tree.
  • Fix: Emancipated slaves that are drafted stay drafted.
  • Fix: Consume hemogen packs toggle tooltip displays hemogen in % form.
  • Fix: Overactive temperature warning for baby moving.
  • Fix: A colony mech that is abandoned at a tile will still consume bandwidth.


Version 1.4.3534 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • Reduced volume and frequency of yttakin sounds.
  • Added more feedback to subcore scanners.
  • Added more allowed work types to lifter mechs.
  • Added 'humans only' option for bills.
  • Fix: Abandoning home doesn't unlink deathrest buildings.
  • Fix: Deathrest buildings not unlinked on starting new colony for archonexus quest.
  • Fix: Melanin genes can be extracted by gene extractor.
  • Fix: Diabolus' fire burst shoots fuel through the walls.
  • Fix: Deathrest bonuses are not removed if deathrest gene is removed.
  • Fix: Mechanitor buildings are considered "natural" by natural meditation sources.
  • Fix: Pawns will continue to create a xenogerm until they pass out.
  • Fix: Yttakin settlements can have mortars manned by animals.
  • Fix: Thrall reinforcements can be passive in certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Genes can be given to children who do not have prerequisite gene.
  • Fix: Unwaveringly loyal sanguophages will offer to join your colony after the quest.
  • Fix: Ranged enemies come into melee range consistently when shooting positions are available.
  • Fix: Spacedrone hack quest can spawn a spacedrone with an interaction spot in an inaccessible spot.


  • Clarify that the implant genes ability overwrites the target's xenogenes in the tooltip.
  • Update the comms console spawned message to give more info on mech bosses.
  • Added alert for incoming bossgroup.
  • Fix: Some hemogenic abilities can be queued without enough hemogen.
  • Fix: Bossgroup mechs do not attack if mechanoid faction is disabled.


  • Reduce growth points of generated children by ~25%.
  • Fertility stat is no longer capped at 100%.
  • Deathrest buildings drain hemogen enough to empty over the course of 10 days of deathrest.
  • "Genes regrowing" hediff from gene extraction lasts 12-20 days. (Down from 25)
  • Don't display pick up options for drugs that the pawn will drop immediately anyways.
  • Remove addictions when adding chemical dependency genes.
  • Minor adjustments to pigskin and impid pawn kinds. Force them to use faction xenotype set.
  • Babies that have fallen asleep in someone's arms no longer immediately wake up.
  • Fix: With toxic fallout active, inspecting items from trade ships causes errors.
  • Fix: Children gain growth points in cryptosleep.
  • Fix: Comms console diabolus threat cannot be called by mechanitors if mech faction is disabled.
  • Fix: Paramedic not counted as doctor in solo mechanitor run.
  • Fix: Archonexus quest allows taking mechanoid weapons with you to a new colony.
  • Fix: Psychically bonded pawns in the same caravan still get "psychic bond distance" mood malus in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Removing passion-adding genes doesn't revert effect.


  • Added missing fill percent for gene and mech buildings.
  • Update go to bed float menu option if pawn is waiting for surgery and no doctors can do it.
  • Fix exploit: Unwaveringly loyal can be bypassed by enslaving prisoners.
  • Fix exploit: Capture>Enslave>Imprison>Release recruits pawns immediately.
  • Fix: Some Biotech buildings can have un-reachable fires in the center cell.
  • Fix: Clicking drums without royalty installed produces a missing royalty message.
  • Fix: Some mechs cannot load into a shuttle.
  • Fix: Highmates can create bonds with quest visitors and vice versa.
  • Fix: Hemogen extraction can get "stuck" on.
  • Fix: Babies can carry items in caravans.
  • Fix: Deathrest buildings use hemogen when not in use.
  • Fix: Some randomly chosen genes not overridden properly.
  • Fix: Growth tier gizmo displays incorrect percent value on bar.
  • Fix: Giving a pawn xeno and germline hemogenic genes results in two hemogen gizmos.


  • "My child is happy" and related thoughts now can trigger if a pawn is being carried.
  • Fix: Charity believing pawns will get negative thought from "rejecting" refugees when the quest hasn't even been accepted yet.
  • Fix: Letting a pawn die on the world map with wastepacks will not pollute terrain.
  • Fix: Eye cut out graphics are misaligned.
  • Fix: Ancient exostrider remains are failing to generate in swamp maps.
  • Fix: Mechs not entering transport pods.
  • Fix: Lifters can try to haul themselves to a transport pod.
  • Fix: Bossgroup drop pods don't use mechanoid drop pods.
  • Fix: Mech gestator draw size.
  • Fix: Mech charger exceeding 100% full of waste if partially emptied.
  • Fix: Do a better job of displaying hulk body types in the pawn portrait in the rename UI.
  • Fix: Psychic drone now properly triggers for colonists being carried.
  • Fix: Held babies/children will now have thoughts about how their parents are happy.
  • Fix: Save modlist saving the filtered mod list.


  • Update tutorial end message to point players to the correct place for changing storyteller settings.
  • Growth moment flavor text doesn't appear when a pawn becomes a child.
  • Reduced mechanitor ship combat points by half.
  • Remove the option to close the birth letter if the player has not yet named the baby and it's the last tick available to do so.
  • Babies born outside the player faction are given a real name instead of just "Baby". Players may still change the name if they adopt the NPC baby within a day of their birth.
  • Add a new icon texture for the circle which shows the current color on the copy/paste/change color widget icons.
  • Fix: Using reimplant ability doesn't give recipient correct xenotype icon for custom xenotypes.
  • Fix: If a downed enemy is teleported using farskip they will be drafted upon entering the destination map despite being downed.
  • Fix: Never sleep xenohumans still rest when caravanning alone.
  • Fix: Scenario text cut off if tiny text is disabled.
  • Fix: Genetic metabolism doesn't actually effect hunger rate.
  • Fix: Double slab bed is not next to single slab bed in the architect menu.
  • Fix: Abandoning colony pawns text doesn't mention mechs.
  • Fix: Control Sublink (high) can take up the lower 3 sublink levels preventing use of the normal sublinks.
  • Fix: Can train shooting and melee on colony mechanoids.
  • Fix: Abandoning a colony with mechs in it and making new a base will cause a mech control group error and show mechs are still active.
  • Fix: Hostile pawns try to path to destroyed structures.
  • Fix: match diabolus fire burst range to its range overlay.
  • Fix regression: Food consumption absurd during lactation.


  • Disable growth moment letter for quest lodgers.
  • Fix: Temporary work restrictions affect growth moment passion choices.
  • Fix: Errors preventing mechs from acting in very niche circumstances.
  • Fix: Gene assembler artwork has incorrect import settings.
  • Fix: Clicking on the "carry pawn" checkbox in caravan screen opens health card.
  • Fix: Shelves cause non-haulable things in the same cell to not affect beauty.
  • Fix: Attempting to absorb a xenogerm of your own colonist displays a warning message saying you'll anger your faction.
  • Adjust some quest text to be a bit less dark.
  • Fix: Babies causing bad thoughts for bigotry ideoligions.
  • Fix: Babies born from parents sharing the same custom xenotype don't inherit all endogenes from parents.
  • Fix: Babies born from parents sharing the same custom xenotype don't inherit the xenotype name of parents.
  • Fix: Suppressed genes contributing to romance chance still apply.
  • Fix: Baby decoration and toy box can be rotated.


New stuff - base game[edit]

  • Painting and color customization
  • Added painting system: Paint walls, floors, and some furniture and buildings with dye harvested from the tinctoria crop.
  • Under the “Orders” tab, you can direct colonists to “paint wall”, “paint floor”, and “remove paint.”
  • Choose from a large variety of colors to customize your colony!
  • Added many new carpet colors.

Turrets, gas, gear, and medicine[edit]

  • Added new gas health conditions.
  • Rotten corpses and meat now release disgusting rot stink gas. Colonists that are chronically exposed to rot stink may develop the new “lung rot” disease.
  • Added recipe for bulk medicine creation.
  • Added an explicit “tend (without medicine)” option to drafted pawns which appears after the tend with medicine order.


  • Completely overhauled the options menu. Options are grouped into different tabs, including a new mod tab. Screenshake was added as a new option.
  • Completely reworked mods manager and mods mismatch UI.
  • Added tile inspector. View info about a specific tile by holding the “alt” key.
  • Added pawn icons to many menus.
  • Created a square grid float menu for paint and carpets.
  • Weapons are displayed below drafted colonist portraits.


  • In addition to all the prisoners you got before, now you’ll get a new class of prisoner who is unwaveringly loyal to their home. They can’t be recruited, but they can be sold, sent home for diplomatic benefits, used for gene extraction or blood farming in Biotech, or used in rituals and enslaved in Ideology. (We did it this way because we wanted to make all the uses for prisoners besides recruitment more viable. Adding a new stream of unwaveringly loyal prisoners does that without destroying the population progression balance.) They can be disabled in the storyteller settings.
  • Starting colonists can begin with certain possessions. These can come from backstories, health conditions, and rarely from a pool of items.
  • Added a toggleable heat overlay that shows the air temperature indoors and outdoors.
  • Added a search bar to the quests list.
  • Added "bald" hair style.
  • Added an option to randomize the menu background every game launch.
  • Added stats for crop growth rate, age, and lifespan and the length of time to clean filth on surfaces
  • Added prisoner recruitment last resistance reduction info in prisoner tab.
  • Added “research bench required” alert.
  • Added build hopper command to nutrient paste dispenser.
  • Drafted colonists can pick up downed people and carry them around.

Improvements and adjustments - base game[edit]


  • Major startup and load time improvements. Launching RimWorld and loading savegames are both roughly 37% faster. On an example system, this is a startup time improvement from 33 to 21 seconds. Loading a fresh savegame dropped from 7.9 to 4.6 seconds.


