Infinite chemreactor

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Infinite chemreactor

Infinite chemreactor

Slowly generates chemfuel by a complex series of chemical reactions, using atoms extracted from the air.

Base Stats

Market Value
1500 Silver
35 kg


2 ˣ 2
-300 W


Deconstruct yield
Steel 150 + Component 6

The Infinite chemreactor is a quest reward item that produces chemfuel as long as it is powered.


Infinite chemreactors cannot be constructed nor bought from traders. Instead they can only be acquired as a reward for performing quests. Note that quest rewards are selected with a weighted random generator, so there is no way to guarantee access to an chemreactor in a given play-through. Anecdotally, it is often reported that the increased number of reward options added by the DLC dilute the reward pool with more options.


An infinite chemreactor generates 75 chemfuel every 10 days as long as it is powered by 300W. When it is done producing chemfuel, it will drop a stack of 75 onto an empty adjacent tile. Progress is retained if the reactor is unpowered.

When destroyed it explodes, dealing 10 Flame damage to everything in 8 tile radius. While the explosion itself doesn't create fires, things damaged by the explosion may ignite.


It is a slow way of obtaining chemfuel, especially in the mid-game stage where you're most likely to get this item. It generates 7.5 chemfuel a day, compared to 35 for every batch made at a refinery or 11 per day extracted from a boomalope.

It generates more chemfuel per day than a single chemfuel powered generator consumes. The Infinite Chemreactor consumes 300W, while a single chemfuel powered generator produces 1000W, resulting in a generated power surplus of 700W and a chemfuel surplus of 3 per day. This makes the Infinite chemreactor a slow but sustainable tool for passively generating both free energy and chemfuel, if you can get your hands on one.

3 infinite chemreactors can generate enough fuel to power 5 chemfuel powered generators (Chemfuel 22.5 per day), for a generated power surplus of 4,100W.


Given the description of how it works, the infinite chemfuel reactor may possibly be a late-midworld technology rather than glitterworld or even transcendent in origin like the other quest items.

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