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Essential part of the respiratory system.

Medical ItemBody Part

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The lungs are the primary organs for breathing, their function is to circulate oxygen through blood circulation. Humans have two lungs, a right lung and a left lung, unless removed or destroyed. The tissue of the lungs can be affected by asthma, commonly related to age, smoking or exposure to harmful substances. Each lung accounts for 50% of a person's breathing. While it is possible to survive with only one, if the remaining one is destroyed or removed the human will die. Moreover, rest efficiency is affected by metabolism and breathing, so humans with damaged lungs will need to sleep longer every day.

Lungs can be harvested from colonists, prisoners or guests, to be sold, or transplanted into somebody else. Removing a lung from a guest or prisoner will decrease faction goodwill by 20 points down to the cap of -100. Removing a lung from anyone depresses the victim with -30 mood penalty for 7 days and 7 hours and other colony members with -5 mood penalty for the same amount of time.