  • Pyromaniacs are happier around fires and get a stacking (up to 4x) mood buff for nearby fires. This includes torches and campfires.
  • Colonists can be ordered to re-arm turrets while drafted.
  • Pawns no longer hunt animals outside their allowed area.
  • Wild people no longer get mood debuffs for sleeping outside or on the ground.
  • Allow amputation on body parts with scars and other permanent injuries.
  • “Wimp” trait’s pain shock threshold has been increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Very hungry pawns now wake up if there is food available and they aren't very tired.
  • Pawns kicked out of bed (due to healing completing, bedroom becoming a prison, etc.) are moved to the bottom of the bed to prevent them from interfering with other pawns wanting to use the same bed.
  • Wardens take downed pawns to bed so they can medically rest for non-urgent reasons (Eg. building immunity to an infection) and urgent reasons (Eg. need tending or have an operation).


  • Screenshot mode no longer draws inspect pane, gizmos, and paths for selected objects.
  • Adjustments to world creation faction config. Instead of +/- buttons, there is a simple list of factions with an "add" button.
  • Improved pawn name rendering with "disable tiny fonts" active.
  • Adjust default medicine settings window. Added a title, increased the size of text and unified the space between elements.
  • Added small circular dots around the radius of a downed projectile interceptor.
  • Display recipe ingredients/products tooltip when hovering over recipe float menu options.
  • When multiple identical messages are sent, the original message is highlighted instead of adding a new message.
  • Letters are bundled together if they can’t all fit on the screen.


  • Carried things can now be added to caravans.
  • Trade menu always shows player currency, even when it is at 0.
  • Updated SFX for a number of designators in the architect menu.
  • Predators limit their hunting range to the same as their scavenging range.
  • Items deteriorate at 3x the regular rate when in an unroofed area during toxic fallout.
  • Reduced the rate of toxic buildup from game conditions by 20%.
  • Beggar quest asks for max 700 market value items.
  • Hide pawn headgear when in bed.
  • Rename the rest need to sleep (this avoids confusion with pawns that are "resting" but not recovering the rest need)
  • Added stat entries to meals displaying ingredients and dietary type.
  • Combined hunger rate and food consumption stats.
  • Prevent trees marked for extraction to be cut for construction.
  • Growing zone description now has information on the average and maximum age and maturity of the plants in the zone, if there are any.
  • Growing zones and stockpiles now have a description for how many cells are in the zone.
  • Allow players to select Things pawns are holding by either slow clicking, using the widget when the carrying pawn is selected, or using the "next thing in cell" button.
  • Add command to pawns and buildings for selecting their held things.
  • Locked many dev gizmos behind god mode toggle.
  • Backstory mod source is shown if it's not from an official expansion.
  • Colored lights research changed to Advanced Lighting
  • When selecting a steam geyser, the geothermal generator build gizmo is shown (if unlocked).
  • Moved ranged weapon, melee weapon, armor, clothing and art stock gen to a tagged based system and adjusted market value selection weight for all items.
  • Keep selection on things which become despawned in some circumstances.
  • Selection is preserved as a blueprint becomes a frame and finally a finished building.

Improvements and adjustments - Royalty[edit]

  • Skip and chaos skip have a max body size set.
  • Limit noble wimp to knight or praetor.
  • Ensure persona weapons are unbound if you leave them on a temporary map.

Improvements and adjustments - Ideology[edit]

  • “Ideology system inactive” games can set and use all styles of buildings, items and floors.
  • Moved ideology buildings to new Ideology architect tab.
  • Downed pawns can perform duties in a ritual if their ritual role allows them to be downed.
  • Allow style selection in bill configuration dialog in classic mode.
  • Added a gizmo to blueprints in classic ideology mode that allows changing the built style.
  • Ensure ideoligions are recalculated after an archonexus win.
  • Added complex furniture as a prerequisite for reliquary and styling station.
  • Negative thoughts related to not having enough scarification scars do not apply at very low expectations or lower.
  • "No slaves in colony" thought does not apply at "Very low" expectations or below.
  • Rituals are called off if the target is reserved by another pawn during the ritual.
  • Ritual opportunity letters are skipped for most rituals for the first 10 days of play.
  • Ideoligion building missing alerts now specify what building it is a variant of. It also displays where you can find it in the architect menu or which buildings produce it.
  • Added “cannot be assigned” reason to pawn portrait tooltip on the ritual begin window.
  • Randomizing precepts no longer brings up a confirmation dialog if the user has not edited precepts.

Dev tools[edit]

  • Added a debug option "palette" that allows the user to select a set of debug actions/tools to appear on a resizable and draggable window.
  • Debug actions use a node tree for navigation.
  • Added pin icons to the debug menu allowing users to pin multiple debug tools to the palette at once.
  • Implemented dev mode camera controls dialog with saveable presets.
  • Added a simple debug tool for framerate/ticks per second performance benchmarking.
  • Added dev add/remove hediff buttons to a pawn’s health card.
  • Added gear-related debug options to gear screen.


  • Converted backstories to use the def system for better moddability and expandability.
  • Replaced CrownType with headTypeDef
  • Carpet defs are generated from blueprints, creating variants for each color.
  • Pawns can now path to a destination if the destination is a Thing that's being held.
  • Check if food need is null in MeditationUtility.CanMeditate.


  • Fix: Meals with meat shown as "acceptable for everyone".
  • Fix: Pawns will now try to make the largest pile possible when dropping an item instead of adding the dropped item to an arbitrary pile. This was causing a loop for pawns trying to merge two stacks in the same cell if they couldn't fully pick up one of the stacks.
  • Fix: Stranger in black can have 0 shooting skill.
  • Fix: Fluid ideology is loaded as non-fluid. (Only new saved ideoligions are affected) Ideoligions loaded from "Create custom (fluid)" are set to fluid. Ideoligions loaded from "Create custom (fixed)" are set to fixed.
  • Fix: Ritual spectators will stand on beds or in doorways.
  • Fix: Some apparel is smeltable when it would not give anything for smelting.
  • Fix: Incorrect float menu label for prioritizing surgery when there is medicine available, but none of it matches medicine restriction.
  • Fix: Proximity activator is not triggered by skip psycasts happening in its range.
  • Fix exploit: Growing multiple plants in single spot in hydroponics basin.
  • Fix: Wild people can steal ingredients while they are being cooked.
  • Fix: Drug take to inventory in policy can exceed def-defined limit.
  • Fix: Hidden and temporary factions can own work sites.
  • Fix: Having ideology installed in classic mode causes nudity thoughts to be ignored.
  • Fix: During ideoligion reform, hairstyle and tattoo changes remain even if reform is canceled.
  • Fix: You can shoot through some ancient buildings, but can't pass through them.
  • Fix: "Cannot feed: No food" displayed while pawn has "nothing" food restriction.
  • Fix: Bestower shuttle won't leave if one of the guards is downed or left the map.
  • Fix: Shuttle stays forever if all passengers cannot get on board.
  • Fix: SetBiotuned() method resets the biosculpter timer.
  • Fix: Zone area restrictions can cause an endless loop of pawns trying to tend to a pawn outside the allowed area.
  • Fix: Pawns will no longer drop the thing they're carrying when going to pick up another thing as part of a hauling task.
  • Fix: Sleeping pawns wearing burkas don’t have hair rendered, even though you can see their face/head.
  • Fix: Bestower could suffer from heatstroke with minimal goodwill loss.
  • Fix: Classic ideoligion pawns cannot extract skulls.
  • Fix: Shuttle crash quest fails if you have VIP boarded.
  • Fix: Some offenses done to slave upset the slave’s home faction in ways that don’t make sense.
  • Fix: Public execution can be started for any ideoligion from any ideogram and still get a quality bonus.
  • Fix: High Life harvest yield for Drug Use: Essential precept doesn't work.
  • Fix: Nullified thoughts being counted against food optimality.
  • Fix: Geysers have a deconstruct gizmo in god mode which causes and error when clicked.
  • Fix: Explosive projectiles disappear when impacting a shield. They now detonate when impacting.
  • Fix: Deep drilling job not canceling when forbidden or exhausted the resource.
  • Fix: Incorrect values given when evaluating how much each item is worth when giving as a gift to other factions.
  • Fix: Rebelling slaves could be sold to tribute collectors.
  • Fix: Berserker trance makes pawn guilty even though they cannot attack allies.
  • Fix: Guilty status for melee and ranged combat cannot be created by drafting a pawn.
  • Fix: Placing 0 work buildings beside/on mechanoids wakes them up. This can be used as an exploit to trigger mechanoids when hostile raiders are nearby.
  • Fix: Jumping resets "Fire at will" toggle.
  • Fix exploit: Player is able to claim ruined furniture on non-home maps and draw out an enemy attack on the claimed furniture. Now ruins are only claimable if there is no non-downed hostile pawn on the map.
  • Fix: Hay is listed as possible nutrition in biosculpter pods.
  • Fix: When forming a caravan, downed pawns are sometimes left behind near the map edge.
  • Fix: Permit shuttle fails when sent to a worksite.
  • Fix: Bonsai tree reminds of unharvested resources even though it's a decorative plant.
  • Fix: Doctors sometimes go to bed and attempt to start surgery on themselves.
  • Fix: Firefoam popper apparel items can pop during surgery.
  • Fix: Relics can stack with other items of the same type.
  • Fix: Missing feedback when trying to tame an animal with no acceptable food.
  • Fix: No feedback when trying to order fire extinguishing from a pawn incapable of firefighting.
  • Fix: When searching in an information panel, clicking any stat will scroll to the top.
  • Fix: Pawns resting in caravans don't show the 'Z' icon on their portraits to indicate rest.
  • Fix: Global work speed not applying to pruning speed, hacking speed, medical tend speed and medical operation speed.
  • Fix: Resurrected executed prisoners retain the execute option and usually immediately get executed after being resurrected.
  • Fix: Colonists deconstructing walls even though they are not assigned to construction.


