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"I'm a moderator here, so feel free to post on my talk page if you need assistance."

Ludwig fun Kire (talkcontribs)

I guess with that you mean this box, that im using right now?

my first big question is: is there any ways to talk to other authors about something you want to add, BEFOR you allready add it? im new to this wiki sides and hardy finde any information.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)
I guess with that you mean this box, that im using right now?

Yup here is perfect.

is there any ways to talk to other authors about something you want to add, BEFOR you allready add it

If you want to talk to someone specifically, then you can simply use their talk page just like you've done here. If you want to talk to people generally, you can use the talk page on the page you want to change, put a note for discussion on RimWorld Wiki:To-do or Rimworld Wiki Discord linked on the Main page. One note on talk pages though, you won't be able to make new pages until you have 10 edits and the bot gets around to confirming you, so if the page or user don't have a talk page already, you might not be able to create one. You can either use some other means (tags via linking to their user page will ping them for example) or let me or another editor know and we can create the page for you. 10 edits are pretty easy to get though so it'll only be an issue for a short term.

But I should also point out that generally being bold is fine. If you have an edit you think will improve a page, just feel free to do it. Obviously if you don't have the information you want to add, or you don't have a solution to the issue you want to raise that can be difficult (but consider instead using things like Template: Stub, Template: Rewrite, Template: Check Tag etc and use the Reason fields to add an explanation of whats wrong), but worst that can come from you being bold is just that the edit is reverted or changed. Just make edits in good faith and everyone will try to help and/or work around you.

Since you're already here, is there something I can help you with?

Lastly; welcome to the wiki!

Ludwig fun Kire (talkcontribs)

I'm a bit angry, not at you but for the stard as a member... why is it that i do not get a message after creating an account that hints at "RimWorld Wiki:To-do"? I searched a lot for that Page, also "you won't be able to make new pages until you have 10 edits" is a message that I would really appreciate after account creation.

"If you want to talk to someone specifically, then you can simply use their talk page just like you've done here." thank you

"RimWorld Wiki:To-do or Rimworld Wiki Discord linked on the Main page" thank you

"you won't be able to make new pages until you have 10 edits" thank you

"Since you're already here, is there something I can help you with?" thank you a lot, you allready helped me a lot :)

Zaeryn (talkcontribs)

What's all this template stuff? How is anyone supposed to edit anything if they find something wrong or the game updates and changes something?

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

The templates are to automatically update properties to prevent having to find and then manually update dozens of entries on dozens of pages for each item, often with math that would be prone to mistakes.

Almost all the templates are updated from the main infobox template that's listed first, and most of the relevant variables are listed and should be easily editable.

What are you having trouble with specifically? Depending on the issue, I can see about making it more intuitive, make reforms on the template use (or overuse), provide tutorials, or make the relevant edits myself if you can identify them.

Zaeryn (talkcontribs)

I apologize for the late reply but a problem during a PC reset wiped my hard-drive and I stopped caring about this stuff for a while.

I'm not sure what page to find the Templates on for editing. All I can find are things like this, that explain them or all of these, that don't actually allow the information shown in them to be altered in any way that I know of. I would appreciate if you would link the page that has the actual Templates that can be edited.

Anyways, a lot of the "Hit Chance" percentages on the Body Parts table are wrong. While parts like the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Jaw are ON the Head and thus take hits for it, body parts like the Femur and Tibia are IN the Leg so the Leg has to be hit in order for either bone to be.

I.E. Neck has a 7.5% Coverage but is covered 80% by the Head so Neck is only a 1.5% Hit Chance and the Head 6%; however, the Ears, Eyes, Nose and Jaw cover a combined 53% of the Head so it has a 2.82% Hit Chance but the table lists it as 1.7% for some reason. With 18% internal Coverage, the Skull should have a 0.5076% Hit Chance but is listed as 0.22%, which isn't even 18% of the Head's listed 1.7%.

