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Gear includes items that can be worn or equipped.

Pawn's Gear tab

Mass carried (includes mass from equipment, apparel, and inventory).

Comfortable temperature range (based on apparel worn).


Weapons, Shield.

Drops aren't instant. Dropping weapons from inventory will interrupt sleep. Equips of the dropped weapons are instant even on pause.


Clothing and armor.

Dropping clothing or armor from inventory will interrupt sleep.

Drops aren't instant. Multiple drops can be queued while holding ⇧ Shift and left mouse button clicks.


Meal(s) which are carried by colonist(s) while consuming meal(s) don't appear in the inventory.

Meals, drugs, items packed for a caravan.

Dropping food from inventory won't interrupt sleep.

Dropping Herbal medicine or Raccoon meat is instant even on pause. Dropped items are instantly Prioritizable by other colonists.

Even colonist(s) which are incapable of Dumb Labor can be drafted then ordered to move where desired and then finally forced to drop some item(s).