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Yttakin are a xenotype, genetically engineered to live on ultra-cold planets.


Since they migrated off their icy birthworld of Yttak, Yttakin settlements live on many planets. Their fur, roaring voices, and aversion to urban living sometimes leads naive outsiders to believe they are simple-minded animals. Quick-minded Yttakin are happy to make good use of such wrong beliefs, whether at the negotiating table or on the battlefield. - Tynan


Yttakin (pronounced roughly as ee-ta-keen) descend from colonists engineered to thrive on ultra-cold planets. Their great size and fur make them hardy in frozen environments. Yttakin share a psychic connection with the wildlife and can summon animals to their side during battles. They are not fast or energetic or precise, but can keep going when others would have collapsed long before.



  • Animal warcall


  • Slow wound healing
  • Psychically dull
  • Naked speed
  • Aggressive
  • Strong melee damage
  • Sleepy
  • Robust


  • No hair
  • Unisex beards
  • Roar voice
  • Hulk body
  • Furskin
  • Furry Tail


  • Great animals
  • Awful mining


Yttakin thrive in colder climates. Their furskin and furry tails keeps them warm, even while wearing little clothes. Their naked speed gene makes them a solid contender for having the nudist trait (as they grow up as children). Paired with a heavy bandolier this gives a +20 mood boost, a 10-20% dps increase when carrying a ranged weapon, and the speed of a fast walker. In melee fights they can also stand their ground. The strong melee and robust genes gives them an edge over most other genotypes.

Aggressive and slow wound healing is a mixed bag. They will gain more experience in melee because of an increased likelihood of social fights, but it will take two times longer to heal compared to pawns who do not have that gene. Therefore, it might be best to focus on ranged combat, especially when doing a naked run, with combat implants in case enemy fighters get to close. Besides this, they should also use their ability whenever they can to have animals tank damage for them.

Synergy with other DLC