Steam Deck Improvements[edit]

  • Commands now show "button A" glyph instead of "A" label on Steam Deck.
  • When architect search bar is focused on a Steam Deck and the on-screen keyboard is visible, move gizmos up so that they're still visible.
  • Added "Keyboard mode" option on Steam Deck in case someone connects a keyboard to the SteamDeck.

Ideology Improvements[edit]

  • Drum and dance parties can be held in the "Ideology system inactive" mode. Party hard!
  • Relics system now works in "Ideology system inactive" mode. You can do the relic chase, quests, build the reliquaries, and so on.
  • Colonists no longer get upset for delaying a ritual.
  • Negative thoughts related to not having enough scarification scars do not apply at very low expectations or lower.
  • "No slaves in colony" thought does not apply at "Very low" expectations or below.
  • Ritual opportunity letters are skipped for most rituals for the first 10 days of play.
  • Adjusted inspect pane and stat readout for relics in classic mode.


  • Fix: Not all precepts are added to memes during fluid ideoligion development.


A lot of fixes and back end stuff, so hopefully it shouldn't be too bad to implement.....who am I kidding it'll still be here in 3 years Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 01:00, 7 April 2022 (UTC)

Ideology Improvements[edit]

  • Fix: Reforming a fluid ideo lists some precepts as "incompatible" when they actually aren’t.
  • Display incompatible issue and precept names instead of just precept names in reformation confirmation dialog.

UI Improvements[edit]

  • Show accept key command hotkey on SteamDeck.
  • Main buttons position change (change height instead of y).
  • Show a special window at the top of the screen which shows the typed in text, since SteamDeck keyboard can sometimes block the text field view.
  • Don't show tooltips when the SteamDeck keyboard is open.
  • Change quests SteamDeck icon.


  • Touch screen scrolling improvements on SteamDeck.
  • It's now possible to scroll through lists by dragging your finger on SteamDeck.
  • Holding a special "middle mouse button" button on SteamDeck, now translates left clicks into right clicks. This makes it possible to give goto orders to drafted pawns by using the touch screen.
  • Don't pan the camera if the middle mouse button is held and a colonist is selected on SteamDeck.
  • Allow more zoom on SteamDeck for better touch screen support and easier navigation.
  • Better time controls on SteamDeck, it's now possible to increase/decrease time speed with back buttons.
  • Accept key on a SteamDeck now activates the first command.

Misc Improvements[edit]

  • Tutorial now mentions the correct button names on SteamDeck.
  • Added triggered modal ConceptDefs which explain SteamDeck controls.
  • Added controller configuration button to options on SteamDeck.
  • Added an option to disable tiny fonts in options.


  • Added "Simulate using Steam Deck" debug setting.


Slowly drowning in unimplemented updates. Remember:

  1. Implement the change on the page/s
  2. Add it to the version history of the page/s
  3. Remove the relevant line from here.

If you can't find a good place to implement the change, leave it for later. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 00:29, 27 February 2022 (UTC)

New feature[edit]

  • Added a new play option that allows playing with Ideology content active, but without the ideoligions system active. This is appropriate for someone on their first game, or who isn't trying to do something specific with ideoligions. Ideology content includes things like: Ancient complex quests, biosculpter technology, Gauranlen trees, ancient debris, etc.

UI improvements[edit]

  • Reworked ideoligion setup UI. Classic, custom and load buttons are now selectable elements that take effect when the player hits "next".
  • The old "classic" mode is now called "classic-like" and is one of the "mild" presets.
  • Meme tooltips now list all prevented precepts instead of just saying how many there are.
  • Randomizing precepts no longer brings up a confirmation dialog if the user has not edited precepts.
  • We now draw a thin faint box around ideoligion preset selectables, precept and meme boxes. Looks better.
  • Ideoligion building missing alerts now specify what building it is a variant of. It also displays where you can find it in the architect menu or which buildings produce it.
  • A "Show all" checkbox on ideo dialog shows all hidden precepts.
  • Updated meat eating precept and thought labels and descriptions to better match gameplay.

Tuning - General[edit]

  • Reduced mechanoid CenterDrop raid arrival mode weight at 1000+ points 3.5 -> 1.3. Mechanoids are now more likely to arrive by walking in to the map edge.
  • Reduced mechanoid RandomDrop raid arrival mode weight at 1000+ points 1.9 -> 1.3. Mechanoids are now more likely to arrive by walking in to the map edge.

Tuning - Ideoligions[edit]

  • Meme FleshPurity no longer forces the anti-biosculpting precept. This should allow players to use biosculpting to recover limbs for their purists so they don't end up being all amputees after a while.
  • Bigotry precepts don't have associated memes any more, so won't appear unless specifically configured by the player. This reduces annoyances around dealing with bigoted guests and recruits.
  • Remove the carnivore precept requirements from the Rancher meme. Reduce Rancher meme's plant work speed factor from 0.9 to 0.70. Reduce Rancher meme's impact from 3 to 2. This reduces annoyances and fiddliness with carnivore food restrictions, and balances the meme more simply, with an upside to animal raising matched by a downside to crop raising.
  • Remove most meme associations from vegetarian and carnivore precepts. These shouldn't appear unless player specifically configures them. This should reduce annoyances around food requirements of specific guests or recruits.


  • Added a debug tool for spawning meals with specific ingredients.
  • Improve some charity quest-related message texts.
  • In classic mode, ensure factions generated after initital world gen use the same classic ideoligion.


  • Fix: Classic mode ideoligions don't start with some classic precepts.
  • Fix: Blindness from resurrector mech serum is not cured by biosculpter regen cycle.
  • Fix: Faction ideoligions are not reset on going back from colonist selection screen if the player first chooses classic, then another option.
  • Fix exploit: Player is able to claim ruined furniture on non-home maps and draw out an enemy attack on the claimed furniture. Now ruins are only claimable if there is no non-downed hostile pawn on the map.
  • Fix: Non-site psychic emanation and suppression ship parts don't have their gender randomized.
  • Fix: Ideoligion info available on ritual begin dialog in classic mode.
  • Fix: Loading classic mode game gives the player non-classic rituals.
  • Fix: Execution requires altar or ideogram in classic mode.
  • Fix: Research warning doesn't check for minor ideoligions.
  • Fix: Fluid ideoligion with proselytizer gains development points for all conversions, including conversions to other ideoligions.


Combat - Turrets[edit]

  • Reduced uranium slug turret cost per shot from 3 uranium to 2.666.

Combat - Enemies[edit]

  • Added a way to make special per-faction raid strategy probabilities.
  • Adjusted mechanoid raid strategy probabilities so that late game they use breachers about 33% of the time instead of 90% of the time.
  • Breachers no longer want to attack passable player buildings. They only target impassable buildings like walls.
  • Selection weight of the most recent raid faction is reduced by 60% when choosing a faction for the next raid.
  • Adjusted human factions' raid strategy selection weights for slightly more variation.

Food handling[edit]

  • We now vary meal textures depending on ingredients.
  • Food restrictions are automatically applied to pawns from ideoligions that require a specific food type.
  • Meals now look differently depending on whether they were made from vegetarian, carnivore, or mixed ingredients. This will help you manage stockpiles of food for pawns with different dietary demands.
  • Meal inspect strings now display information regarding their ingredients and who would accept eating them.
  • With Ideology active, colonists will not automatically merge meals with different food kinds (i.e. meat only or veg only).
  • Meal-related thoughts now display which meal caused the thought.
  • Added food restrictions for meat or veg only meals.
  • Added special thing filters for meat and veg ingredient-filled meals.
  • Add insect meat food restriction and special things filter.
  • Add cannibal food restriction and special thing filter.
  • Don't apply ate meat thought if vegetarian eats human meat, allow strong cannibal precepts with meat eating negative precepts.

Misc improvements[edit]

  • Reworked how tree-lovers respond to the destruction of trees to be smoother and more consistent. Tree Density ideo precept now has a mood penalty directly proportional to the number of destroyed trees, with no effect from biome.
  • Biosculpter inspect string now says which pawn and cycle will be run while pawn has job to enter in progress.
  • When you r-click on a biosculpter with a pawn selected, we now show biosculpter cycles' durations in the context menu.
  • Biosculpter's inspect pane readout now notes if biosculpting cycle is accelerated by precept (i.e. if the pawn is a transhumanist).
  • Show biosculpter cycle duration for both normal and transhumanist pawns in cycle button's tooltip.
  • Buildings in non-player non-hostile maps can no longer be claimed while there are members of the owner faction active.
  • Added a loading tip describing fixed wealth mode.
  • Total tend quality info is now only displayed if the hediff disappears after a certain level of tend quality (since it's fairly useless otherwise).


  • Fix: Caravan fails to leave map if roping pawn removed or mental break while animal still in pen.
  • Fix: Newborn animals from other factions don't leave with faction.
  • Fix: High life precept description doesn't properly display mood range.
  • Fix: Less-restrictive nudism precepts are inconsistent with allowed gear.
  • Fix: Special characters on named precepts can break UI.
  • Fix: Starting packaged survival meals can be made of ingredients not allowed by ingredient filters.
  • Fix: Work speed penalty reasons formatting issues.
  • Fix: Blood from scarification is from cutter, not cuttee.
  • Fix: Psyfocus ritual reward does not recharge psyfocus to max.
  • Fix: Trade price tooltip for selling bonus when player's negotiator has ideo leader role.
  • Fix: Mortar draws interaction spot when selected.
  • Fix: If a hosted guest is imprisoned and enslaved, the gear he is wearing remains locked.
  • Fix: Meals with no ingredients cause "ate non-meat" thought.
  • Fix: Pawns grow at incorrect rate and do not reach adulthood at the age specified in relevant race defs. - User:Cheldra does this affect your work with animal growth? Must be checked before this is removed from to-do list. Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 01:15, 2 December 2021 (UTC)
  • Fix: Darkness pawns have a 'outdoors lit' accuracy debuff when targeting something in a cave.
  • Fix: Bestowing ceremony target is undraftable even after ceremony ended.
  • Fix: Hackables can be instantly hacked.
  • Fix: Raiders attacking non-aggressive roamers.
  • Fix: Vegetarian pawns get mad eating vegetarian-made pemmican.


