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Sculptures are pieces of art made at a sculptor's table that add (or not) beauty to any room they're in once they are installed. A finished piece of art gets a quality that affects the beauty and market value.

The artist's skill is a driving factor in the quality of the sculpture. Sculptures can be reinstalled or uninstalled. Sculptures may be deconstructed to salvage 75% of its materials. If a sculpture job is interrupted for any reason the sculptor will drop the piece on the table, and it will be in an unfinished state until the same author finishes it. A sculptor cannot work on another sculptor's piece. The inspect pane indicates the name of the piece's sculptor and how much work is remaining. The stockpile filter includes an entry for unfinished sculptures (under >Items >Unfinished) which allows the player to control where they are stored if keeping them by the table becomes an inconvenience. The piece will be named under a title and although same titles can be used, the storylines will differ ex. File:Blue Forest.png vs File: Blue Forest alt 1.png.

Sculptures come in three sizes:

  • Small sculptures require 50 materials or 500 small volume materials (silver, gold, or uranium).
  • Large sculptures require 100 materials or 1000 small volume materials (silver, gold, or uranium).
  • Grand sculptures require 220 materials or 2200 small volume materials (silver, gold, or uranium). Although the grand size occupies 2x2 tiles, the beauty of the piece is attributed to one of the four tiles only.

On each individual page is a table detailing statistics on sculptures.

As of Alpha 17, sculptures are bought by all incoming trade caravans and have a sell price multiplier of 110% making them valuable trade goods.

Sculptures Materials Beauty (Normal) Max HP Work to make Value (Normal) Beauty/work Value/Work Value/Material
Small 50 50 90 300 205 0.1667 0.6833 2.9285
Large 100 100 150 500 380 0.2 0.76 2.8148
Grand 220 240 250 1084 755 0.2214 0.6965 2.9038
Quality Base Beauty Modifier Base Value Modifier
Awful -10% 40%
Shoddy 10% 60%
Poor 50% 80%
Normal 100% 100%
Good 150% 120%
Superior 200% 150%
Excellent 350% 200%
Masterwork 500% 300%
Legendary 1000% 600%

Each sculpture has its own semi-randomly generated story based on past events in the colony and pre-written story segments. These stories tend to contain any of the following:

  • A past event occurring in or to the colony
  • A seemingly random event with no relation to the colony
  • A border to the art
  • A texture
  • A design style
  • A location

The events sometimes depicted in the story can be about any of the following that occurred in the colony's history:

  • killings
  • drunkenness
  • vomiting
  • landing in drop pods
  • artwork created
  • struck ore
  • person captured
  • person recruited
  • animal trained
  • animal hunted
  • surgery done
  • someone was on fire
  • someone went psychotic
  • someone gave up

Alternatively, they can contain something random, without relating to any events in the colony at all. As of Alpha 17 (May 24th, 2017), this affects more on the beauty than before; random furniture has less or no beauty effect.