Chemfuel powered generator

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Chemfuel powered generator

Fueled generator

Produces electricity from chemfuel.

2 ˣ 2
+ 1000W
Steel 100 Component 3
Steel 75 Component 2

A chemfuel powered generator provides power by burning chemfuel. Unlike the variable power output of solar generators and wind turbines which depend on the night-day cycle and wind, respectively, chemfuel powered generators produce a constant supply of power for as long as they are fueled. A constant supply of power may reduce your base's need for batteries at the cost of having chemfuel and haulers to keep it running. Chemfuel is obtained by milking tamed boomalopes or creating it via refinery. Similar to the Wood-fired generators, chemfuel powered generators avoid issues with wind, weather, and eclipses as long as they have fuel.


A chemfuel powered generator can hold 30 chemfuel, consuming 4.5 chemfuel per day, lasting 6 days 16 hours total. (The wood-fired generator uses 22 wood per day, for comparison.)

  • A single boomalope, milked every two days, can easily provide enough fuel to keep a generator running.
  • A single hydroponics basin produces enough Rice to keep a generator running indefinitely if converted into fuel at a refinery.
    • This requires significantly less fuel/energy to grow than it yields in chemfuel production, not counting other needs such as sun lamps or heaters. Net power is easily attainable.

Chemfuel powered generators produce heat as a by-product, although not as much as a campfire or heater. They are also very unattractive, making them a poor choice for your bedroom-heating needs.


Chemfuel powered generators can be constructed after you have completed research into Electricity.


Chemfuel powered generators were added in Beta 18.