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"A gigantic, graceful creature of unknown origin. The thrumbo is gentle by nature, but extremely dangerous when enraged. While its long fur is exceptionally beautiful, its hide is also incredibly resistant to damage. Its razor-sharp horn fetches a huge price. Legends say that an old thrumbo is the wisest creature in the universe - it simply chooses not to speak."

Market Value
4000 Silver.png
Move Speed
Mass - Young
Mass - Juvenile
Mass - Adult
22 dmg (scratch)
110 ticks (1.83 secs)
Average DPS
Meat Yield
360 thrumbo meat
Carrying Capacity
Leather Yield
120 thrumbofur
Manhunter Chance
Manhunter Chance (Taming)
Hunger Rate
herbivorous and dendrovorous
Life Expectancy
Trainable Intelligence
Minimum Handling Skill
Gestation Period
60 days
Offspring Per Birth
Maturity Age

Thrumbos are large, powerful animals not native to any biome, instead appearing in all biomes through a random event.

Thrumbos are sought by hunters for their valuable horn (800 silver) and fur. The horn can also be used as a powerful melee weapon. Juvenile thrumbos will not drop horns. Their fur makes the most valuable and highly protective clothing (a legendary Parka of Thrumbofur is worth 16,105 silver) and they yield more meat than any other animal when butchered.

Thrumbos are extremely powerful and a rampaging one can threaten the entire colony. Take precaution when attempting to hunt them. They can move faster than a colonist and their horn inflicts massive damage. Never, ever engage them except on favorable terms.

An incapacitated Thrumbo is an excellent opportunity to train healing skills as they can sustain dozens of treatable wounds and still survive. There is also a small chance the doctor may bond with the animal, netting you a free pet thrumbo.

Thrumbos may be affected by the "[Animal] Self-tamed" or "Manhunting [Animal]" events.

Thrumbo self-tamed.png

Hunting Tactics

  • Trap it by building a room around while it sleeps, then you can inebriate it by storing beer within and will eventually pass out / die. Another option is to set the room on fire to kill it from burning or heatstroke. However, the second way is less profitable since the horn will catch fire (losing HP thus decreasing its value) and is also not reliable as the thrumbo may break out before you successfully down it. Starving it does not work for the same reason.
  • Kiting: Using a fast colonist (at least 120% Moving; use bionic legs or Go-juice) as bait, lure it through a firing squad or turrets laying fire from a distance. If your colonist is fast enough he can even land a few shots before running again. Just make sure your kiting colonist is always the closest to the raging beast otherwise it may give up and attack something else instead.
  • Turret overhaul: You can easily get a lot of firepower against the thrumbo. It's rather cheap, but effective. Place many turrets in a chosen area, maybe your crop fields or just an empty area. Then, trigger the Thrumbo to attack and escape inside the colony (Make sure all colonists are drafted/ restricted to minimize death risk). The automatic turrets will do the rest shredding our target to pieces. You can lose a turret or two, but even if they are destroyed, they may explode, dealing damage. Just make sure that the explosions don't destroy the other turrets.
    • It's possible to combine ranged ganking with turrets, but do it ONLY if you are trusting your firepower.
Thrumbo hunt with firing squad and turrets
  • Peek-a-boo: Have all your colonists shelter inside, then have pawns take turns peeking out of doors and taking potshots, then retreating behind the doors when the Thrumbo closes in. Repair the doors as the Thrumbo pounds them until it gives up, then rinse and repeat (many, many times). Be careful with doors made of weaker materials as the thrumbo may break them down before the constructors can repair them in time, and enter your base to cause absolute mayhem.
  • Melee ganking: If and only if you have enough melee fighters with good equipment, you can rush the Thrumbo down. You will need at least 4 very well-armored colonists, or 6 modestly armored colonists. Have all your fighters be fully armored, and equip the highest damaging melee weapon they can find, such as the Longsword. You can combine this with a firing squad to chip at the thrumbo while your brawlers cut it down; in this case, it's best that you outfit them with shield belts to prevent friendly fire. Note that your colonists are bound to lose a hand or two so have a replacement ready.
    • Minigun shredding: Instead of melee weapons, equip your colonists with miniguns and order a point-blank barrage at the Thrumbo. 4 miniguns are enough to down or kill a Thrumbo in 1 single barrage.
  • Animal ganking: Similar to melee ganking with your colonists, except with your more expendable battle animals. Draft a trainer who has animals trained with Release assigned to him, provoke the thrumbo with ranged fire, then hit 'Release animals' for the trainer, and watch as the thrumbo is helplessly swarmed by your angry horde of whatever. Ranged fire provides good support for this, but remember never to let your bonded animals into battle as they have a great chance of dying and giving their master a long-lasting poor mood.
  • Sniper with bionic eyes can take down a Thrumbo alone, totally undetected even when maddened and passing by relatively close.

Thrumbo sniped by Sofia.png

  • Artifacts: Shoot with a psychic shock lance, rendering it unconscious. Assign a colonist to hunt it and they can slit its throat with no danger and no risk of damaging the valuable horn.
    • Alternatively, shooting with a psychic insanity lance will make the Thrumbo attack anything on sight including other Thrumbos around, meaning that they will kill or at least incapacitate each other. Maddened Thrumbos will attack and even kill other animals until they die or get incapacitated, this could be used on your advantage to get dead animals without actually sending your colonists to hunt them, provided that the thrumbo is downed or you can outrun the thrumbo.
    • If you're really feeling like overkill then shoot the thrumbo herd with an orbital bombardment targeter or orbital power beam targeter. Even then, thrumbos are so tough they may survive.
  • Attacking a Thrumbo during a raid can, with a long range weapon and good timing, cause it to attack the raiders instead of your colonists. Either the raid will kill the Thrumbo or the Thrumbo will force the raid to flee- at which point you can finish off the loser.


One of the hardest animals to tame, even at level 20 you may only have a 1% chance to tame it. Additionally, thrumbos have a 1.8% chance to turn manhunter on a failed taming attempt, making a wild thrumbo more likely to attack its handler, even on the best of terms, likely incapacitating or killing the handler. The best method of training a Thrumbo is therefore capturing a wounded Thrumbo and healing it, as your doctor has a chance of bonding with the animal for each attempt.

Successfully tamed Thrumbos are of little everyday use to a colony when compared to ordinary dogs, sporting a voracious appetite and a high resistance to training. Carry mechanics do not allow the Thrumbo to carry multiple stacks of items despite its strength.

Still, Thrumbos have significant utility in combat. Being extremely tanky melee fighters, they can be used as a last line of defence against an infestation or mechanoid drop. Additionally, Doomsday rocket launchers are highly dangerous in the late-game, capable of one shooting colonists from a long range. With Thrumbos, however, one can release them and let them tank these rockets. Thrumbos can tank 5-6 volleys without being downed due to their high hit points, making the raiders exhaust their rockets for some easily treated wounds. Thrumbos usually manage to charge into groups of raiders, which can even cause the raiders to use their rockets in friendly fire, single-handedly dispatching raids while the remaining completely safe themselves.


Thrumbos can be trained as follows:

Obedience:  Check.png
Release:  Check.png
Rescue:  Check.png
Haul:  Check.png


Body part Health
Neck 390
Eye [1]
(left, right)
Ear 130
Horn 260
Body 520
(left, right)
(left, right)
Liver[2] 260
Heart[2] 260
Spine[2] 260
Stomach[2] 325
(left, right, rear, front)
(left, right, rear, front)
  1. Located inside of Head.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.