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A cozy mattress and sheets on a frame for resting.

Base Stats

Tech Level
30 kg
Path Cost


1 ˣ 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
End table, Dresser, Sleep accelerator
Surgery Success Chance Factor
Immunity Gain Speed Factor
Rest Effectiveness


Required Research
Complex furniture
Work To Make
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Stuff tags
Metallic, Woody, Stony
Resources to make
Stuff 45
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 22 - 23
Destroy yield
Stuff 11 - 12

A bed is used by colonists for sleeping to recover their rest. It can be made out of any material but its Rest Effectiveness is 100% only when made out of a non-stone material. Quality can further influence the rest effectiveness and comfort.

While resting in a bed, colonists heal by an additional 8 HP per day -- see injury for details. Beds can be walked over, although at a slower rate.

There is a version for two colonists called the double bed, and a deluxe version known as the royal bed.


Constructing a bed requires Complex Furniture to be researched, Stuff 45 Stuff (Metallic/Woody/Stony), and 800 ticks (13.33 secs) of work.

Beds may also be offered for sale by bulk goods traders.


Like other furniture, a bed is installed when it is built. It can be moved with the uninstall/reinstall commands.

A newly constructed bed is unassigned, and a bed that has been moved and re-installed will be unassigned, shown as "Unowned". An unassigned bed will be claimed by a colonist who is seeking a place to sleep and has no bed assigned to them, and that bed will then show their name.

A bed's ownership can be set or overridden by clicking the "Set owner" button and selecting any colonist from the list. Note that only colonists currently on the map will be listed. Colonists out on a caravan or on another map will not be listed until they return to the map. Manually setting bed ownership is often unnecessary except when the player finds it desirable to control where a colonist sleeps.

If there are beds installed in terrible sleeping places (outside, cold, near clear threats, where ever), colonists have the ability to choose them. Also, sometimes married colonists will not choose double beds on their own, and will end up sleeping alone, so they should be assigned to share the double bed.

Prisoner bed

A bed may be assigned for prisoner use by clicking 'Set for prisoners'. A prisoner bed must be in an enclosed room. Once a bed is set for prisoners the entire room becomes set as a "prisoner room"; if there is more than one bed installed in the room, all other beds within are changed to prisoner beds and the room becomes a "prison barracks". A prisoner bed/room is clearly indicated by the gold color of the "blanket" part of the bed graphic, and a gold aura of the room when examined.

The game will not allow a non-colonist to be captured or arrested without an available prisoner bed or sleeping spot. A bed may be switched back for colonist use by unclicking "For prisoners", in which case all beds in the same room will also revert to the standard green-colored colonist bed. However, if any prisoner bed has an owner the player will be required to confirm the action and the prisoners will be unable to use the beds. In this case, the room will no longer be a "prisoner" room, though the prisoner(s) will still be locked in that room.

A prisoner's bed is the one exception where a stone bed may actually be preferable (see Rest Effectiveness discussion, below). Since it usually doesn't matter how long a prisoner sleeps each night, and bed comfort is not effected by material, and some prisoners may be pyromaniacs, a stone bed addresses the issue of fire without any downside for the prisoner or their mood.

Medical bed

A bed may be designated as a medical bed by clicking 'Set as medical'. This is not to be confused with a hospital bed, which is unlocked with research. Colonists can be assigned to this bed to Rest Until Healed, however it cannot be assigned an owner and will lose any ownership it had. A medical colonist bed is indicated by its blue color. A medical prisoner bed is indicated by its dark brown color. Newly captured prisoners are usually injured, therefore their captors will prioritise medical prisoner beds over regular prisoner beds. Clicking 'Set as non medical' reverts a medical bed to its original type.


Rest Effectiveness

Rest Effectiveness is a measure how fast a pawn will regain rest. A pawn sleeping in a bed with 125% rest effectiveness would regain rest 25% faster, and thus require 80% of the time to sleep.

Rest effectiveness varies by quality and material. With the notable exception of jade, stone materials only offer 90% of the rest effectiveness of a bed made from non-stone materials at the same quality level. Jade can safely be used to make beds with extremely high beauty and value.

  • Material Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Non-Stone and Jade 86% (12.21 hr) 92% (11.41 hr) 100% (10.5 hr) 108% (9.72 hr) 114% (9.21 hr) 125% (8.4 hr) 160% (6.56 hr)
    + Sleep acceleratorContent added by the Ideology DLC 116% (9.04 hr) 124% (8.45 hr) 135% (7.78 hr) 146% (7.2 hr) 154% (6.82 hr) 169% (6.22 hr) 216% (4.86 hr)
    Stone except Jade 77% (13.57 hr) 83% (12.68 hr) 90% (11.67 hr) 97% (10.8 hr) 103% (10.23 hr) 113% (9.33 hr) 144% (7.29 hr)
    + Sleep acceleratorContent added by the Ideology DLC 108% (9.77 hr) 115% (9.13 hr) 125% (8.4 hr) 135% (7.78 hr) 143% (7.37 hr) 156% (6.72 hr) 200% (5.25 hr)
  • Bracketed times are time to refill rest to 100% from 0% at the given rest effectiveness.


    Comfort is a measure of how fast a pawn will refill their comfort meter. A pawn sleeping in a bed with a higher comfort value will regain comfort proportionally faster. Comfort varies by quality but not material. Beds of the same quality level will all have the same comfort, regardless of what they're constructed from. An adjacent end table and a nearby dresser will each increase the base comfort by a further +0.05. This increase is applied before the quality multiplier.

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Comfort 0.57 0.66 0.75 0.84 0.93 1.09 1.28
    + End Table & Dresser 0.65 0.75 0.85 0.95 1.05 1.23 1.45
  • Surgery Success Chance Factor

    The Surgery Success Chance Factor is exactly what it sounds like - a multiplier on the chance for a successful surgery assuming it is performed in this bed. The base value depends on the bed type with most beds having a base value of 100%, the sleeping spot a lower value of 70%, and the hospital bed a higher value of 110%. This base value is then modified by the bed's quality level. Beds of the same type and quality level will all have the same factor, regardless of what they're constructed from.

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Surgery Success Chance Factor 90 95 100 105 110 115 130
  • Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flammability Market Value
    Wooden Bed 45 Wood 1 000,560 ticks (9.33 secs) 91 100% 56 Silver
    Granite Bed 45 Granite blocks 1 004,940 ticks (1.37 mins) 238 0% 58 Silver
    Limestone Bed 45 Limestone blocks 1 004,940 ticks (1.37 mins) 217 0% 58 Silver
    Marble Bed 45 Marble blocks 2 004,540 ticks (1.26 mins) 168 0% 56 Silver
    Sandstone Bed 45 Sandstone blocks 1 004,140 ticks (1.15 mins) 196 0% 55 Silver
    Slate Bed 45 Slate blocks 1 004,940 ticks (1.37 mins) 182 0% 58 Silver
    Jade Bed 45 Jade 12 004,000 ticks (1.11 mins) 70 0% 240 Silver
    Golden Bed 450 Gold 24 000,720 ticks (12 secs) 84 40% 4505 Silver
    Plasteel Bed 45 Plasteel 1 001,760 ticks (29.33 secs) 392 0% 410 Silver
    Silver Bed 450 Silver 8 000,800 ticks (13.33 secs) 98 40% 455 Silver
    Steel Bed 45 Steel 1 000,800 ticks (13.33 secs) 140 40% 88 Silver
    Uranium Bed 45 Uranium 0 001,520 ticks (25.33 secs) 350 0% 275 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.