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Saturation is the unseen game mechanic that controls Characters' needs for Food. A character with a higher saturation value has eaten recently, and is more full than another character with a low saturation level.

Levels of Saturation

Characters' saturation level is grouped into four thresholds: Fed, Hungry, Urgently Hungry, and Starving. Each threshold exhibits different effects on a character, especially their Thoughts.

For humanoids, the saturation levels are as follows:

Label Saturation Mood modifier
Fed Greater than 25 none
Hungry 12.5 to 25 -8
Urgently Hungry 0 to 12.5 -14
Starving 0 -22

Saturation caps at 100.

When Saturation is at 0, pawns enter Malnutrition, with effects depending on severity (time went without food).

Saturation Changes

Saturation goes down every tick (1/2500 of a game hour) depending on the character's current saturation and modifiers on their hunger rate.

Saturation Change per hour Change per day
Fed -6.67 -160
Hungry -3.33 -80
Urgently Hungry -1.67 -40


Once a character is starving, they will become Malnourished at a pace of 2% malnutrition per hour.