Hemogen pack

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Hemogen pack

Hemogen pack

A package of refined hemogen in a specialized container that prevents spoilage. Hemogenic humans can consume it to restore their internal hemogen stores. It can be administered via an operation to reverse blood loss.

Base Stats

Market Value
Stack Limit
0.5 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost



Hemogen packs are a type of food added by the Biotech DLC. It acts as a form of blood that can be used for blood transfusions, or consumed by those with the Hemogenic gene to restore their Hemogen need.


Hemogen packs can be extracted from non-hemogenic humans with the Extract Hemogen Pack operation. This takes 500 ticks (8.33 secs) of work and increases their blood loss by 45%; if blood loss exceeds 100%, then the pawn will die. Unlike most other operations, it does not consume medicine or anesthetise the subject. It does still provide Medical experience however.

This operation is considered a violation for faction relations, when done on a guest or ally.

  • Extracting hemogen from a prisoner of a hostile faction lowers reputation by 1.
  • Extracting hemogen from a guest of a friendly faction faction lowers reputation by 5 and immediately fails the associated quest.

Prisoners can be designated to have extraction operations automatically queued up when their blood loss reaches 0% via the Hemogen farm interaction option.


Hemogen gizmo with Check.png showing hemogen pack consumption allowed

Hemogen is a packaged form of blood that can be extracted and implanted to alter a human pawn's blood loss.

Any pawn can consume one for a measily 0.1 nutrition. Those without either a Hemogen need, the Cannibal trait, or a pro-Cannibalism ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC get a −5 Ingested hemogen pack mood for 5 days. Conceited noblesContent added by the Royalty DLC also dislike consuming hemogen packs, and will receive a −8 Ate low-class food mood for 1 day upon consumption. Note that consuming a pack in this way will not restore any blood loss.

When consumed by Hemogenic pawns, each pack also satisfies the Hemogen need by +20. This is sufficient to satisfy 2 days of hemogen need for pawns with the Hemogen drain gene, including Sanguophages, and 10 days for those who just have Hemogenic, assuming no hemogenic abilities are used during these periods.

Pawns will automatically consume hemogen packs to reach their target hemogen level if the toggle on their hemogen gizmo is enabled. See Hemogen for details.

Hemogen packs do not rot, only deteriorate by being left outdoors or in otherwise rough conditions.

Hemogen packs are also used in the construction and fueling of the following deathrest buildings:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Glucosoid pump Glucosoid pump Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 150 + Component 6 + Hemogen pack 5 Building - Biotech (Buildings)
    Hemogen amplifier Hemogen amplifier Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 200 + Component 4 + Hemogen pack 5 Building - Biotech (Buildings)
    Hemopump Hemopump Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 100 + Component 4 + Hemogen pack 5 Building - Biotech (Buildings)
    Psychofluid pump Psychofluid pump Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 50 + Plasteel 100 + Component 6 + Hemogen pack 5 Building - Biotech (Buildings)
  • Blood transfusion[edit]

    Use hemogen packs to reduce the effects of blood loss. Each hemogen pack used recovers 35% blood loss. The operation will also restore hemogen to hemogenic individuals.

    — Operation description

    Hemogen packs can be used to perform the "blood transfusion" operation, which restores a pawn's blood loss. The operation consumes Hemogen pack 1 hemogen pack, takes 800 ticks (13.33 secs) of work, and restores 35% blood loss. This surgery does not require medicine or a minimum Medical skill, does not anesthetise the subject, and always succeeds.

    Note that the 35% blood loss recovered is less than the 45% lost from creating the pack in the first place.

    Multiple hemogen packs can be used in a single operation, restoring 70% with 2 or >99% with 3 (since pawns die at 100%, some healing potential is wasted). However, there is no way to control how many hemogen packs are used.


    Hemogen packs are not made for emergency transfusion. By the time a hemogen pack is brought to a patient and installed, a doctor could've used medicine to reduce/stop the bleeding. In addition, tending can be done on the field, while operations must be done on a bed or sleeping spot. For non-hemogenic pawns, hemogen packs can be used to cure extreme blood loss once all wounds have been tended - this causes the pawn to be conscious faster. For hemogenic pawns, it has an obvious use in keeping their need satiated.

