Peg leg

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Peg leg

Peg leg

A wood log fashioned into a crude but effective artificial leg.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Weapon Class
Market Value
1.2 Silver


Skill Required
Medical 3
Work To Make
1,500 ticks (25 secs)
Work Speed Stat
Medical Operation Speed
Resources to make
Wood 1 + Herbal medicine 2

Peg legs are a artificial body part that replaces a pawn's leg. It is the worst kind of leg available, but is better than having a missing leg.


Unlike most other prostheses, peg legs don't have a separate item form. Instead, when ordering a surgical operation on a pawn, Wood 1 Wood, Herbal medicine 2 Herbal medicines is consumed and the peg leg is added to the pawn. Converting a log to a peg leg does not take any work. Notably, when removed the peg leg turns back into a wooden log.


Peg legs replace the user's entire organic leg. The peg leg has a part efficiency of 60%. This partially replaces the functionality of a normal leg - when coupled with each leg body part having a Moving importance of 50%, it results in restoring 30% moving per missing leg replaced, or a loss of 20% when replacing a healthy leg.

Moving, in turn, affects the following stats: Hunting Stealth, Melee Dodge Chance, Move Speed. This results in a directly proportional change to a pawn's move speed, and a change in melee dodge chance equivalent to losing 3.6 levels of Melee skill per leg replaced. Due to how the stat is fit to a post-process curve, this can result in the melee dodge chance dropping to 0% for pawns with skill under 9, when replacing one leg, or under 12 for both legs.

Each peg leg results in -10% character quality and thus a 10% reduction in the affected individual's pawn value.

As an artificial part, peg legs will give a mood buff to anyone with the Body modder trait, and a mood penalty to anyone with the Body purist trait.


Installing the part requires 1,500 ticks (25 secs) of work, Wood 1 wood, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 3.

Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and has no Medical skill requirements.

If the operation fails, the wood will be destroyed.


The peg leg is certainly better than a missing or otherwise inoperative leg, but you should strongly consider replacing it with a modern prosthesis as soon as possible. Movement is important for combat, many types of work, and general efficiency (getting up from bed to work...), making it a very valuable stat. For pawns that don't move as much, like researchers, this upgrade is less important.

In cases where only the foot is missing, a wooden foot only has half the Moving penalty, which means it restores more movement, and it has the exact same material and research requirements.


Alternatively, peg legs can be installed on your prisoners, making them easier to stop when starting a prison escape or going berserk. As peg legs actively make the pawn worse, it isn't recommended to install peg legs on those who you would like to recruit, at least until you can make bionic leg replacements.

Unlike healthy organic legs, peg legs can be removed; removing them will result in no leg, and removing both will permanently incapacitate a pawn. This is great if you want to keep prisoners long term without them attempting to a break out, such as for selling them, harvesting hemogen packs,Content added by the Biotech DLC or extract genesContent added by the Biotech DLC from. However, if the Dead calm geneContent added by the Biotech DLC can be applied to them instead, it is superior as they won't require a colonist or slaveContent added by the Ideology DLC to feed them and legs won't have to be reinstalled if they are to be sold.

Moving Right leg
No leg Peg leg Wooden foot Prosthetic leg Organic leg Bionic leg Archotech leg
Left leg
No leg 0% 30% 40% 42.5% 50% 62.5% 75%
Peg leg 30% 60% 70% 72.5% 80% 92.5% 105%
Wooden foot 40% 70% 80% 82.5% 90% 102.5% 115%
Prosthetic leg 42.5% 72.5% 82.5% 85% 92.5% 105% 117.5%
Organic leg 50% 80% 90% 92.5% 100% 112.5% 125%
Bionic leg 62.5% 92.5% 102.5% 105% 112.5% 125% 137.5%
Archotech leg 75% 105% 115% 117.5% 125% 137.5% 150%

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