Caravan improvements[edit]

  • Caravan pawns gathering items now haul items in their inventory to pack animals. This drastically speeds up caravan formation.
  • Allow caravan pawns to sleep in bed while packing, less dire hunger threshold before eat, and allow pawn to regain excited travel thought after draft.
  • Change caravan hauling behavior to cancel enroute instead of waiting for arrival if ticks after first item pickup timeout exceeded.
  • Added a positive thought when pawns have been preparing a caravan for a long time, to reduce pawns going insane from caravan prep.
  • Joy decreases more slowly when a pawn is preparing a caravan.
  • Colonists will now look for food in pack animal inventory if no better food sources available.
  • Colonists will grab food from pack animal to feed patients if no other food available.
  • Colonists can grab medicine from pack animals.
  • Colonists will take drugs (if assigned or need) from pack animal inventory if no other sources are available.
  • Update pen needed alert to take into account hitching post and handling skill for roping removal.

Archonexus improvements[edit]

  • Add animal pregnancy, gender, and bonded information to archonexus settlement dialog.
  • Sort items players take to new archonexus settlement more in line with usefulness.
  • Update new archonexus settlement confirm dialog always show and warn if all items or relics not selected.
  • Tweak count of items players can bring to new archonexus settlement.
  • Change archonexus item selection such that weapons and utility belts are unequipped and must be explicitly chosen.
  • Remove pawn hediffs like hypothermia and malnutrition upon new archonexus settlement.
  • Reset pawn food and rest levels when starting new archonexus colony.
  • Add animation after selecting new archonexus settlement to make moment feel more significant.

Misc improvements[edit]

  • Ideoligious buildings are no longer expected to be placed in non-home maps.
  • Display current and required total tend qualities in the tooltip for hediffs with HediffComp_TendDuration comp. (Muscle parasites, athsma, gut worms, etc...)
  • Separated "Weapon" stat category into "Weapon (melee)" and "Weapon (ranged)".
  • New colony optimism thought is now given to all colonists after the player settles a tile and he had no home map elsewhere and when player abandons his last home map. This makes relocating much more feasible, especially in emergencies.
  • Reduced the amount of ancient junk that spawns on newly-generated maps.
  • Blind pawns who venerate trees can now sense nearby trees and enjoy their presence even without sight.
  • Update predators hunting across fences tooltip to match current functionality.
  • Ensure the trigger conditions for scarification/blinding are clear to the player.
  • Right clicking on ancient junk with drafted pawn shows option to attack.
  • Unforbid items in pawn inventory if taken by caravan from temporary map.
  • Animals with paralytic abasia can be tamed or hunted without penalty after a animal hospitatlity quest ends. Hospitality joiners and prisoners can now arrived paralyzed as well.
  • Added range values to darkness combat stats.
  • Added charity events for not helping pilgrims.
  • Added hacking progress stat to hackable things.
  • Resurrected pawns with titles that were inherited lose all permits associated with the lost titles.
  • Clarify age reversal precept.


  • Fix: Royal ascent shuttle can only take 1000kg of colonists
  • Fix: "Melee warmup time" is actually ranged warmup time. Melee weapons use only cooldown.
  • Fix: PainIsVirtue meme doesn't guarantee the presence of scarification precept.
  • Fix: Burned tree description states it doesn't drop wood when it does.
  • Fix: Plants previously designated to be grown on buildings aren't cleared when a new plant is selected.


Yet another update. Slowly falling behind here. Harakoni (talk) 02:55, 10 September 2021 (UTC)

Multi-ideo colony viability[edit]

  • Pawns of any ideo can now spectate any ritual, even if it's not of their own ideo.
  • Rebalanced social ideo thought opinion offsets to make multi-ideo colonies much more viable.
  • Allow celebrating rituals for an ideo even if there's not enough members to create an obligation.
  • Members of ideoligions that dislike diversity get a negative thought from participating in rituals from other ideoligions.
  • Ritual setup dialog now says what ideoligion the ritual comes from.

New stuff[edit]

  • Some things, like rock chunks, are now considered beautiful when outdoors but ugly when indoors. This solves a problem where a person standing in a nice forest will think their surroundings are ugly.
  • While starting a game with fluid ideoligions, you can now customize and load NPC faction ideoligions.
  • You can now randomize fluid ideos before applying changes.
  • You can now randomize normal memes during fluid ideo reforming.
  • Added a "build door" gizmo that displays when a wall or wall blueprint is selected.


  • Blind pawns' stats are now unaffected by light and darkness.
  • Adjust the role tooltip area on the pawn's social tab.
  • Empire will now properly respond to player giving the bestower serious heatstroke or hypothermia or allowing it to happen.
  • Some situational ideo thoughts now apply to quest lodgers. Previously, they were totally disabled.
  • Mutilation ritual expectation alert now only shows the pawns who actually want to be scarified or blinded.
  • Increased chance for ancient security crates to spawn in ancient complexes.
  • Removed min points limit on security crate spawning in ancient complexes.
  • We now warn player if important plants like anima trees are marked for cutting or in grow zone.
  • Improved UI feedback in trade window when pawn refuses to sell another pawn into slavery due to the ideo.
  • Having a missing tongue now gives a negative mood thought because it's frustrating when you can't speak because your tongue was cut out.
  • We now warn the player if they are trying to put a pawn in a regeneration or medic cycle that would not heal any conditions.
  • Improve feedback when we cannot assign a pawn to ritual role by clicking their portrait in the ritual setup dialog.
  • Change to randomized memes for fluid ideo based on feedback.


  • Fix: Cancelling a caravan, then selling those animals, causes them to stay roped to the caravan gathering spot until they sleep.
  • Fix: Gauranlen tree miscalculates dryad count on creating seed pod.
  • Fix: Text of funeral ritual states bonus awards are available after randomizing name.
  • Fix: Totemic sculpture is pixelated.
  • Fix: Selling prisoners doesn't trigger negative thoughts on selling to slavers.
  • Fix: Research command ability icon is pixelated on non-uniform ui scales.
  • Fix: When caravan entering the map and already roped animals are force roped by another pawn, the first pawn potentially gets stuck waiting indefinitely.
  • Fix: Sunlamp does not trigger blinding light for Darkness pawns.
  • Fix: Wild people can be enslaved while arrested.
  • Fix: Started 10 jobs in 10 ticks when slaves try to visit sick pawn. Slaves can no longer visit sick pawns.
  • Fix: Archonexus quest line cannot be continued if map part holder faction defeated.
  • Fix: Mechanoids can spawn in Ancient Ruins when they are disabled in map generation, and behave oddly.
  • Fix: Regression * Colonists no longer automatically take yayo and a few other drugs.
  • Fix: When a faction is defeated the faction goodwill number and relation label overlap.
  • Fix: Pawns ignore food restrictions and bring nutrient paste to prisoner
  • Fix: You can assign a role changer of non-player ideo on the ritual config screen.
  • Fix: Bestower sometimes arrives malnourished.
  • Fix: Gaumaker pods can destroy the tree they are spawned from
  • Fix: Ritual timings are 1 day off.
  • Fix: Trader caravans have their animals leave the map on arrival when attempting to path through doors.
  • Fix: Gaumaker pods can destroy the tree they are spawned from.
  • Fix: Cannot plant flowers/bonsai trees in plant pots when there is a floor covering beneath the pot.
  • Fix: 'No recent raid' thoughts for raiding precepts can occur immediately after reform or archonexus restart.
  • Fix: Wardens stop suppressing slaves if suppression > 50%.
  • Fix: Beggar quest can grant fail and complete bonus simultaneously if the original timer expires after beggars have been given items
  • Fix: Skip abilities don't update cover grid.


New stuff[edit]

  • The game now shows the source of each piece of content on its stats card, so you know which expansion/mod something came from. It also shows which expansion/mod each research project came from.
  • Players can now choose a few items to bring to new archonexus settlement. This is especially helpful for things you really need like luciferium.
  • Add grace period where expectation levels are not increased for pawns with certain ideology roles after starting new archonexus settlement.
  • Add tongue body part. Tongue is removable via surgery, if you'd prefer someone not speak. The tongue won't be damaged in combat.
  • Add allow slave corpse toggle to various storage areas and buildings so you can separate slave corpses from colonist corpses.
  • Added new ancient junk - additional mech parts for more visual variation, more ancient cars, wheels, etc.
  • Added toggleable texture compression and atlas texture compression in the options menu.


  • Update royal title room requirement grace period to include the first 10 days after a new archonexus settlement.
  • Draw lines when placing blueprints displaying what would affect Gauranlen trees' connection strength. Display the artificial buildings connection strength loss radius when the tree is selected.
  • We now remove ship to stars tile from map after new archonexus settlement, confirm the player is okay with this.
  • On ritual config window, draw a highlight over pawns that can be assigned to a role you're currently hovering over.
  • Extractable trees are no longer auto-minifiable in caravan forming dialog.
  • We now hide quests that are ended by starting a new archonexus settlement
  • Re-enabled random social interactions for bestowing ceremony and fixed it breaking down when pawns start social fighting.
  • Starting with an ideoligion that dislikes animal bonding now causes all starting animals to be unbonded.
  • Tweaked the archonexus "choose items to take to new colony" dialog formatting.
  • The mood bonus for relics in the same room as ritual can be now increased by installing up to 3 relics. Adjusted mood impacts.
  • Ideoligion buildings are now only demanded for the player's faction ideoligion and secondary ideoligions that have 3 colonist members or more.
  • Destroying rocks with weapons now triggers a bad thought for ideoligions where mining is disapproved.
  • Change ritual quality check graphics to look less like togglable ones for better UI clarity.
  • Don't show anima linking command on every nature focus capable pawn anymore, to reduce UI spam. You can still start it via float command or from anima tree directly.
  • Pawns now recover from berserk trance on being downed.
  • Dryad healing pods now heal all negative hediffs including missing body parts. When return to healing pod is toggled on, dryads will return to healing pods if they have any missing parts.
  • Update descriptions of individualist and collectivist memes.
  • We now avoid using sun blocker as a threat if any colonist or prisoner has an ideo with darkness/tunneler, since it's kind of meaningless to them.
  • Add note about work to deconstruct to 'work to build' stat description.
  • Adjust some thought descriptions so that they still make sense for blind people.
  • Removed culture restrictions when choosing ideoligion
  • Changed extract tree hotkey to be the same as uninstalling.
  • Smoothed out tree cutting anger thought from the tree connection meme by adding more steps in between the stages.


