Healer mech serum

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Healer mech serum

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to heal health conditions. The mechanites will target and heal the single worst health condition affecting someone at any given time. Works even on health conditions that would otherwise be incurable. The mechanites can even transmute themselves into organic matter, forming new limbs or organs as needed.

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The Healer mech serum is an item that can be found in quests.

Pawns can be directed to use it, or it can be administered to a pawn through a medical operation. When used, it instantly removes the most severe health problem on the pawn, with few exceptions. If there are no healable conditions, the serum will be consumed but nothing happens.

For chemical damage to the kidneys, cataracts and hearing loss, using the serum will cure both affected parts at once.


Below are the conditions which the serum cannot treat:

  • Luciferium need
  • Artificial body parts- to regrow a lost part, the artificial part must be removed first
  • Drug tolerances

Any other condition can be treated, including blood loss, malnutrition, heatstroke/hypothermia, diseases, toxic fallout, even other drug addictions.


Obviously it should be used on colonists with severe health conditions, as it only removes one at a time.

  1. Great for colonists with brain damage, dementia and frailty.
    • For chronic ailments, the only other way these can be treated is through Resurrector mech serum which will require the pawn to die first, and can cause side-effects.
    • Alternatively, brain scarring (not dementia or chemical damage) can be treated with Luciferium which will get your colonist hooked on it forever, making it more costly in the long run.
  2. Repair shattered spines or pelvises to allow colonists to function again. The former can also be fixed with a bionic spine.
  3. Immediately end a colonist's catatonic break at quite a cost. Do so when the colonist is vital to your colony's operations.
  4. Prevent resurrection psychosis from taking over your resurrected colonist. Do note that resurrection psychosis is not revealed until it reaches its second stage, but will still be cured by using a Healer mech serum if used before it's discovered.

Order of conditions treated

The serum will heal conditions according to severity, in this order:

  1. Frail
  2. Missing body parts
  3. Scars

Version history

It was added in Beta 18. At that time it could treat injuries and ailments, but could not treat some conditions, notably diseases.

In Beta 19/1.0 its function was expanded such that it can now treat nearly all health conditions.