Marine armor

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Marine armor

Marine armor

A suit of powered armor. Layered plasteel-weave plates are very effective at stopping attacks, with few vulnerable joint sections. Neuro-memetic assistors allow a human to wear the armor and still move easily.
Armor like this is often used by rapid-incursion space marines.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
2035 Silver
15 kg


Insulation - Cold
32 °C (57.6 °F)
Insulation - Heat
°C (16.2 °F)
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Clothing For Nudity
Torso, Neck, Left Shoulder, Left Arm, Right Shoulder, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg
Middle, Outer


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Marine armor
Skill Required
Crafting 7
Work To Make
60,000 ticks (16.67 mins)
Work Speed Stat
General Labor Speed
Resources to make
Plasteel 100 + Uranium 20 + Advanced component 4
Has Quality

Marine armor is a set of power armor that forms a full set along with the Marine helmet and can effectively block gunshots, cuts, blunt trauma, or burns at the cost of a penalty to move speed


Marine armors can be crafted at a fabrication bench once the marine armor research project has been completed. Each requires Plasteel 100 Plasteel, Uranium 20 Uranium, Advanced component 4 Advanced components, 60,000 ticks (16.67 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter, and a crafting skill of 7.

Alternatively, the armor can be received as a quest reward, found in ancient shrines, purchased from outlander and Empire Content added by the Royalty DLC traders and faction bases, or obtained from the following raider kinds:

Raider Kind Chance Average Quality Health
Elite mercenary ? Normal 70-230%
Boss ? Normal 70-230%
Grenadier Content added by the Royalty DLC 100% Normal 70-230%


When equipped, a marine armor reduces the pawn's base move speed by −0.40 c/s. As offsets such as these apply before multiplicative effects such as from Moving capacity, the actual impact on move speed can be larger or smaller than this value. For example, a pawn with 125% Moving would have their speed decreased by −0.5 c/s, while a pawn with only 50% Moving would only have their speed decreased by −0.2 c/s. See Move Speed for details.

When worn by a slaveContent added by the Ideology DLC, marine armor increases the rate that suppression is lost by 30% per day. This stacks additively with all other forms of suppression loss rate offsets.


Marine armor is in the middle of the 3 power armors - more protective than recon armor, but less protective than cataphract armorContent added by the Royalty DLC. As expected, it is also the middle tier in terms of expense. Marine armor is roughly equivalent to a Recon armor of one quality level above (e.g. a Normal Marine armor ~= Good Recon armor), or a Cataphract armor one quality level below.

In general, marine armor faces competition with the more economical flak vest. A vest with suitable overgarment (duster made of devilstrand / thrumbofur / hyperweave, or flak jacket) is noticeably cheaper for similar protection. Instead of using resources to create body armor, first create marine helmets or cataphract helmetsContent added by the Royalty DLC (if available), while sticking to vests + overgarments. Once every relevant colonist is equipped with top-tier helmets, then you can start creating body armor. Marine armor is still more protective, but much more expensive for doing so.

Without the Royalty DLC, an end-game colony should equip marine armor on every colonist that doesn't mind the movement penalty, unless they could use a specialized armor like the mechlord suit.Content added by the Biotech DLC

Compared to flak vests[edit]

A flak vest and overgarment are able to provide similar levels of protection. Due to the game's Armor Rating calculations, a vest and devilstrand duster are roughly equivalent in Sharp protection. Sharp is the most common form of damage, comprising of nearly all ranged attacks. A vest with a thrumbofur or hyperweave duster are slightly superior. If none of the 3 aforementioned textiles are available, then flak jackets are not far behind.

Marine armor is better than any combination for Blunt protection. But due to the relatively low armor values for both armor sets and the AP of the blunt weapons likely to be faced, the qualitative and quantitative disparity between the armor sets is small. When made of devilstrand or hyperweave, a duster offers more Heat protection than power armor.