  • Dryad spawn days reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Reduce intensity of 'ate meat' opinion maluses for vegetarians.
  • Reduced dryad transform delay from 6 days to 5 days.
  • Adjust mood impact of relic-in-ritual-room thought.


  • Change IsPsychicallySensitive from >= to >.
  • Turn psychic sensitivity checks into a property.
  • Reworked chemical satisfaction in CompGiveHediffSeverity to be based on satisfaction per second.
  • Use IsFormingCaravan extension method instead of explicitly looking at pawn's lord job
  • Add missing gender constants for deity, foeLeader and founder.


  • Fix: Doctors tending to patients in bed use the medicine in their inventory even if it is worse than available medicine.
  • Fix: If multiple types of medicine are in a doctor's inventory, they will select the medicine with the lowest medical potency.
  • Fix: Colonists receive the 'colonist lost' thought when a slave is kidnapped.
  • Fix: Tree lovers don't care about harvesting / chopping down cocoa trees.
  • Fix: If a slave rebels while carrying a person, they can kidnap the carried pawn with no feedback to player.
  • Fix: Psychically deaf pawns get anima linking alert and can start the ceremony.
  • Fix: Worshipped terminal quest is failed if you deconstruct the terminal after hacking it.
  • Fix: Ancient beds not showing sleeping pawn body.
  • Fix: Wild person can be used in gladiator duels, causes manhunter revenge. Wild man prisoners are no longer allowed to be used as duelists.
  • Fix: There are some duplicate ideoligion icons.
  • Fix: Animal pen marker animal consumption assumes animals are always hungry, halving reported consumption.
  • Fix regression: Bestower doesn't care about roof collapsing on top of him.
  • Fix: Duelists can pick up weapons during the duel even if they have no manipulation capacity.
  • Fix: Skeletons don't draw apparel.
  • Fix: If bestower enters a social fight the bestowing ceremony does not recover gracefully.
  • Fix: It is possible to sell animals while forming a caravan.
  • Fix: Players can bring more than 1 relic to new archonexus settlement if its an equipped weapon
  • Fix: Mech breach raids can completely break down sometimes and just stop doing anything.
  • Fix: Players can take items from passing trade ship inventory to next archonexus settlement
  • Fix: Dryads with replaced parts don't have the "missing" part added back.
  • Fix: Beggars quest sending 'charity fulfilled' history event even when quest failed.
  • Fix: Scarification ritual now accepts prisoner targets again and doesn't break when target is a prisoner.
  • Fix: You can start conversion ritual with a moral guide that can't speak.
  • Fix: Human pawns in mental states sometimes bring up a disabled float menu option for roping.
  • Fix: Cannibal ideo pawns do not prefer human leather apparel.
  • Fix: Non-colonist can be chosen as scarification target.
  • Fix: Wild dryads can wander in, only to leave right away.


New stuff[edit]

  • Added tree replanting. You can extract a tree and move it around as an item. You can then replant it where you like. It'll die after 7 days if not replanted. Anyone can use this, but it should be especially useful for colonies who believe it's immoral to kill trees since now they can move trees out of the way of building sites.
  • Added a command for dryads that tells them to return to a healing pod. They will stay inside for three days, and emerge with their wounds healed.
  • Player can now do drafted tending (with and without medicine) on downed hostile or neutral pawns.
  • There is now a warning while setting up a caravan if most of your food does not suit one of your caravaneers diet.


  • Classic ideo preset can now generate relics.
  • Quest lodgers and pawns of non-player ideos are no longer upset if their ideo building is not present.
  • Persona weapons are no longer included in "allow biocoded" thing filters.
  • Upon new archonexus settlement, player now retains research up to classic start.
  • We now reset incident grace periods when starting a new archonexus settlement to make for a smoother start.
  • Colonists now get initial optimism thought after resettling in archonexus quest line
  • Ensure clicking on social tab ideoligion opens ideoligion tab to correct ideoligion
  • We no longer randomize classic ideo styles. Just use whatever is in the culture.
  • Dryads now rest near their connected tree, not in beds or sleeping spots.
  • Clicking on ideoligion certainty in social card now opens ideoligion tab
  • Renounce title confirmation dialog explains that the pawn will lose all faction permits and permit points. Mention that psylinks and psycasts will stay with the pawn.
  • Give starting survival meals some veggie ingredients for non-carnivore colonies instead of having no ingredients at all.
  • We now reset prevent various events from happening too early after new archonexus settlement.
  • Removed redundant message regarding manhunter chance on tame for insects. Warn player than insects will be hostile during taming attempts.
  • Add a "drag to reorder" label on colonist creation screen for clarity.
  • Colorize the Tree Connection ritual icon to match the Gauranlen color.


  • PawnRenderer weapon drawing now supports Graphic_Random.
  • Limit awaking on clamor to ancient complex insects and mechs.


  • Fix: Classic ideo preset can have tattoos for tribal player.
  • Fix: Minified trees left behind on caravans do not count as died.
  • Fix: Caravan auto-supply ignores negative thoughts from food when calculating the score.
  • Fix: Dryads listed on bed assign dialog.
  • Fix: Enabling disabled core mod after enabling a dlc orders the core mod to be loaded before the DLC.
  • Fix: When enabling mods, they are just added to the list, not taking forceLoadXXX into account
  • Fix: Stacks of Gauranlen seeds can only designate a single planting cell.
  • Fix: Techprints retained on archonexus resettlement.
  • Fix: Bloody dominators description typo
  • Fix: Pruning hours per day readout doesn't take into account nearby player buildings.
  • Fix: Ancient complex insects that heard a clamor are not fully awoken.
  • Fix: Hunters finishing off their prey counts as slaughtering an animal.
  • Fix: You can bypass ability cooldown by using queue cast after casting it the first time.
  • Fix: Gauranlen spawn cycle not correct after new archonexus settlement
  • Fix: Savage Tribe shows what it will buy.
  • Fix: Item style overrides information is not shown on ideo preset screen.
  • Fix: Nutrient paste does not produce ate meat or ate non meat thoughts.
  • Fix: Animal products are considered when generating ate meat or ate non-meat history events and thoughts.
  • Fix: Blood from animal sacrifice automatically cleans itself before ritual even completes.
  • Fix: Players can load a caravan and bring disallowed items to new archonexus settlement.
  • Fix: Relic destroyed notification sent when player starts new archonexus settlement if they can't bring it.
  • Fix: Positive goodwill reward given when labourers miss shuttle
  • Fix: Mentally broken pawn appears as participant for anima linking ritual.
  • Fix: Tribal members do not become hostile when arrested in terminal hack quest.
  • Fix: Passive cave insects block bestowing ceremony.
  • Fix: Badly formatted relic name in relic hunt quest description.



  • Increased plant harvest yield stats' max values. (Note: that this needs more integration than just a update to the Plant Harvest Yield page, as it has rammifications to other aspects of the game and wiki inc. guides, strategies, and analyses. - Harakoni (talk))


  • Fix: Pawns who prefer indoors do outdoor joy activities
  • Fix: Dryads can bond with pawns other than the connected one.
  • Fix: Deserter quest doesn't count as raiding.
  • Fix: Rusted car only appears in north orientation.
  • Fix: Bestowing ceremony lands in shuttle without the bestower exiting, making all the escort pawns just leave the map
  • Fix: Dryad and Gaumaker pods can spawn over graves.



  • Clarified spacedrone self-destruct delay info in quest description.
  • Archonexus quest now warns players beforehand that research will reset
  • Tuned down apostate memory thoughts and adjusted labels.
  • Rebalance tree connector thoughts.


  • Fix: In desert areas, Gaumaker dryads never form a gaumaker pod.
  • Fix: TreeDensityReduced thought stages are incorrectly calculated.
  • Fix: Prisoners lost during farskip.
  • Fix: Tree connection meme doesn't require Gauranlen connection: Strong.
  • Fix: Gauranlen moss can spawn over anima grass and Gauranlen pods.
  • Fix: High life meme ideos generate with a warning about conflicting apparel.


  • Allowed saving all ideos and allowed saving ideos in-game.
  • Allow non-ideo members to participate in leader speech.
  • Change animal products and processed food to not generate negative thoughts related to meat-eating precepts. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can now eat these without being bothered.
  • Beggars can now be given items when they are traveling to their wait destination.
  • Ideo UI Role apparel requirements float menu now lists the incompatibility reason.
  • Dryads of not the correct caste will return to the tree first when connection strength drops enough to be unable to support the current number of dryads.


  • Fix: ProblemCauser quest can fire with mech cluster even if mechanoids disabled.
  • Fix: Diversity of thought calculates the percentage of pawns with another ideo by dividing against all spawned pawns of the faction including animals, slaves and prisoners.
  • Fix: Lovers/Spouses sharing a bed in barracks get "sleeping alone" thought.
  • Fix: Initial player ideo can be set multiple times on different ideos if the user revisits the configure ideo page before starting a game.
  • Fix: Pawns under 18 can use age reversal.
  • Fix: Starting leader speech from a ritual focus bypasses some checks, like being able to speak.
  • Fix: Farskip with Relic gives debuff from losing the relic.
  • Fix: Hermetic crate missing opening completed sound. Applied the same sound as security crate.
  • Fix 5234: Pawns can build turrets when prohibited by precepts.
  • Fix: Bestower pawns can engage in social fighting, breaking the ceremony.


