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A dark, heavy metal. While it is best known as a fuel for nuclear devices, its extreme density and hardness also make it good for making certain weapons, armor, and ammunition.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
Stack Limit
1 kg
Path Cost


Terrain Affordance

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Beauty Offset
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+3 °C (5.4 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+0 °C (0 °F)
Melee Blunt Damage
Melee Sharp Damage
Melee Cooldown
Door Opening Speed
Rest Effectiveness

Uranium is one of the rarest materials in the game. It can be used to craft powerful, but slow blunt weapons, and a required element in the construction of certain late-game constructions, most notably the end-game ship.

While one of the strongest building materials available, it has a significantly lower beauty modifier, which can negatively affect some room designs.


Tiles of uranium ore can be found rarely throughout the map, but must be mined before they can be used. Small amounts of it can be salvaged from deconstructing ancient cryptosleep caskets, or may randomly arrive in cargo pods. The most reliable method for acquiring it is to purchase it from bulk goods traders or faction bases. Once you've completed the research necessary to construct a deep drill, it can also be found in small deposits underground.

Playing in Large or Ludeonicrous maps (of 300x300 or 400x400 tiles respectively) offer greater chance of finding it on the surface.


Uranium ore in game

Uranium ore tiles have 4,000 health, making them one of the slower ores to mine. They can be found in midsize veins, ranging from 6 to 12 tiles in size. Each mined block has a base yield of 40 uranium, however this is modified by factors such as the Difficulty setting and the mining yield of the pawn.


Uranium is used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Uranium is also considered metallic stuff, meaning it can be used in recipes that allow for any metal to be used, such as walls or maces.

    There is no radiation mechanic in RimWorld. You can safely have pawns sleep in uranium beds without any health effect.


    Uranium is only required for a few late game recipes. Early on, it can be safely sold or used for weapons - you can always get more uranium later. If you are lacking uranium when you need it, then either the deep drill and ground-penetrating scanner combination, or the long-range mineral scanner, are your best bets. Smaller amounts of uranium can also be obtained via trade. Varying quantities of uranium are commonly added to quest rewards to boost their value up to the minimum, which can result in huge amounts of uranium offered in the late-game.

    Uranium is the best material for crafting stuffable blunt weapons such as clubs and maces, as it applies the highest multiplier on melee blunt damage of any material, tied only with Jade (which can only be used with clubs), and only causes a moderate increase in attack cooldown times. A uranium mace can be crafted as soon as Smithing has been researched, and is one of the best craftable melee weapons in the game.

    Uranium's high hit point multiplier also make it a useful material for walls, barricades, and mini-turrets. A wall created from uranium has 750 hit points which makes it the second strongest constructed wall, stronger than any of the stone blocks, and only beaten out by plasteel. This role was more important while plasteel was still flammable, but even now it still has merit as there is usually significantly more demand for plasteel.


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