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A book containing fictional or true stories for the pleasure and edification of the reader.

Base Stats

Exotic itemBook
Market Value
160 Silver
Stack Limit
0.5 kg
Deterioration Rate

Novels are a type of book that can be read for recreation.


Novels, like all books, can be purchased from trade caravans, orbital traders and faction bases, or earned through quests.

When starting a new game, there is a chance for your starting colonists to carry books as possessions based on their traits or backstory.


Novels can be read by colonists as a recreation activity, with a recreation power of 1. All books will also train intellectual at a rate of 250 XP per in-game hour.

Novels in particular are focused around maximizing the amount of recreation gained when read. All novels receive a bonus to recreation based on their quality.

Effect of Quality on Recreation
Quality Factor
Awful 120%
Poor 140%
Normal 160%
Good 180%
Excellent 200%
Masterwork 225%
Legendary 250%

All books have a base recreation power of 1, placing them on-par with the horseshoes pin and chess table. However, the novel's recreation gain multiplier allows it to reach impressively high rates of recreation. Even an awful-quality has a recreation power of 1.2, equal to that of a telescope. A normal-quality novel has a recreation power of 1.6, equal to that of a megascreen television, which is the most entertaining building available. Recreation gain is further multiplied by the room's reading bonus.

The drawback is that colonists will eventually grow bored of reading and will need other forms of recreation, especially as their expectations increase.

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All books can be efficiently stored in bookcases, allowing them to provide a bonus to any reading and research activities taking place within the same room. Each book stored in a nearby bookcase will increase the effectiveness of reading.

When reading for recreational purposes, colonists will choose which books to read at random. You can use the assign tab to specify which types of book a colonist is allowed to read, but you cannot assign a colonist to read any one specific book automatically.

You can manually force a colonist to read a specific book by selecting the colonist, right-clicking either the book itself or the bookcase containing it, then issuing the "read" command. The colonist will then read the target book for an hour before putting it away.


Novels in particular are a decent option if your sole concern is efficiently entertaining colonists, despite lacking the additional utility of textbooks and schematics.

For less-developed colonies, textbooks and schematics are more useful. In these colonies, colonists tend to be more easily entertained, while skills and research projects pose more pressing matters. For this reason, novels will usually just get in the way of more important reading.

However, as research is completed and your colonists become more skilled, novels will become more useful by comparison.

The high recreation rate of high-quality novels means that colonists can fill their recreation need much more quickly. This should result in less downtime, making your pawns colonists more productive.




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