Button-down shirt

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Button-down shirt

Button-Down Shirt.png

"A nice-looking collared shirt with buttons."

Work To Make
Market Value
140 Silver.png
0.3 kg
Insulation - Cold
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Cloth 45


Overview & Obtaining

The button-down shirt is one of two available shirts, and superior to the T-shirt - at the slightly increased labour and material requirements. Button-down shirts can be purchased from traders, crafted, or stripped from Outlanders and Pirates.


As a complicated garment, Button-down shirts can only be made at tailoring benches, which requires complex clothing to be researched in order to be constructed. A button-down shirt requires 45 of any textile, and 125 seconds of work (7,500 ticks) to be created, assuming baseline global work speed, consciousness, sight, and manipulation.

Conclusion & Comparison

As mentioned, button-down shirts are a direct upgrade to t-shirts: they insulate better, and they protect the torso, neck, shoulders, and arms - whereas t-shirts don't protect the arms. Although this may seem rudimentary, those little bonuses can go far when combined with other pieces of apparel, and when made from the right materials - and the cost increase to make a button-down shirt compared to a t-shirt is negligible, so there's hardly any reason not to go for button-down shirts for your colonists.

Insulation Information

The following table(s) will display how good a normal quality Button-Down Shirt is at insulating when made from various materials...

Keeps Warm
Fabric Cloth −72°C
Alpaca wool −112°C
Camelhair −72°C
Megasloth wool Expression error: Unexpected * operator.°C
Muffalo wool −120°C
Synthread −88°C
Devilstrand −80°C
Hyperweave −104°C
Leather Alpacahide −4.4°C
Arctic wolfskin −5°C
Bearskin −80°C
Cowskin −3.2°C
Deerhide −3.6°C
Lynxskin −4.6°C
Thrumbofur −136°C
Wolfskin −96°C
See Leathers for full list