Psychic shock lance

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Psychic shock lance

Psychic shock lance.png

One-use artifact that directs psychic disturbances towards one character, dropping them into a state of psychic shock for some time. Large risk of brain damage.

Market Value
500 Silver.png
0.5 kg

A psychic shock lance is a single-use artifact that is activated by selecting a colonist, right-clicking the artifact and then selecting 'Activate'. Upon activation, you can target any pawn on the map, even through walls, to send into a state of unconsciousness for a short period of time, and has a small chance of setting the victim on fire - originating from the brain. Psychically deaf pawns (or anybody with 0% psychic sensitivity) can't be targeted.

Psychic shock lances can be purchased from Exotic Goods Traders or found in ancient shrines.

These nearly always down hostiles rather than killing them outright, making it good for capturing specific enemies, though the brain damage can ruin previously good potential colonists before you can find healer mech serums to heal them.

Psychic shock lance burning.png