Glucosoid pump

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Glucosoid pump

Glucosoid pump

This device allows a deathrester to move faster after deathrest is complete. It pumps the body with extra muscle-signaling factors while cleaning waste products from muscle tissue. The effect lasts until the individual deathrests again. It must be connected to a deathrest casket to function. This building must consume hemogen to function.

Base Stats

BuildingBiotech (Buildings)
Market Value
515 Silver [Note]
50 kg
Path Cost


1 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Terrain Affordance
-100 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 4
Work To Make
4,000 ticks (1.11 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 150 + Component 6 + Hemogen pack 5
Deconstruct yield
Steel 75 + Component 3 + Hemogen pack 2 - 3
Destroy yield
Steel 37 - 38 + Component 1 - 2 + Hemogen pack 1 - 2

The glucosoid pump is a building added by the Biotech DLC that increases the move speed of deathresters.


Glucosoid pumps can be constructed once the Deathrest research project has been completed. Each requires Steel 150 Steel, Component 6 Components, Hemogen pack 5 Hemogen packs, 4,000 ticks (1.11 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 4.


Active glucosoid pumps require a pawn capable of deathrest, and must be connected to a deathrest casket. Each glucosoid pump consumes 100W of power and Hemogen pack 0.5 hemogen pack per day as long a pawn is deathresting in an attached casket. It can hold up to 5 packs at a time, for a maximum run time of 10 days, and is constructed fully fueled. The pump will be automatically refueled by a haulers so long as auto-refueling is enabled.

A functional glucosoid pump grants 1 stack of Glucosoid Rush after a pawn wakes from a non-interrupted deathrest. Up to 4 glucosoid pumps can be connected at a time. The bonus will be lost if deathrest gene is removed from the pawn.

Glucosoid Rush
"Move speed is increased because this person used a glucosoid pump while deathresting. This effect lasts until the next deathrest."

  • Move speed multiplied by 1.12.
  • Multiplied by severity (e.g. 2 pumps = x1.24 movement)

Like other deathrest buildings, a glucosoid pump permanently binds to a pawn once used, with no penalty for deconstruction. Deathresting pawns have their own separate limit to the buildings they can connect to, which can be increased with a deathrest capacity serum.


As with all other deathrest machines, these cost a non-negligible amount of steel and components. Consider holding off on building them until you are more well established and are able to produce steel and components reliably with deep drills and fabrication benches.

They also do not consume power while idling, unlike their contemporaries such as sleep accelerators. Hence, they can be left idle without consequence.

Comparison between deathrest buildings[edit]

Both glucosoid pumps and deathrest accelerators are useful to just about any deathrester. Accelerators reduce the time where the pawn is useless, while glucosoid pumps optimize the time when the pawn is awake. Eventually, you can install the maximum amount of both buildings using deathrest capacity serums, but these are uncommon and expensive.

The glucosoid pump offers benefits to work and combat.

  • For work, the increased movement speed helps with hauling and other movement heavy jobs. For every 30 days, a sanguophage (which have the Low Sleep gene) sleeping in a normal quality bed would spend 25.72 days awake. If the pawn did nothing but move for this time, they would end up saving 3.09 days worth of productivity. In practice, pawns are stationary during Recreation and many types of work tasks.
  • For combat, the glucosoid pump only increases move speed. It does not increase Moving, meaning it does not affect Melee Dodge Chance. And sanguophages have the Longjump gene, which is much better than walking when closing distances in melee. However, the extra movement speed can be used for tactical purposes. If your deathrester is far away, they can reach combat faster. Extra movement speed helps with kiting.
In the daylight, sanguophages are slower than normal humans by 0.28 c/s, even with Fast runner, due to their UV Sensitivity. This slight difference in movement can make it difficult to retreat from human enemies. A sanguophage with 1 glucosoid pump will be faster than a baseline human, even if they are wearing marine armor.

For comparison, a deathrest accelerator will shorten deathrest by 0.6 day (1.1 days with two). The most dangerous part of deathrest is when one of your most powerful combatants is stuck deathresting during a raid. If you rely on a sanguophage for combat, even slightly decreasing the time where you are more vulnerable to raids is most likely worth the slight efficacy decrease.




Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.4.3534 - Fix: Deathrest bonuses are not removed if deathrest gene is removed.