Death acidifier

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Death acidifier

Death acidifier

A chest implant for preventing enemy use of captured equipment. Upon the user's death, it releases powerful chemicals that dissolve gear in contact with the user's body. It doesn't damage others.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
400 Silver.png
0.2 kg

The death acidifier implant destroys all equipped weapons and apparel on the installed pawn on death, preventing them from being captured. It does not deal damage to anything else around the user on activation. It is installed on all empire soldiers to prevent weapon or armor capture. Once installed, it cannot be removed.


It can be purchased from traders and installed normally, although it is more or less useless for your colonists.


Merely downing a pawn does not cause the implant to activate, allowing equipment to be captured by stripping the downed pawns. All other items carried in the dead pawn's inventory drop normally. This includes apparel and weapons not currently equipped. The death acidifier merely serves as a way to prevent players from acquiring weapons and armor that would make the early game too easy. Installing the death acidifier on your pawns has no use except for destroying equipment that could have been smelted for resources.


While the item exists and is fully functional in the base game, it does not appear in-game without the Royalty DLC installed.