  • Having 1 or 2 colonists of a player's original ideoligion boosts conversion chance for that ideoligion and reduces it for conversions against that ideoligion. This is configurable in difficulty settings. This makes it easier to expand an ideoligion starting from just one person.
  • When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.
  • Auto-slaughter config allows you to control bonded animal slaughter specifically.
  • Suspend dryads currently in cocoons.
  • Fix: Women constantly using the styling station to get a beard that they are not allowed to have.
  • Fix: Dryads prioritize rest over drafted follow.
  • Fix: Royal titles wanting personal bedrooms don't like love clusters. Bed room owners are now calculated by love cluster rather than pawn relationship pair.
  • Fix: Checking all beds instead of just humanlike ones for room owner.
  • Fix: Members of a love cluster that have a single bed get "slept alone" thoughts.



  • Blind people no longet get the darkness mood debuff.
  • Reduced min colony wealth to 150k for firing archonexus endgame quest.
  • Make arrested pawn a prisoner as soon as we start carrying them to bed instead of waiting to arrive.
  • Allow starting the bestowing ceremony via right click.
  • Pregnant animals are slaughtered after other animals in order from most recent to least recent pregnancy.
  • Building damage factors are drawn for projectile weapons in their info card.
  • Metallic fence and walls now use stuff-specific ui and blueprint graphics.
  • Mechanoid breach raids spawn with one breacher.
  • Breach raids never have 'drop-in' arrival mode.
  • Prisoners now produce a mood malus if they escape.
  • Shuttle and spacedrone can now overlap zones and adjusted other impassable buildings so they cannot overlap zones.


  • Fix: After a gladiator duel, the downed prisoner will be carried back to their bed but they won't actually be put in the bed, they will remain downed on top of the bed instead
  • Fix: Pawns can end up with overlapping apparel requirements.
  • Fix: Desired apparel was generated as apparel requirement but not available when manually selecting it
  • Fix: If you design an ideoligion which has two words in its pawn "noun" you will not be able to bring people to trial.
  • Fix: Pawns walking over structures causes construction to halt.
  • Fix: Trees adjacent to no-cut growing zones are cut down.
  • Fix: Stacking building damage factors don't display if they have the same value.
  • Fix: Typo on anima tree linking ritual.
  • Fixes to anima tree linking feedback for spectator role.


Pens and animals[edit]

  • Pen system: Create pens for your farm animals to keep them organized and safe.
  • Pen marker: Build a pen by placing a pen marker in an enclosed room or fenced off area. Once placed, you can assign a certain set of animals to the pen and handlers will bring the correct animals over. Pen markers have an “auto cut” option which will periodically designate inedible plants in the pen to be cut.
  • Build fences to enclose pens and prevent your animals from escaping. Animals that are assigned to pens cannot pass through fences or barricades.
  • Handlers will use ropes to lead animals from one location to another, or out of a pen.
  • Some animals will now roam if they are not contained within a pen.
  • Animals that are assigned to a pen are non-aggressive to raiders and vice-versa.
  • animal filth has been reworked
  • Added auto slaughter system. The player can select species of animals to keep and the rest will be automatically slaughtered.
  • Added animal sterilization. Colony animals can be sterilized to prevent them from breeding.
  • Tame animals can now be released to the wild.


  • Added facial hair for pawns. The style of hair is based on the pawn’s background.
  • Added visual wound and prosthetic overlays on pawns.
  • When multiple pawns are drafted and selected, the player can space them out by dragging the right mouse button.

Improvements and adjustments: Base game[edit]


  • All goodwill changes are now multiplied by 1.25x when moving towards natural goodwill.
  • Goodwill with factions gradually shifts towards the faction’s natural goodwill.
  • Goodwill with factions is influenced by recent events. These goodwill factors will decay over time.
  • Guest status with a faction is reset upon gifting a pawn to that faction.

Animals and plants[edit]

  • Raiders no longer actively attack passive colony animals.
  • Animals tab life stage tooltip now also shows the animal's exact age.
  • Wild plants spawned during gameplay start at 15% growth instead of 5%.
  • Plants newly sown by players start at 0.01% growth.
  • Improved "Non-ideal temperature" plant inspect string and prevented it from saying "Not growing" if it is in fact growing very slowly.
  • Animals are unwilling to eat plants under 10% growth.
  • Herbivores rebalance:
    • Hunger rate reduced by 50%.
    • Adult age is reduced by 33%.
    • Gestation days reduced by 33%. (This does not include unfertilized egg layers.)
    • Reduced toxic fallout buildup by 50%.
  • Animal filth rate is no longer a virtual stat calculated from body size and petness. Animal filth rate is now a stat defined on animals and humanlikes: FilthMultiplier.
  • Increased meat yields by 30%.
  • Damaged corpses give 33% less meat and leather amounts.
  • Animals can be assigned to animal beds. These beds can be designated as medical.
  • Releasing a bonded animal has a negative effect on mood, similar to slaughtering.
  • Added a new category to pawn stats: Animal productivity. This category contains information pertaining to animal goods.
  • Traders that sell animals try to generate with at least one pair of core farming animals.

Combat, weapons, gear[edit]

  • Grenade users are more aware of grenades they’ve thrown and do not run forward into them.
  • When a pawn is drafted while eating from inventory they will return the food to their inventory.
  • Pawns can take medicine into their inventory.
  • Drafted pawns can tend to others in the field. They will use medicine if they are carrying any.
  • Reduced building killed leavings from 50% to 25%. Reduce deconstruct leavings from 75% to 50%. This doesn't affect various special buildings like mech cluster condition causers.


  • Drafted pawns can be ordered to repair buildings. This is separate from the "prioritize" order.
  • On the health tab, hovering over a specific hediff (or group of similar hediffs) provides two tooltips. One for the body part and one for the hediff.
  • Hediff tooltips of grouped hediffs are now separated from each other.
  • Hediff stages can now override hediff labels.
  • Hediff tooltips of grouped hediffs are now separated from each other.
  • Pawn growth is proportional to body resource growth speed. For example, underfed pawns grow more slowly.
  • Rooms are no longer considered barracks if all of the pawns living in the room are in the same “love cluster”, meaning they share a spouse or lover with another pawn in the bedroom.
  • Pawn passion generation now applies a random (gaussian) offset to how many passions are generated. The number of passion types for every pawn is totally randomized, and then these passions are applied to the pawn’s existing highest skills. Older pawns no longer have far more passions than young pawns.
  • Changed the "Want to sleep with x" thought to "Sleeping alone". Sharing a bed with any lover or spouse will prevent this thought.
  • Pawns now try a lot harder to avoid wearing tattered apparel.
  • On a pawn’s gear tab, equipped utility items (shock lance, jump pack, etc.) are listed under “other equipment”.
  • Assigning pawns to beds updates the room role, if possible.
  • Drafted pawns can be ordered to carry another downed pawn. The pawn can be dropped on command.
  • Guests with "AllWork" disabled will no longer opportunistically haul.
  • Recruit difficulty and resistance refactor. Removed concept of “resistance chance” for recruitment attempts. Added initial resistance range to pawnKindDef.
  • Pawns with the “Cannibal’ trait no longer dislike killing prisoners or harvesting their organs. They also get a mood buff from wearing human leather apparel, and an opinion boost from other cannibals while wearing human leather apparel.
  • Non-cannibals dislike those that wear human leather apparel.
  • When a colonist with Bloodlust harvests an organ, they receive a “Bloodlust organ harvest +4” mood boost lasting 4 days.
  • Pawns in an aggro mental state no longer just start panic fleeing when their group is dying off in combat.
  • Smoothed out addiction chances based on the pawn’s tolerance.


  • Optimized caravan automatic food selection.
  • Caravan speed: Caravan speed solely depends on carried mass, ridden animals, and terrain movement difficulty. Pawn speed no longer impacts caravan speed. Some animals (horses, donkeys, dromedaries) can be ridden by caravan members which boosts caravan speed. Downed pawns do not slow caravans down, but you still need at least one non-downed non-slave to operate the caravan.


  • Refactored incident selection. The system first selects whether or not to increase colony population, then finds an incident matching the selection.
  • Quests on the historical tab now have a tint to indicate if they were completed, expired, or failed.
  • Room fog reveal occurs when a door is approximately 50% open, rather than when a door is approached.
  • Improved feedback on the work table. The tooltip explains why a pawn is unwilling to do a specific type of work.
  • Added text to describe the resulting links when placing linkable buildings (such as beds, dressers, end-tables).
  • Buildings that are not standable and do not have a surface type have items and pawns moved off their blueprints before construction.
  • Build designators no longer default to def-defined default if there is none of that type of resource on the map.
  • Prevented important ingredient dilution when stacking/merging meals. Stacking is prohibited between meals with and without human meat.
  • Saving is temporarily disabled while selecting a world tile at the beginning of the game.
  • Added debug setting: Never force normal speed.
  • Added a Thing category for wool.
  • maintenanceCostFactor has a minimum of 1%.
  • Balanced distant fight points adjustment and pawn combat points.

Improvements and adjustments: Royalty[edit]

  • The bestowing ceremony is now a gathering that everyone can attend.
  • Pawns lent to another faction have their wounds tended more competently.


