Field hand

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Field hand

Field hand

This mechanical hand replacement is made to speed up the sowing and harvesting tasks of a farmer. Multiple telescoping finger-like protrusions can simultaneously harvest from several points on the same plant, or precisely sow several holes at once. It also has a general-purpose manipulator. It is somewhat ungainly, which slows down movement slightly.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Tech Level
Market Value
425 Silver

Melee Combat

Melee Attack 1
9 dmg (Blunt)
13% AP
2 seconds cooldown
Body Part
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP


Crafted At
Machining table
Required Research
Specialized limbsTechprint
Skill Required
Crafting 5
Work To Make
15,000 ticks (4.17 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 60 + Component 8
ImplantEmpireCommon, FieldHand

The field hand is an artificial body part that provides both the functionality of a normal hand, while also increasing Plant work speed by 160% and inflicting a -8% Moving penalty.


Field hands can be made at a machining table once Specialized Limbs has been researched. Crafting one requires Steel 60 Steel, Component 8 Components, 15,000 ticks (4.17 mins) of work and a crafting skill of 5.

They can also be bought from Outlanders and Empire settlements.

The pawns that populate Farming work sites owned by an Outlander or Pirate factions, including minor factions, very commonly spawn with field hands.


Body part[edit]

Field hands replace the user's organic hand. They are universal and can be installed on either the left or right. This is a hand replacement, and cannot be installed on an artificial or missing arm.

The field hand acts as a fully functional hand, providing 100% Manipulation. This fully replaces the functionality of a regular arm, but with no enhancement. Manipulation, in turn, affects a great many stats. For a full list of stats, see Manipulation.

Other effects[edit]

Each field hand installed gives +160% Plant Work Speed. Note that this is an offset to the base value of the stat, which is then multiplied by factors like Global Work Speed and Manipulation. This means that the final value can be significantly higher. The effect of multiple field hands will stack.

Each field hand also inflicts a −8% Moving penalty. Moving, in turn, affects the following stats: Hunting Stealth, Melee Dodge Chance, Move Speed. This results in a directly proportional change to a pawn's move speed, and a penalty to melee dodge chance equivalent to an losing −1.44 levels of Melee skill per arm replaced.


A field arm replaces the natural "Fist" attack of the replaced hand.

  • Name Damage DPS AP Damage Type
    Heart Human Fist 8.2 4.1 12% Blunt
    Field hand Field hand 9 4.5 13% Blunt
  • Installation[edit]

    Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 4.

    Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and has no Medical skill requirements.

    If the operation fails, the part will be destroyed.


    Field hands offer an extreme boost to planting speed. With 1 field hand, a Plants 0 pawn sows and harvests as fast as a baseline Plants 13 pawn. With 2 field hands, this same pawn works faster than a Plants 20 pawn. While the field hand disables the use of a work-enhancing bionic arm or archotech arm, if a pawn's primary job is to grow, then a field hand offers a clear benefit. (Note that this implant does not increase Plant Harvest Yield, so your Plants 0 pawn will not get much per harvest).

    Planting is essential to virtually every colony. Crops are a mostly stable form of food, and this skill can also be used to grow useful products like drugs, cloth, and devilstrand. Even on the sea ice, (successful) colonies will eventually reach hydroponics and be able to farm. You may want to consider planting rice; since the field hand is so efficient, the workload of rice is easily managed.

    This comes at a cost of movement speed. In addition to the reduced efficiency in regards to day-to-day work, installing a field hand will hinder a pawn's performance in combat. For ranged fighters, slower movement means that kiting tactics are no longer as viable. For melee fighters, the Moving penalty directly encumbers a pawn's melee dodge chance. This can be eventually compensated, partially, by using bionic legs.

    Field hands can also be used to replace a missing hand. Compared to the wooden hand, the field hand offers +10% Manipulation for −8% Moving.

    Version history[edit]

    • Royalty DLC initial release - Added
    • 1.1.2565 - 50% part efficiency increased to 100%, plant work speed buff reduced from 180% to 160%. -8% Moving penalty added.