Double sleeping spot

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Double sleeping spot

Double sleeping spot

Designates a spot on the ground where two people should sleep together. Not comfortable.

Base Stats



2 × 2
Terrain Affordance
Surgery Success Chance Factor
Immunity Gain Speed Factor
Rest Effectiveness


Work To Make
ticks (0 secs)
Has Quality

Double sleeping spot functions just like the regular sleeping spot, but it has room for two colonists.


Double sleeping spots do not require a colonist to construct or deconstruct, nor is there a cost, build time, or skill requirements for placing them. Instead, they are simply selected from the menu and placed directly by the player. They can be placed even when the game is paused.


Double sleeping spots are a form of sleep furniture. Up to two pawns can sleep on one at a time.

Sleeping spots can direct pawns to sleep where you want them to. They provide a little more comfort than simply sleeping on the ground. However, sleeping spots do not increase Rest Effectiveness and pawns will still gain a −4 Slept on the ground moodlet for sleeping on a spot. Spots do not benefit from end tables or dressers.

Colonists in a relationship will demand to sleep together, and will become upset when they aren't assigned to the same area. Conversely, they get a −5 moodlet for sleeping with a non-lover they have 0 opinion of, changing by +/- 1 for every 20 opinion.

Rest Effectiveness[edit]

Rest Effectiveness is a measure how fast a pawn will regain rest. A pawn sleeping in a bed with 80% rest effectiveness would regain rest 80% as fast, and thus require 125% of the time to sleep.

  • Double sleeping spot
    Rest effectiveness 80%
    (13.13 h)
  • Bracketed numbers are in-game hours to refill rest from 0% to 100% at the given rest effectiveness.


    Comfort is a measure of how high a pawn can refill their comfort meter while using the piece of furniture. A pawn sleeping in a bed with a higher comfort value can achieve a higher level. It does not affect the rate at which comfort increases only the maximum level. Comfort levels over 100% have no additional effect. Sleeping spots do not benefit from end tables and dressers.

  • Double sleeping spot
    Comfort 40%
  • Surgery Success Chance Factor[edit]

    The Surgery Success Chance Factor is exactly what it sounds like - a multiplier on the chance for a successful surgery assuming it is performed in this bed. The base value depends on the bed type with most beds and bedrolls having a base value of 100%, the sleeping spot a lower value of 70%, and the hospital bed a higher value of 110%. This base value is them modified by the bed's quality level. Beds of the same type and quality level will all have the same factor, regardless of what they're constructed from.

  • Double sleeping spot
    Surgery Success Chance Factor 70%
  • This table assumes the double sleeping spot is inside a clean, properly lit room. For the full effects of light, cleanliness and placing the double sleeping spot outside see Surgery Success Chance Factor.


    A pawn resting in a double sleeping spot will have their Immunity Gain Speed multiplied by ×1 and heal an additional +4 HP from injuries per day.


    Double sleeping spots should only be used if 2 pawns want to sleep together, and you don't have access to a double bedroll or double bed. There's no cost to making single sleeping spots otherwise.

    Sleep comparison[edit]

    Both beds and bedrolls are superior to sleeping spots. A normal quality, non-stone bed will make sleep 25% more effective, which saves 1 hour in a 24 hour schedule. Using a bed or bedroll also increases all of: Immunity Gain Speed, Comfort, and Surgery Success Chance. Even an awful bedroll is superior in every bed stat.

    Making beds or bedrolls may be hard early game, especially for Tribal Starts (who don't have Complex Furniture for the former). However, colonists generally won't start married. They may be useful to place when out on a caravan without a double bedroll. Otherwise, it's best for your colonists to upgrade quickly. For many players, avoiding the -4 mood penalty for sleeping on the ground is already worth it

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