  • Fix: Wimpy noble quest sometimes spawns with 2 manhunting animals.
  • Fix: Food binging pawns try to eat recreational drugs.
  • Fix: Caravan auto-food selector chooses psychoid leaves as plant matter for animals.
  • Fix: Trade Caravans will approach the colony Anima tree and shrines as a gathering point for trade, rather than the colony itself if they enter the colony map closer to anima tree.
  • Fix: Monument quests aren’t failed after the map is removed.
  • Fix: Calling a shuttle is blocked when an item blocks its interaction spot.
  • Fix: Setting prisoners’ food restriction to "Nothing" will make colonists feed them ambrosia and beer.
  • Fix: Using the “change material” button on weapon info cards does not update stat readout.
  • Fix: In peaceful mode, refugee quests can have the refugees betray and attack you.
  • Fix: Brawler guards can still arrive with ranged weapons.
  • Fix: If a pawn has no weapon, the hotkey for a melee attack is H. When the pawn is given a melee weapon, the hotkey changes to B.
  • Fix: During food binges, sometimes pawns will use recreational drugs.
  • Fix: Forbidden items loaded onto the shuttle are automatically unforbidden on unload.
  • Fix: Psychoid leaves, ambrosia, smokeleaf leaves and raw hops can be selected as food for caravans.
  • Fix: Stun psycast does not interrupt minigun salvo.
  • Fix: Typos in backstories.
  • Fix: Requested aid would not join in fights (or it would take a long time for them to join) if there were no awake hostiles when the aid spawned.
  • Fix: Animals that are assigned to follow during field work wait until the end of their current job to do so.
  • Fix: Hospitality refugee quest can fail if the player attempts to arrest a refugee in an aggro mental state.
  • Fix: Trade caravans will approach the colony anima tree and shrines as a gathering point for trade, rather than the colony proper if they enter the colony map closer to an anima tree.
  • Fix: Anima trees can display negative meditation values.
  • Fix: Bestowing quest doesn’t give the correct information if the pawn doesn’t have an assigned throne.
  • Fix: Word of Joy counts as a hostile act.
  • Fix: Pawn having a mental break on entering a hostile map is drafted.
  • Fix: Some monument buildings have enclosed floored areas.
  • Fix: Changing temperature display mode (C to F) doesn’t update temperature readout immediately.
  • Fix: Lent pawns tended to horribly by the host faction.
  • Fix: Anima trees can display negative meditation values.
  • Fix: Too much honor for Yeoman ceremony : ceremony failed - impossible to gain the yeoman psylevel.
  • Fix: Bestower can social fight and die while waiting for ceremony. Don't make the bestower faction hostile if he was guilty.
  • Fix: Pawn having a mental break on caravan is drafted upon entering a map.
  • Fix: Bleed rate total does not accurately represent bleed rates on pawns with health scales other than 1.
  • Fix: No feedback on anima tree right click if pawn cannot use natural focus or already is max level.
  • Fix: Rescue shuttle lands on crashed shuttle and wipes it.

Update 1.2.2753[edit]


Not as major as the main ones, but there are important some changes. Have started implementing some. Need help to do them all though Harakoni (talk) 07:13, 12 September 2020 (UTC)

  • When forming a caravan, animals now instantly go to the caravan packing spot instead of waiting for a colonist to take them. This speeds up the caravan formation process significantly. DONE. Jimyoda (talk) 18:54, 2 April 2021 (UTC)
  • You can now place blueprints separately for different types of buildings in a monument, so you can make them of different materials.
  • If you have a menu with a very large number of commands, as in a powerful psycaster, some of them will be displayed smaller.
  • Use drug commands are now condensed onto a single command if a pawn carries more than one drug type.
  • Allow right clicking on the shuttle with multiple pawns selected to load all allowed ones.
  • We now automatically add appropriate bedrolls to caravan.
  • Added a warning confirmation for calling for resources that would cause the caravan to be immobile.
  • Allow quick loading via permit shuttle from non-home maps with no hostiles.


  • Changed psychic droner to start off with medium bad strength as baseline and when spawned on sites its determined by points now, same as the 'raw' gamecondition.
  • Make pawns count as guilty while in aggro mental state.
  • Food and medicine renamed to travel supplies
  • Apparel with utility now has a score offset to make AI more likely to automatically wear it.
  • Farskip now affects colony animals if not on the home map.
  • Colonists and pack animals unload inventory automatically once farskipped to a player home map.
  • Added quest look target when bestowing ceremony cannot be accepted due to threat.
  • Ensure auto-selected travel supplies doesn't exceed caravan mass capacity.
  • Removed full-map light up effect of all strikes except orbital beam.
  • Icons of spacer armor now display as off-white instead of dark gray.
  • Don't autoselect beer, ambrosia, flowers or insect jelly in the form caravan dialog. Detail not needed. Jimyoda (talk) 19:14, 2 April 2021 (UTC)
  • Member stripped goodwill penalty increased from 10 to 40.
  • Improve meditation and medical rest priorities to allow meditation for pawns with healing injuries if they're on meditation schedule.


  • Fix: Colonist with a sick thought won't meditate at all.
  • Fix: Becoming neutral/allied with imperials after taking the deserter quest then entering their site allows you to take the neuroformers without a fight.
  • Fix: Auto mortars are always active.
  • Fix: Colonist pods returning from a 'pawn lend' quest can roof punch.
  • Fix: Psylink neuroformers that are in a storage area do not appear on a resource readout.
  • Fix: Rescuing downed noble ends shuttle rescue quest.
  • Fix: Its possible to arrest non-violent/downed pawns and not have their faction notified of member captured.
  • Fix: Gloomlight would prevent a Sun lamp from producing "brightly lit" cells within the radius of the Gloomlight. Due to: the glowColor of the Gloomlight not having an explicit alpha of zero. We now correctly ignore the alpha from the xml.
  • Fix: Meditation preventing pawn from attending a gathering or giving speech.
  • Fix: Condition causer can be spawned ontop of power conduits (wiping them).
  • Fix: Finding throne room spot for bestowing ceremony does not work if throne is blocked in front and back.
  • Fix: If the "Insect spawning rate" custom difficulty setting was set to zero, it caused insect/mech hives to spawn every tick once they reached their next spawn time.
  • Fix: Bestowing ceremony escorte can be used as a fighting force. There will now be negative effects if they are killed.
  • Fix: Bestower goes to wrong room for ceremony (added fallbacks when no spot in thronerome can be found).
  • Fix: Animals refusing to eat reachable food when restricted to an area.
  • Fix: Can't rescue invisible colonists.
  • Fix: Sick pawns falling out of bed because of trying to do meditation for joy

1.2.2719 and 1.1.2654 Update[edit]

1.2.2719 and 1.1.2654 Update

As always. This time around, no need to strikeout completed items- just delete them right away. PigeonGuru ( talk | contribs | assist ) 04:51, 20 August 2020 (UTC)

The 1.2 release of RimWorld adds a variety of new content and a few new systems.

There are a few major parts to this update.

New stuff: Base game[edit]

  • Raid loot generation: Previously raids would just drop whatever rewards were associated with the characters in that raid. Now, each raid generates a single core reward like a stack of drugs, medicine, jade, or plasteel. The reward is chosen semi-randomly according to the raider faction, and placed in the inventory of a few of the raiders. This allows us and users to accurately tune raid rewards, and solves issues where higher difficulties got bigger rewards.
  • Automatic caravan setup: The caravan setup screen now automatically loads enough food and medicine for the journey. This can be overridden if desired. This interface was also restructured to ask for the route first, and to clean up placement of some UI elements. Overall, caravan forming takes less effort and fewer clicks.
  • New system for handling time limits on caravan encounter maps. Previously on encounter maps, the player caravan was just automatically reformed after a certain amount of time. Now, the colonists will be detected by enemies after some time. Later, enemy reinforcements will begin arriving to attack. The player can choose when to leave, and this scenario can play out even on maps where other enemies remain (e.g. If player is executing a siege).
  • Direct button to use drugs from inventory: This makes combat drugs more usable.

New stuff: Royalty expansion[edit]

  • Bandits set up problem causer incident: This is a new way hostiles can threaten you besides raiding you. Now, sometimes they will set up a camp near your colony from which they will harass you using some kind of problem causer device, like a weather controller or smoke spewer. You have to attack the camp and eliminate it.
  • Abasia disease incident: This random incident makes someone in the colony get paralytic abasia, which paralyzes them for a while.
  • Blood rot disease incident: This random incident makes someone in the colony get blood rot, which requires regular medical treatment for a while.
  • Abasia joiner incident: In this random incident, someone joins you, but they have paralytic abasia, so they must recover from that before they can work. It's your choice whether you want to heal them and let them join, or handle them another way.

Improvements and adjustments[edit]

  • Underground resources readout now shows what resource is in each underground cell and how many there are.
  • Monument placing feedback is improved. When you try to place a monument, now the specific reason it can't be placed is highlighted on the map and noted in a message.
  • Map generator doesn't generate little inaccessible islands any more (since they break various aspects of gameplay).
  • On the research tab, we now draw icons for techprint faction and research bench requirements (the latter as hyperlinks).
  • Quest helpers no longer spawn with the greedy trait.
  • Sort transporter contents list so humans are unloaded first, followed by animals, then by items.
  • Pawns of the same home faction (i.e. quest lodgers) will no longer arrest each other.


  • Added temporary factions system. These are used in the refugee quest, but can be used in other places as well.


  • Fix: Anima tree doesn't heal properly.
  • Fix: Joy meditation can cause pawns to fall out of bed.
  • Fix: Condition causer destroyed message sent whenever it was despawned instead of just when it was actually destroyed.
  • Fix: Haircuts don't display their partly-transparent sections. This mostly made the shaved haircut invisible.
  • Fix: Many neural heat gizmos shown if many psycasters are selected.
  • Fix: Pawns interrupting their throne meditation for other jobs.
  • Fix: LOS calcs for purpose of royal aid don't match LOS for guns.
  • Fix: Pawn can get random inspiration while not capable of being conscious.
  • Fix: Peace talks can generate for factions with goodwill rewards disabled.
  • Fix: Thoughts about not being master of a bonded animal appear even if pawn is too low-skilled to be master of their bonded animal.
  • Fix: Banishing quest lodgers causes "banished" thoughts.
  • Fix: Manhunter animal quest and incedent don't cap out at 100 animals.
  • Fix: Psylink counts as an artificial part for a transhumanist.
  • Fix: Pawns not gaining comfort from throne while meditating.
  • Fix: While paused, musical instruments constantly loop, this also occurs while in the trade menu.
  • Fix: Pawn in cryptosleep requires bedroom.
  • Fix: Some raid pawn kind defs allow Brawler trait while having ranged weapons.
  • Fix: It's possible to use doors as electricity-less coolers.
  • Fix: Just claimed artificial structures don't affect nature focus objects.
  • Fix: Pawns meditate in bed without being sick. They should go for a better meditation spot.
  • Fix: Mechanoids not waking up if you skip them.
  • Fix: Non-royal colonists will not wear royal apparel even if outfit requires it.
  • Fix: Wild men who are incapable of violence can hunt animals for food.
  • Fix: Shuttles sometimes land on natural roofs.
  • Fix: Some enemies spawn with smoke launchers who shouldn't.