In terms of coverage, flak vests do not cover organic arms or any leg, but marine armor does. Dusters protect everything marine armor does, while flak jackets additionally do not cover the legs. Coverage is otherwise identical. However, the arms and legs are not vital to a pawn. If destroyed, it can be replaced for Plasteel 15 Plasteel, Advanced component 4 Advanced components - less than the cost of marine armor. Even though power armor provides superior coverage, flak vests and devilstrand are much cheaper while protecting all vital areas.

In addition, flak vests only slow the user by -0.12c/s, rather than -0.40 c/s from marine armor. Flak jackets, if used, slow the user by another -0.12c/s, for a total of -0.24 c/s.

Compared to grenadier armor[edit]

Grenadier armorContent added by the Royalty DLC is a sidegrade to marine armor, unlocked for the same research. Grenadier armor has −5% Sharp and −5% Blunt armor, before quality. This discrepancy increases at higher quality; at legendary quality, it is −9% less protective in both armor categories. Grenadier costs Steel 75 steel and Component 4 components more than marine. Steel and components are likely easy to produce for a colony producing power armor, so the material cost is not terribly significant.

The advantage of grenadier armor is its integrated grenade launcher, allowing colonists to wield a weapon and fire what are effectively frag grenades, at Steel 25 steel per grenade. Unlike proper grenades, grenadier armor deals more damage if it is of masterwork or legendary quality. However, the limited number of charges and natural inaccuracy and low range of grenades limits the effectiveness of grenadier. While grenades can be useful, this usefulness is only seen at close range.

Stats table

  • Marine armor Marine armor Sharp Blunt Heat HP Insulation
    - Cold
    - Heat
    Market Value
    Awful 63.6% 27% 32.4% 340 -25.6 °C (-46.1 °F) +7.2 °C (13 °F) 1015 Silver
    Poor 84.8% 36% 43.2% 340 -28.8 °C (-51.8 °F) +8.1 °C (14.6 °F) 1525 Silver
    Normal 106% 45% 54% 340 -32 °C (-57.6 °F) +9 °C (16.2 °F) 2035 Silver
    Good 121.9% 51.75% 62.1% 340 -35.2 °C (-63.4 °F) +9.9 °C (17.8 °F) 2535 Silver
    Excellent 137.8% 58.5% 70.2% 340 -38.4 °C (-69.1 °F) +10.8 °C (19.4 °F) 3035 Silver
    Masterwork 153.7% 65.25% 78.3% 340 -48 °C (-86.4 °F) +13.5 °C (24.3 °F) 4035 Silver
    Legendary 190.8% 81% 97.2% 340 -57.6 °C (-103.7 °F) +16.2 °C (29.2 °F) 5035 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

  • Trivia[edit]

    Every set of marine armor found on an Imperial Grenadier Content added by the Royalty DLC will be green.

    Version history[edit]

    In older versions,[Which?] it only reduced move speed by 0.1c/s but also reduced Global Work Speed by 10%

    • Beta 19 - Renamed from Power armor to Marine armor. Received a buff to armor rating, the crafting time was greatly reduced, and the cost was changed. It also received a new description and name.
    • 1.1 - it received a slight nerf to sharp protection (108% --> 106%).
    • 1.1.2647 - No longer meets the clothing requirement of nobles, replaced in that role by Prestige marine armor
    • 1.2.2753 - Icons of spacer armor now display as off-white instead of dark gray.
    • 1.3.3066 - Now spawns on new Imperial grenadiers.Content added by the Royalty DLC
    • 1.3.? - Description changed to fix the lore inconsistency as Imperial Janissaries Content added by the Royalty DLC don't wear the armor. "Armor like this is often used by imperial janissaries and rapid-incursion space marines." -> "Armor like this is often used by rapid-incursion space marines.".

    See Also[edit]

    • Grenadier armor - a slightly less protective variant of marine armor with an integrated grenade launcher.
    • Prestige marine armor - a variant of marine armor that both pleases nobles and improves psychic ability.