Human leather

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Human leather

Human leather

Tanned, dried, scraped human skin. Most people find this material horrifying. Some find it fascinating. While a decent leather, it neither protects nor insulates particularly well.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
4.2 Silver
Stack Limit
0.03 kg
Path Cost

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+12 °C (21.6 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+12 °C (21.6 °F)

Human leather is a type of leather produced when a cook butchers a human at a butcher table. It inflicts a mood penality on most pawns when worn as clothing.


The following animals provide human leather.

  • Animal Leather Yield
    Human 75
  • Analysis[edit]

    Human leather is an abundant and valuable resource. But in ordinary circumstances, using it comes with several downsides:

    • Simply butchering a human corpse gives −6 mood to all colonists. This does not stack, so butchering 50 corpses has the same moodlet as butchering one.
      • The butcher gets further −6 mood for the bill, which does stack.
    • Seeing a human corpse gives another −3 moodlet.
    • Actually wearing human leather gives a −2 moodlet per item.
    • Creating items out of human leather, or using human furniture at all, does not upset anyone.

    Pawns with the Bloodlust, Cannibal, or Psychopath traits are immune to all mood penalties. Bloodlusted and cannibal pawns get a mood boost for wearing human leather clothing. These penalties are also negated by a pro-Cannibalism ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC. For colonists bothered by human butchering, their mood isn't too difficult to handle. Possible ways to offest the −6 moodlet includes fine meals, impressive dining room/bedrooms, and more time for Recreation.

    As clothing items, human leather is one of the worst textiles in the game. It is the 21st most protective textile, or 8th worst. Unlike cloth or wools, it also has terrible insulation, being 4th and 3rd worst against heat and cold, respectively. These clothes can please certain pawns - use it for innerwear like t-shirts, which have a small impact on protection. As furniture, it has a poor beauty value, but is great for bulk projects due to how common it is.

    Human leather has an oddly high market value, which makes it a valuable trade good. As with all fabrics, corsetsContent added by the Royalty DLC/formal vestsContent added by the Royalty DLC are the most economical use of leather; without the Royalty DLC, dusters and armchairs are the best. Human leather remains quite profitable when sold raw, so cannibal colonies are able to quickly accumulate wealth.