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Milk from an animal.

Base Stats

FoodRaw food
Market Value
1.9 Silver
Stack Limit
0.045 kg
Deterioration Rate
Days To Start Rot
Path Cost


Food Poison Chance

Milk is an animal product and raw food obtained from tamed adult female animals of certain species only. Raw consumption of milk does not cause negative thoughts and it counts as a meat ingredient for meals that require meat specifically.


Milk is produced when a animal handler milks a tamed adult female animals of a milkable species. The amount obtained depends on the Milk Amount of the milked animal, as well as the Animal Gather Yield of the handler. Handlers will milk animals when they are ready, producing milk which will then be left on the ground. Each animal can be milked at a frequency dependent on the species in question and the saturation of the animal. Milk production is halved when the animal is hungry, reduced to one third when it is urgently hungry, and completely stopped when the animal is starving.

Milking an animal takes 400 ticks (6.67 secs), regardless of the amount of milk produced, and only modified by the Animal Gather Speed of the handler.

The following animals produce milk:

  • Animal Milk Amount Milking
    Milk / food consumed
    per day
    Nutrition / food consumed
    per day
    Caribou 10 2 5 11.36 0.57
    Cow 14 1 14 16.28 0.81
    Dromedary 18 2 9 10.47 0.52
    Elk 11 1 11 12.79 0.64
    Goat 12 3 4 11.11 0.56
    Yak 11 1 11 12.79 0.64
  • Summary[edit]

    Milk is a raw food, which means that it can be used as an ingredient for creating meals. When used in recipes it can be substituted for an amount of meat of equivalent nutrition in meals that require meat, and used in place of any nutrition in vegetarian meals.

    Each unit of milk has a nutrition of 0.05, providing 5% to a pawn when eaten raw.

    Unlike most raw food, it does not cause the −7 "Ate raw food" thought when consumed without cooking it into a meal. However, like all raw food, it retains the flat 2% chance of causing food poisoning when consumed. This chance is applied per batch of milk consumed - that is, if 10 milk is consumed in one sitting, only a single 2% chance to get food poisoning is rolled, not the 18.3% chance of 10 individual 2% rolls.[Fact Check]

    Milk is one of the few food items that can be consumed by babies.Content added by the Biotech DLC


    Milk is interchangeable with meat for meal production and yet can also be used as an ingredient in vegetarian meals. Milk has a slightly lower market value of Silver 1.9 vs meat's Silver 2, weighs more at 0.045 kg vs 0.03 kg, can be eaten raw without penalty, and lasts 14 days before spoiling instead of 2. Thus it is advantageous to sell your meat before your milk if you have an excess, and to buy milk from traders that come to you. For taking with your own caravans, meat is preferable due to its lower weight, so long as refrigeration isn't a problem, such as during winter or on very short trips,

    To avoid excessive hauling jobs, pen your milk-producing animals in a convenient animal area near your freezer.

    For feeding babies, turning milk into baby food is generally a better option. Baby food is twice as nutrious as raw milk, and when made by a cook, reduces the chance of food poisoning.

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