Surgery Success Chance Factor

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Surgery Success Chance Factor is a Stat: A multiplier to the chance that a surgery will succeed when performed here. Surgery success chances are also affected by many other factors, including the surgeon's ability and medicine used. This stat is applied to beds and other sleeping furniture.


  • Room cleanliness
  • Light: ×0.75 at 0% light to ×1.00 at 50% light
  • Enclosed room:
    • Indoors: ×1
    • Outdoors: ×0.85
  • Quality:
    • Awful: ×0.90
    • Poor: ×0.95
    • Normal: ×1.00
    • Good: ×1.05
    • Excellent: ×1.1
    • Masterwork: ×1.15
    • Legendary: ×1.3


 Surgery Success Chance Factor
Ancient bed0.65
Animal bed1
Animal sleeping box1
Animal sleeping spot0.7
Baby sleeping spot0.7
Deathrest casket1
Double bed1
Double bedroll1
Double sleeping spot0.7
Hospital bed1.1
Royal bed1
Slab bed1
Slab double bed1
Sleeping spot0.7