Sun lamp

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Sun lamp

Sun lamp

Lights an area brightly enough to grow crops.

1 ˣ 1
4.5 kg
- 2900W
Steel 25
Steel 10

Sun lamps provide artificial light to roofed growing zones (greenhouses) at high power expense (2,900 watts). A sun lamp will illuminate tiles within a five-block radius at 100% and outside tiles at only 50% or less. Sun lamps automatically turn themselves off at night to save power while the plants are resting. Once installed, the lamp menu offers the option to create a growing zone that matches its radius. Sun lamps become available after researching Electricity.

Short circuits

Rain on a powered sun lamp will cause short circuits and fires. A roof will prevent this.

If the area is unroofed, you can simply switch the sun lamp off.


Sun lamps allow indoor plantations but don't produce heat, so heaters may be required to attain proper conditions for plant growth. Solar flares will cut the energy power so prepare a shelf with emergency wood to build campfires to keep the room temperature above -10C. Double-width walls provide more insulation against temperature changes (and thus save power with heaters or coolers), as well as better protection from attacks.

Hydroponics basins increase the growing rate in low fertility tiles but are dependent on electricity, without power all plants on it will die soon.

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