Baby sleeping spot

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Baby sleeping spot

Baby sleeping spot

Designates a spot on the ground where people should leave a baby. Not comfortable.

Base Stats



1 × 1
Terrain Affordance
Surgery Success Chance Factor
Immunity Gain Speed Factor
Rest Effectiveness


Work To Make
ticks (0 secs)
Has Quality

The baby sleeping spot is a furniture item added by the Biotech DLC


Baby sleeping spots do not require a colonist to construct or deconstruct, nor is there a cost, build time, or skill requirements for placing them. Instead, they are simply selected from the menu and placed directly by the player.


Baby sleeping spots can direct pawns to place babies where desired. They provide a little more comfort than simply sleeping on the ground. However, sleeping spots do not increase Rest Effectiveness and pawns will still gain a −4 Slept on the ground moodlet for sleeping on a spot. Spots do not benefit from end tables or dressers.

When a child outgrows their baby sleeping spot, it will automatically be unassigned, causing them to seek a more suitably sized bed when they next rest.

Rest Effectiveness[edit]

Rest Effectiveness is a measure how fast a pawn will regain rest. A pawn sleeping in a bed with 80% rest effectiveness would regain rest 80% as fast, and thus require 125% time to sleep.

  • Rest Effectiveness
  • Comfort[edit]

    Comfort is a measure of how high a pawn can refill their comfort meter while using the piece of furniture. A pawn sleeping in a bed with a higher comfort value can achieve a higher level. It does not affect the rate at which comfort increases only the maximum level. Comfort levels over 100% have no additional effect. Sleeping spots do not benefit from end tables or dressers.

  • Comfort
  • Surgery Success Chance Factor[edit]

    The Surgery Success Chance Factor is exactly what it sounds like - a multiplier on the chance for a successful surgerym assuming it is performed in this bed. Most beds and bedrolls have a base value of 100%, which is multiplied by quality. Construction material does not matter. Sleeping spots have no quality, and are always considered to have a ×100% multiplier to their base value.

  • Surgery Success Chance Factor
  • Analysis[edit]

    Baby sleeping spots are nearly identical to the regular sleeping spot, except that adults can't sleep on it. Babies can sleep on a regular sleeping spot - there is no special advantage beyond it being 1 tile smaller. Because baby sleeping spots restrict adults, they can be useful if a crib is inhospitable for a baby. If a crib's room is too hot or cold, colonists will try and place the baby in a safe area. A baby sleeping spot can direct them where to put the baby.

    They can also be useful whenever you don't have access to a crib. For example, these can be used while out on a caravan without bedrolls. When starting with a baby on day 1, some players may prefer to forgo a crib to get set up with other things first, using the sleeping spot for the first few days. Otherwise, cribs are generally easy to create, for both New Tribes and New Arrivals.

    Version history[edit]

    • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.4.3641 - Unassign beds from pawns that have grown too large to fit in them.