    Hemogen farms have a niche in increasing Medical experience. Make the operation as slow as possible, such as turning off the lights, to gain more XP. You may want to manually order operations instead of using the "Hemogen Farm" setting, so you can control which pawn is trained.


    Compared to bloodfeeding:

    • Hemogen packs give the same base Hemogen and blood loss.
    • Hemogen pack extraction does not upset pawns, without requiring the Bloodfeeders preceptContent added by the Ideology DLC, or cause pain.
    • Hemogen packs can be stored and transported and even kept on the hemogenic pawn, independent of having a pawn to feed from at the time of consumption. This allows topping up in-combat, while caravanning, or just building up a stockpile in case of a prisoner escape or death, without having to feed on your own colonists.
    • Extracting hemogen packs trains medical experience.
    • The bloodfeeder gene has a cost of −1 metabolic efficiency. Note that this isn't a choice with Sanguophages, who already come with this gene.
    • Hemogen packs are more efficient when harvesting from children. Bloodfeeders will receive less hemogen (for the same blood loss) when feeding on a child, due to their smaller body size. However, when extracting a hemogen pack, a child will give an adult-sized pack.
    • Bloodfeeding is somewhat faster. A doctor needs to operate on a patient in order to extract a hemogen pack, and this process takes a bit of work.
    • Conceited noblesContent added by the Royalty DLC dislike consuming hemogen packs, but don't mind bloodfeeding.

    Extraction strategies[edit]


    • A hemogen pack gives +20 hemogen
    • Extracting a hemogen pack causes +45% blood loss
    • Blood loss recovers at −33% per day

    You can safely extract safely extract 1 pack every 1.36 days, or making 14.67 hemogen a day, capable of supporting 1.47 sanguophages pawns or 7.33 hemogenic pawns. Note that this is with optimum timing and therefore represents a theoretical maximum gain - actual extractions may not occur so promptly.

    Prisoners make ideal sources of hemogen - the risk of death and statistical impact from blood loss is not important and the extraction can be completely automated. Long term prisoners can cause problems however. Pawns with the dead calm gene, such as genies, are ideal as they can feed and clothe themselves but will never harm other prisoners or attempt a prison break. Their mood becomes largely unimportant at that point, and they can be fed using a nutrient paste dispenser in their prison for maximum nutritional and colonist work efficiency. You may also choose to give them genes that improve their metabolic efficiency, to further cut costs.

    If a dead calm pawn is not available, you can also remove a prisoners legs by installing and removing peg legs. They will need to be manually fed by a colonist but they can never escape.

    The hemogen farm prisoner option will not keep prisoners unconscious, and will instead wait until they have recovered all bloodloss before performing another extraction. The player can manually schedule extractions to whenever the pawn is below 55% blood loss. This will cause the prisoner to fall unconscious until they again decrease to below 60% bloodloss. In this way, a prisoner can be kept unconscious for up to a theoretical maximum of 87% of the time, significantly reducing prison and mental breaks.


    Version history[edit]

    • Biotech DLC Release - Added
    • 1.4.3530 - Added a toggle to the hemogen gizmo which allows configuration of whether or not a pawn can ingest hemogen packs to satisfy the desired hemogen level.
    • 1.4.3541 - Extracting hemogen no longer requires medicine (previously: 2x herbal or better) and does not anesthetize the target. Medical experience also reduced.
    • 1.4.3555 - Reduced the work needed for the extract hemogen operation to 500 from 1500. Fix: Bloodfeeders sometimes do not ingest all taken hemogen packs, depending on food need level. Added a toggle to the hemogen gizmo which allows configuration of whether or not a pawn can ingest hemogen packs to desired hemogen level - Note this is essentially a duplicate of the change from 1.4.3530, it is currently unclear whether this is an error, whether there is a difference, or whether the change was reverted and re-added latter.
    • 1.4.3563 - Fix: Sanguophages can take too many hemogen packs for maintaining hemogen levels in some circumstances.
    • 1.4.3580 - Fix: Hemogen packs give "ate vegetarian" mood.