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Highmates are a xenotype, commercially available for those who aspire being one.


On a few wealthy worlds, highmate xenogerms are commercially available and some people become highmates as a sort of career. However, many societies find them abhorrent, either because they distract people from forming natural families, or because they are humans shaped to serve the pleasures of another. On such worlds they are either reserved as playthings of the powerful, or banned entirely. This particular line of highmate fits the fashions of classical Novaroma, but many other variants exist. - Tynan


Because Highmates always sport irregular skin color and their distinguishable snow-white hair, Highmates tend to stick out more in large groups. Highmates have a genetic complexity of 16 and a metabolic efficiency of 0, giving them the default x100% hunger rate.

Although Highmates lack much use in a colony (outside of their great social skill), their inherent beauty makes them more likely to find a partner. Combined with a high libido, Highmates can provide an opportunity for your colony to reproduce when you lack the technologies necessary for artificial reproduction.


All highmates have the following genes:


  • Psy-sensitive
  • Psychic Bonding
  • Sanguine
  • Heat Weakness
  • Violence Disabled
  • Kind Instinct
  • Delicate
  • High Libido


  • Beautiful
  • Blue, Purple, or Sheer-White skin
  • Thin or Standard Body
  • Snow-white hair
  • Long-Haired


  • Great Social
  • Awful Plants
  • Awful Mining


Synergy with other DLC

Psychic harmonizerContent added by the Royalty DLC - thanks to Psychic Sensitivity, Sanguine, good social, and capacity for Lovin', Highmates are a natural fit for the harmonizer, which increases other's mood as the user is happy.