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I give up

A few days ago I emailed Zesty and Tynan about the work on the wiki, and have also written on the forum, so figured I could post something here too. I've worked my ass off the last month or two with a wide range of things. I wanted to move things forward, redesign the frontpage, make new infobodes, convert to Cargo, and much else. Zero reaction to the email and post, which I kinda hoped for tbh. But it is what it is and I just don't have the time for all the work that is required, especially given the problems faced.

It may be best to just abort this whole thing before I sink in even more time. I'm back at work next week, sorting out all these things in the wiki will probably take months (brief overview in the forum wiki thread), and Cargo doesn't behave as it's supposed to. Tables don't update, yesterday several of them suddenly got all rows wiped, and in another one identical rows are getting stored, although there is supposed to be code in the extension itself that prevents that.

Job queue issue is rearing its head again. I copied all the relevant templates and pages to my localhost wiki and tested there. Tables at least get filled out then (and with no stalled jobs in the queue), but there is also the issue with row duplication. In the past null saving a page (edit->save page without any changes) has cleared up that. But it doesn't happen here. Either there will be no change, or another 100% copy or the row will get saved.

I'm frustrated, there is no feedback on the extension pages, and it's probably not a good idea to spend so much time on this. It's interesting in a way, or would be if it worked as it is supposed to, and would greatly benefit the wiki, but I have other priorities that are more important than this, and I should probably just focus on that instead.


Cheers, Pangaea

Hopefully I can still contribute here, but it simply can't be on this level. I don't have the time nor energy for it, and there is a TON of stuff to do. I have to focus more on what is important in my life. If people want to pick up -- or wipe out everything for that matter -- there are a fair few pages in my user space, plus the user Vector.css. Pangaea (talk) 18:42, 8 August 2019 (UTC)

Fix lists of stubs, rewrites and needed images

Can't for the life of me get the lists to actually be up to date, formatted correctly and not truncated. #Ask is fine for short lists and actually seems to give up to date results, but I can't get it to format in ul with the columns because it seems they deprecated columns in exchange for class which I can't do and it truncates after a number of results anyway. Cargo returns results that are apparently a year out of date, at least for the rewrites and I can't figure out how to/don't have permission to force an update. Harakoni (talk) 11:06, 17 August 2020 (UTC)