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Fabric spun from microfibers extracted from devilstrand mushrooms. It is very tough, good at insulating, and protects exceptionally well against flame.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
5.5 Silver
Stack Limit
0.032 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+20 °C (36 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+24 °C (43.2 °F)

Devilstrand is a valuable fabric obtained from the devilstrand mushroom, which was genetically engineered to produce a high quality silk net. Its name comes from the greed it inspires in people. It is an extremely strong fabric, generally better and more valuable overall than cloth and leather.


Devilstrand is primarily obtained by growing the devilstrand mushrooms in a growing zone, after Devilstrand has been researched. Each mature mushroom yields Devilstrand 6 devilstrand, depending on the harvester's Plant Harvest Yield stat.

Alternatively, it can also be acquired through trading or the cargo pod event.

Additionally, some raiders and outlanders will occasionally come wearing devilstrand apparel.



Devilstrand is the 3rd most protective textile in the game and the most protective against Heat, with only the significantly rarer Hyperweave and Thrumbofur offering more Sharp protection. This makes it an ideal choice for protective clothing from as soon as it is available well into the late game. A devilstrand duster offers more sharp protection, significantly more heat protection and comparable or better insulation to the flak jacket while also not imposing a movement penalty. In environments where the temperature allows it, clothing made less protective materials should be replaced by devilstrand or better by the mid-game, with dusters receiving priority for the best material. As devilstrand is the most protective textile that can be farmed, it will likely make up the core clothing textile for late game colonies with thrumbofur and hyperweave occasionally supplementing it when available.

As it provides enough sharp protection for even pants and button-down shirts to have a chance to stop attacks, it can be valuable to also transition to using devilstrand for those items once sufficient dusters have been manufactured. As devilstrand is reliably obtainable, unlike the more protective textiles, this role may extend for the remainder of the life of the colony, even after thrumbofur dusters or marine armor becomes common. In such cases, the exceptional heat armor that even skin layer clothes provides can fill a gap in the protection offered by late game armors, potentially making it preferable to even thrumbofur for protective undergarments. That said, if it is available, hyperweave is almost as protective against heat while also offering significantly better sharp protection.

In terms of environmental protection, devilstrand is three-way tied for second most heat insulation, and is thus excellent choice for hot biomes as it provides both excellent protection and insulation and synergizes well with the heat-focused duster. However it has middling Cold insulation meaning in extremely cold biomes such as Sea ice, a mix of fabrics may be required to adequately insulate pawns. Therefore, in most biomes it offers an excellent combination of protection, insulation and availability

It is the least flammable textile, tied with Hyperweave, being 60% less flammable than most other textiles.

For use in furniture, devilstrand's exceptional beauty factor and market value make for very good buffs to room quality, however this is a waste of its potential. Sculptures are a better way to improve room quality, while the devilstrand itself is better used to protect pawns as clothing.

Cash Crop

Devilstrand is a mediocre cash crop. While netting large amounts of money with each harvest, it takes very long to grow, so it isn't really profitable versus faster growing crops. To add to its slow growth, only growers with a minimum skill of 10 may sow it. Devilstrand may also be crafted into apparel or furniture then sold, though both require quality higher than Normal to be more profitable than just selling the fabric. Use your highest skilled craftsman or constructor in that field to maximize profits.


Version history

  • Version/1.1.0 - Apparels made from devilstrand can no longer be burnt.