Marine armor

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Marine Armor


A suit of light powered armor. Layered plasteel-weave plates are very effective at stopping attacks, with few vulnerable joint sections. Neuro-memetic assistors allow a human to wear the armor and still move easily.
Armor like this is often used by imperial janissaries and rapid-incursion space marines.

Work To Make
Market Value
2035 Silver.png
15 kg
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Heat
Plasteel 100 + Uranium 20 + Advanced component 4

Marine armor is an advanced armor that can effectively block gunshots, cuts, blunt trauma, or burns.

It provides better protection, especially against blunt, and can block heat damage. It also covers the limbs in addition to the torso.

However, it is much more expensive, needs a long time to make and also needs the Powered Armor research before being available. It also provides a Move Speed debuff of -0.40 c\s.

It forms a full set of armor along with the Marine helmet.


Marine armor is a huge step up from the flak vest. It provides much better protection than the vest, and covers more of the body. However, it is much more expensive to make or buy.
It occupies both the overgarments, middle, and shell layers, while armor vests only occupy the middle layer - meaning it can't be worn with tribalwear.

Due to the great cost and the penalties, it is only recommended on your most dedicated fighters.

Version history

In Beta 19 it received a buff to armor rating, the crafting time was greatly reduced, and the cost was changed. It also received a new description and name.

In older versions, it used to be called the power armor.