  • Reworked how destroyed buildings generate slag so small buildings don't generate giant slag blooms; they'll leave steel behind instead.
  • Implemented toggle for anima trees that toggles whether building ghosts are showing connections to meditation foci or not.


  • Increase rewards per points for quests game-wide.
  • Reduce the threat points for fights generated off the home map, and increase bandit camp quest rewards.
  • Double the rate of nuzzling by animals to buff mood-oriented pets. Already done. Ickputzdirwech (talk) 08:13, 22 September 2021 (UTC)
  • Extend the thought for when you buried someone in a sarcophagus.
  • Reduce monument sizes about 15%.
  • Increase toxic fallout earliestDay from 20 to 60. Reduce base chance from 0.14 to 0.12. Increase volcanic winter earliest day from 30 to 60.
  • Reduce chance for diseases in caravans by 4x.
  • Min market value for neuroformer quest rewards reduced from 720 to 600.
  • Reduced the selection weight of hostile factions as quest askers to 15%.
  • Disabled paralysis in hospitality quests.


  • Fix: Lodgers with blood rot and abasia spawn with equipment that immediately gets dropped.

1.1 Update[edit]

Here we go again. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:24, 17 February 2020 (UTC)

New features[edit]

  • Added heatstroke alert for colonists and tame animals.
  • Added fertility overlay, which shows terrain fertility in an easy-to-see way.
  • Added terrain affordance overlay, which shows where you can build what in an easy-to-see way.
  • Added an option to choose which kinds of letters pause the game.
  • Added recipes to burn entire stacks of drugs at once.
  • Added a letter to the player when a colonist is kidnapped, noting that there will be chances to get them back.


  • Prisoner tab now shows slave price, recruitment chance, potential faction relation gain upon release, and information about the last recruiter and their impacting.
  • Added ‘pawn lost’ thought that happens when a pawn is kidnapped or abandoned by their caravan.
  • Added scar pain feedback and reworked how scar pain works. Scars are now assigned an easy-to-understand pain category instead of an obscure number.
  • Trade interface now shows the next restock time for settlements.
  • Open caskets now look different from closed ones.
  • Colonists attending a party gain recreation value.
  • Player can now inspect the contents of cryptosleep caskets on a new tab.
  • Changed sites to stop and reset forced exit timer when enemies start a battle (for awakening mechanoids and hidden ambushes).
  • Rebalanced mechanoid bodypart coverages
  • Tattered apparel and unhappy nudity alerts now shows how many are affected.
  • Smelting, burning and destruction review. Can destroy apparels now same as with weapons. Neolithic ranged weapons can now be burnt.
  • Placing turrets now shows min and max range, not just max range.


  • Fix: Explosions from missed projectiles landing in wall cells could hit things on the other side of the wall.
  • Fix: Manhunting animals could attack doors without seeing anyone going through them.
  • Fix: Corpses wouldn’t create corpse bile.
  • Fix: Colonists could play horseshoes from a different room.
  • Fix: Can’t give a rescued addict their drug without angering their faction.
  • Fix: Prisoner gets mood debuff when colonist euthanized.
  • Fix: No mood penalty for giving bonded animal as a gift if sent by transport pod.
  • Fix: Pawns with one-arm and alcohol withdrawal are unable to manipulate anything at all.
  • Fix: Pawn with alcohol-induced brain damage are doomed to die.
  • Fix: Uninstalling a trap does not properly roll the chance to trigger the trap.
  • Fix: Crashed ship parts that land on bridges are instantly destroyed
  • Fix: If your only colony is on an island, the endgame quest to journey to the ship never occurs.
  • Fix: Insects can be tamed and hunted after their hives are destroyed.
  • Fix: Power conduit graphic does not display properly on top of grave.
  • Fix: Manhunter pack incident not working on high wealth or difficulty.
  • Fix: Military commissar backstory missing Social bonus.
  • Fix: Allies can sometimes push player pawns out of cover during combat.
  • Fix: Player can start with pets his pawns can’t keep tame.

Beta 19/1.0 Update[edit]

Like before, a list of changes that need to be added. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 14:36, 28 August 2018 (UTC)

New features[edit]

  • Improved caravaning:
    • Added Caravan tab with caravan loading progress
    • Redesigned "Form caravan" window: stats like carried mass, caravan speed, days worth of food, and visibility are now explained better
    • Added "Remove from caravan" command: remove people or animals from the caravan even if it hasn't left the map yet
    • Added "Load into caravan" right-click option: designate extra items to be picked up by the caravan before leaving
  • New designators: Mass-forbid and unforbid
  • New type of attack: Kick sand/water in eyes
  • You can now smooth natural rough rock walls into high-quality walls
  • Added "Show what will buy" window which shows all items a trader will buy
  • Added toggleable auto-rebuild functionality: automatically place blueprints whenever a building is destroyed
  • Checkboxes are now "paintable": you can mass-select all checkboxes by clicking and dragging the mouse over them
  • Colonists now opportunistically haul things while working if their current target is roughly in the same direction
  • It's now possible to mass-cancel all designations with a designator's right-click menu
  • It's now possible to forbid/unforbid all items and rearm all traps with a designator's right-click menu
  • You can now drag and reorder colonists in the colonist bar
  • Social interaction log now has flavorful randomized text instead of the same repeated interaction text every time.


  • Doctors can draw medicine from the same stack at the same time
  • Downed colonists in hostile maps are now automatically kidnapped by the enemy (if there are no more healthy colonists nearby)
  • Insects will no longer attack the colony when harmed by raiders
  • Hives will no longer spawn close to enemy bases
  • Item deterioration rate now takes into account several factors, including being outdoors, being unroofed, and being in water
  • No more random deaths from meteorites falling on colonists
  • Caravan members now slowly gain social recreation when the caravan is not moving
  • It's no longer possible to build roof over trees
  • Plant cut/harvest time now depends on the plant's growth
  • Adjusted doctors and patients work priorities a bit so they do urgent work first
  • Most crafting benches are now uninstallable and reinstallable
  • Colonists will now take pemmican to inventory (like meals)
  • Ores mined by non-colonists (e.g. insects) now spawn forbidden
  • Animals' melee damage now scales with life stage
  • Wearing new apparel now takes time. Colonists now take off the colliding apparel first (which takes time) before wearing the new one
  • Pets and bonded animals no longer disturb sleep
  • When reforming a caravan, we now list colonists' inventory separately so the player can choose what to take and what to leave
  • Enemies no longer use single use rocket launchers during caravan ambushes
  • Various floors now require research.
  • Projectile impacts now wake up nearby people and animals
  • Explosive weapons now explode when set on fire
  • Improved following behavior so animals following their master will now try to stay close to him


  • Reduced threat points for incidents by about 15%. Also reshaped the threat points curve to be easier in the early game, and tougher in the mid-late game.
  • World quest destinations appear 10% closer to the player bases.
  • Table search radius 25 -> 32
  • The “expectations” thoughts progress more rapidly.
  • Doubled initial blight size, increase spread rate by 30%.
  • Wounds are 50% less likely to become permanent scars.
  • Refactored how apparel insulation is calculated to be simpler, and rebalanced all apparel and stuff insulation stats.
  • Removed the impact of item hit points on various stats: Apparel armor rating, apparel insulation, shield belt max energy, melee weapon damage, ranged weapon accuracy.
  • Small adjustments to some biome disease frequencies and animal densities
  • Adjusted balance of learning rates for various skills. Easier: Melee, shooting, social. Harder: Intellectual, growing, mining.
  • Allies will come to help more often during fights, and come with enough force to make a difference - but only if they’re actually allied in the new diplomacy system.
  • Increased base infection chances.


  • Newly-seeded trees and other such plants are now faster to cut down than mature ones. -----The cut/harvest time lerps from 30% of normal just after sowing, up to 100% when the plant is mature.


  • Slowed constructing buildings with all stone types by 20%


  • Adjusted chances of various animals going manhunter on failed taming attempts and on being harmed.
  • Adjusted many animal market values and movement speeds.
  • Animals leather amount increased 50% across the board
  • Animal train chance reduced 25%.
  • Animal train chance wildness factor range: 0.05~2.00 -> 0.50~1.50.

Updates needed before 1.0[edit]


Since the contents of this section are a bit harder to document and not as relevant to the majority of people visiting the wiki, I will put a collapse here for the time being.

  • Modders can now add “def modifiers” which, instead of replacing a whole def, change specific fields of that def. This allows multiple mods to change the same def without wiping each others’ changes (unless they change the same field, of course).
  • Information on how to use def modifiers is in this forum thread: [https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=32735.0]
  • Various enums are now defs so modders can add new ones (TrainableIntelligence , DamageArmorCategory, ImpactSoundType, ReservationLayer, BillRepeatMode, PrisonerInteractionMode, FleshType).
  • GUI tables (like most of the main tabs along the bottom of the screen) are now defined by data, making it easier to add, rearrange, sort, and change columns on the UI.
  • Increasing skill relevance
  • Mining skill reworked: Steeper speed penalty for low skill. Mining yield is now slightly dependent on mining skill.
  • Work tab boxes are easier to identify skill level for visually.