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A cozy mattress and sheets on a frame for resting.

1 ˣ 2
50 kg
Work To Build
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 45
Immunity Gain Speed Factor
Rest Effectiveness
Cover Effectiveness

A bed is used by colonists for sleeping to recover their rest. It can be made out of any material but its Rest Effectiveness is 100% only when made of wood or metal. Quality can further influence the rest effectiveness and comfort.

While resting in a bed, colonists heal by an additional 3 HP per day.

Beds can be walked over, although at a slower rate.

A newly constructed bed is shown as 'unowned'. A colonist without an assigned bed will claim an unowned bed which will then show their name. A bed's ownership can be set or overridden by clicking the 'Set owner' button. Manually setting bed ownership is often unnecessary except when the player finds it desirable to control where a colonist sleeps, such as near their work area. If there are beds in terrible sleeping places (outside, cold, whatever), colonists have a strong ability to choose them. Also, sometimes married colonists will not choose double beds on their own, and will end up sleeping alone.

There is a version for two colonists called the double bed, and a deluxe version known as the royal bed.

Prisoner bed

A bed may be assigned for prisoner use by clicking 'Set for prisoners'. The bed must be in an enclosed room. Once a bed is set for prisoners the entire room is set as a prisoner room and all other beds within are changed to prisoner beds. A prisoner bed is clearly indicated by its gold color. The game will not allow a non-colonist to be captured or arrested without an available prisoner bed. A bed may be switched back for colonist use by clicking 'Set for colonists' and all beds in the same room will also revert to the green colonist bed. However, if any prisoner bed has an owner the player will be required to confirm the action and the prisoners will be unable to use the beds.

Medical bed

A bed may be designated as a medical bed by clicking 'Set as medical'. This is not to be confused with a hospital bed, which is unlocked with research. Colonists can be assigned to this bed to Rest Until Healed, however it cannot be assigned an owner and will lose any ownership it had. A medical colonist bed is indicated by its blue color. A medical prisoner bed is indicated by its dark brown color. Newly captured prisoners are usually injured, therefore their captors will prioritise medical prisoner beds over regular prisoner beds. Clicking 'Set as non medical' reverts a medical bed to its original type.


Beds can be made out of the following materials:

Material Beauty Flammability Market value Max health Work to make Rest effectiveness
Silver 42 20% 505.00 105 12 100%
Gold 155 20% 7505.00 90 13 100%
Steel 8 20% 55.22 150 10 100%
Plasteel 10 10% 685.00 420 19 100%
Wood 12 100% 38.65 75 7 100%
Uranium 3 0% 2510.00 375 18 100%
Sandstone 11 0% 76.66 360 54 90%
Granite 12 0% 81.66 405 54 90%
Limestone 12 0% 76.66 380 54 90%
Slate 11 0% 76.66 345 54 90%
Marble 14 0% 76.66 330 54 90%

Rest effectiveness varies by quality and material. Stone materials only offer 90% of the rest effectiveness of a bed made from non-stone materials at the same quality level.

Material Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
Non-stone materials 86% 92% 100% 108% 114% 125% 160%
Stone materials 77% 83% 90% 97% 103% 113% 144%