The Brain is only hit 80% of the time that the Skull is hit, which is only hit if the Head is hit, so the Brain should have a 0.40608% Hit Chance; however, it's listed at 0.86%, which should put the Skull at 1.075% and the Head at 5.972%

A Leg covers 14% of the Torso and a Foot covers 10% of the Leg so it has a 12.6% Hit Chance and each Leg bone(10% Coverage) has a 1.26% Hit Chance; however, the page counts each bone as having 1.4% Hit Chance due to each covering 10% of the Leg, while the Foot covers another 10% of the Leg so it is listed with only a 9.8% Hit Chance.

Similarly, the organs are improperly listed as covering the Torso, giving it only a 15% Hit Chance when it actually has a 40.5%. The organs should be their Coverage multiplied by 40.5%, not 100%. So, the Heart only has a 0.81% Hit Chance, not a 2%.

Deletion of Template:Animals/ProductsRow

Summary by Harakoni

Template to be made generic rather than deleted.

Ickputzdirwech (talkcontribs)

I think formatting the first column of a table as headers is actually quite important sometimes. I would therefore keep Template:Animals/ProductsRow but move it. There is nothing animal specific about that template. Something like "Template:STDT Row" (please come up with a better name) would be better.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Hmm in that case I made all but the first cell optional, because otherwise its annoyingly inflexible. Tagged for move to a generic name, and for proper documentation once the move is complete.

Template:Infobox main/doc has properties

Summary by Ickputzdirwech

I added a namespace check for the properties in question.

Ickputzdirwech (talkcontribs)

Hey :) Template:Infobox main/doc and therefore Template:Infobox main as well have these RDF properties (or whatever you call this) defined. This can mess up #ask functions. I wonder if you could remove the properties from that pages somehow? Thanks!

Ickputzdirwech (talkcontribs)

Just wanted to say thank you for the your kindness!

Also I think I caught all related templates now and marked them as obsolete (makes absolutely sense to not delete them straight away).

Albedo (talkcontribs)

Re: "...In the future please let a mod move the page..." - I made the same mistake - maybe set up diff editing abilities for diff levels of editors? Doesn't have to be overly complex, just a "new editors can't Move pages (etc?)" type thing. Mebbe?Albedo (talk) 15:11, 16 April 2022 (UTC)

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

He didn't actual move the page via the move tool, instead he just created a new one and copy & pasted the content and thereby caused the issue. The only way to stop that would be to prevent users from making new pages which is obviously not an acceptable compromise.

It's not a huge issue as long as I catch it early, and I can't always do that.

Albedo (talkcontribs)

Huh - I'm surprised Wiki software isn't smart enough to distinguish between the two, seems a pretty big diff. Oh well, is what it is. And yeah, I caught that too, just reminded me. <shrug> Albedo (talk) 23:18, 16 April 2022 (UTC)

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Yeah its not ideal. I think the issue is that it would be easy to make it not be an absolute duplicate (e.g. accidentally adding a space, or doing an edit when you do the "move") and then it couldn't tell the difference between an intentionally similar page and an accidental duplicate.

Appreciate you looking out for ways to improve the wiki though.

Move suggestion for Prosthesis (target page deletion needed)

Albedo (talkcontribs)

Hey - 3 weeks ago, I suggested we move Prosthesis (see page for reasoning). I figured 3 weeks was enough (if I'm wrong, my bad) and was going to take care of it (and fix redirects/etc.), but the target, "Prosthetics", already exists (as a Redirect to that page), preventing the move. If you agree w/ the suggested move, could you delete Prosthetics and lemme know pls? (I'll take care of the rest.) (& if we need more time for "discussion", lemme know what SOP is on that, np.) thx Albedo (talk) 16:32, 29 March 2022 (UTC)

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Sorry I must have missed the move request when it was first added. I only occasionally check the categories. As for the move, is it correct to move it to prosthetics? Prosthetics is the word for the medical specialty dealing with prostheses, so using it as the research project name makes it analogous to the "gunsmithing" project (Gunsmithing is the name of the "field" and it makes "guns" like IRL and not "gunsmithings") rather than projects like "jump packs" which is just the name of thing it unlocks. Afaik the name of the group is never given in game either way, so it seems odd to make it the incorrect term when either choice is at our discretion. Redirects can capture any stragglers either way it goes, but thoughts?

