Orbital bombardment targeter

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Orbital bombardment targeter


An ancient targeting apparatus for an orbital bombardment system. This unit designates a target and transmits the coordinates to a network of satellites, which then bombard the target area with kinetic impactors. This unit has been reprogrammed to accept unauthorized users, but once it is used, the network will detect the incursion and cut off the link permanently.

Market Value
1200 Silver.png
0.2 kg

The Orbital bombardment targeter is a powerful single-use artifact added in Beta 18. Once activated, a targeting laser will shoot down from above and a series of explosions will rock the ground near it for a while (its radius is approximately 20 tiles), dealing massive damage. It has an activation time, requires manual targeting, has a targeting range of 45 tiles and cannot target through walls.

Bug: Like all ranged weapons it can't be used when the pawn is wearing a shield belt.