Bionic ear

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Bionic ear

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An advanced artificial ear implant. A collection of invisible subdermal microphones capture sound and transmit it to a biogel nerve interface that links directly with the auditory nerve. It's sensitive enough to hear a cat before you see it, can't be damaged by loud noise, and automatically tunes itself to pick out meaningful sounds in noisy environments.

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Base Stats

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Stat Modifiers

A Bionic ear is an ear replacement that has 125% efficiency, increases hearing by an average of 12.5% per ear attached. Since the game gives a greater weighting on the more capable part when calculating hearing, with it contributing to 75% of a pawn's hearing capability, installing a single bionic ear increases hearing by 19%, and a second increases it by 6% to the expected 125%.

It can be purchased from traders or crafted at a fabrication bench for Plasteel 10 and Advanced component 3.


Hearing impacts only social skills and animal taming/training. However, all hearing-based stats have a 100% cap on the amount of hearing considered—there is no benefit to having a hearing higher than 100%. This makes bionic ears only useful when a colonist already has damaged hearing.