Vanometric power cell

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Vanometric power cell

Vanometric power cell

Generates free energy, forever, without using fuel. This technology is developed by archotech AIs, and is beyond even most glitterworld societies. While nobody knows exactly how it works, scholars believe it somehow extracts energy directly from fluctuations in the quantum foam.

1 ˣ 2
15 kg
+ 1000W

The vanometric power cell is a power generator that constantly provides 1000W of power for free. It can be installed anywhere. It is acquired exclusively as a quest reward.


It provides little power on its own, especially when compared to other power sources. With no reliable way to acquire them in volume, they are unlikely to ever provide more than a small fraction of your colony's power budget.

However, since they are 100% reliable, they can be used to power high-priority equipment (such as base defenses or climate control) in case other power sources fail. Since they are small and portable, they can conveniently power off-grid equipment (such as mining drills) without the need for long conduits. They can even be taken in caravans or transport pods to power turrets in an offensive capacity.

Version history

It was added in Beta 18. At that time it provided only 500W power.

The power output was buffed in Beta 19 to 1000W.