Redirecting Prosthesis to Artificial body parts seems likely to get an unexpected result though, so that seems ill-advised regardless of which way the above goes. Someone searching for it specifically will likely want the Prosthesis/Prosthetics group or one of the individual items in it. The whole "principle of least astonishment" thing, as Wikipedia calls it.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Also, as is probably clear I haven't been available much lately, and haven't been able to check in since before you posted this. I will likely only be available sporadically for at least a few more days, but I'll make sure to get to you when I can.

Albedo (talkcontribs)

re "Prosthetics is the word for the medical specialty dealing with prostheses" - exactly - Prosthetics is the in-game term for that Research goal (bottom of tree, below "Mortar"). "Prosthesis" is not anywhere in game, and is a generic term covering anything from peg legs to a nuclear heart. "Bionics" and "Archotech" (and Prosthetics) all equally deal with "prostheses" - and peg legs and wooden feet fall under that heading to boot. A more apt analogy would be if "gunsmithing" weapons (rifle, shotgun, revolver - from that Research goal) were put under an article titled "guns" just because they sound similar, and all other firearms were on their own. In short - the Prosthetics research goal does not have any claim to the term "prosthesis/es" that the others don't (aside from being etymological cousins), much less an over-riding one. Albedo (talk) 19:06, 2 April 2022 (UTC)

SyntaxTerror (talkcontribs)

Hello Harakoni.

Thanks for making changes so I can edit my own user page.

Concerning my talk page, is it possible to make it in "normal" wikicode ? because I sincerely dislike Flow...

Also, are notifications enabled on this wiki? Is there is a template similar to Wikipedia's {{ping}}?

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Wrt to the talk page, not afaik, though its not something I've looked into. There are still some talk pages that still use normal wikicode, but only pages that have existed for a long time. Likely something grandfathered in.

As for notifications, pretty sure that notifications for whenever your user page is linked to are on by default, though they can be toggled on and off according to your preference as well. I'll test it and you can see if you get a notification.

Aazard (talkcontribs)

Please continue to clean up my postings, excellent progress on my end in "terror/supression" testing of slavery, and various in game systems/items

Majority of apparel/armor testing is complete. In middle of full weapon "oddity" testing.

Located an odd mod "Sharp Stick", effectively a sharp wood/beer as melee weapon, but sharp and wood only (so modifiers), but supports "quality levels" (as "normal", 3 modes: 1x as 1 sec cool down, 1.6 sharp/6% AP, 2x are 1 sec cool down 2.7 blunt/4.5% AP)

Do you know of a similar "stock" sharp weapon, that would suit slaves with "Noble: Piercer" ("slave safe" like wood), thank you

How to trigger heart attack with Dev tool

Ripmorld (talkcontribs)

I want to test the effect of installing a bionic heart with heartattacks , but I can't seem to find any way in dev tool to trigger this. Maybe I can force heart attack by force feeding the pawn wake-up, but she might just die of drug overdose instead

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

The only way I know for sure works quickly and reliably would be to give them the hediff via "Apply Hediff", however that will work even if it wouldn't work normally. You could give someone a heart attack in their leg and it would apply. So likely no good for your purpose.

You could try "Force Birthday" (NOT "Make1 Year Older" as that doesn't apply ailments), but you're just rolling the dice on which age related ailments you get so that still requires patience. Still faster than feeding them wake up tho.

Other than that nothing comes to mind. You could investigate the other options like the HediffGiver but idk for sure what they do. Haven't had time or cause to test what every dev tool does.

Ripmorld (talkcontribs)

Thanks, I will see if that works