Archotech eye

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Archotech eye

An artificial eye built by an archotech. It perceives every type of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, infrared, light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Its visual acuity is precise enough to read handwriting from twenty meters away. It can emit various wavelengths of radiation like a flashlight, and has an internal subpersona AI which helps highlight useful visual information. Externally, it looks like a natural human eye, except it can change color at will. Its internal workings are a mystery to all human minds.

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Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

The Archotech eye is an eye replacement which provides 150% sight efficiency. A superior version of the bionic eye. Since the game gives a greater weighting on the more capable part when calculating sight, with it contributing to 75% of a pawn's sight capability, installing a single bionic eye increases sight by 38%, and a second increases it by 12% to the expected 150%.

It can be found in ancient shrines, bought from traders or obtained as a quest reward.


The Archotech eye can be very useful for most shooters as it increases accuracy. Very high level shooters may encounter a smaller effect. It is also useful in many other areas (e.g. melee dodge, surgery success, mining, tailoring speed, etc.) but to a smaller degree than for shooting.