Raw fungus

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Raw fungus

Raw fungus

Raw fungus obtained by harvesting fungi growing in caves. It cannot be farmed.

Base Stats

FoodRaw food
Market Value
1.1 Silver
Stack Limit
0.03 kg
Days To Start Rot
Path Cost


Ingested Direct Thought
RawRaw fungus

Raw fungus is a vegetable raw food obtained by harvesting fungi. If the Ideology DLC Content added by the Ideology DLC is enabled, eating it is disliked by most pawns.


The following plants provide raw fungus:

  • Plant  Harvest Yield 
    Agarilux 35
    Glowstool 20
    Nutrifungus Content added by the Ideology DLC 11
  • Note that of these, only nutrifungusContent added by the Ideology DLC can be planted. The rest only spawn naturally.


  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Fungus darktorch Fungus darktorch Content added by the Ideology DLC Raw fungus 20 Building - Furniture
  • Summary[edit]

    As a raw food, raw fungus can be be eaten raw, with a flat 2% chance of giving food poisoning, or cooked into a meal with a food poisoning chance dependent on the skill of the cook and the cleanliness of the kitchen. Animals are immune to food poisoning from raw food but not from meals. When used in food recipes that require specific types of nutrition, such as fine meals, raw fungus is classified as a vegetable.

    As with most raw food, eating raw fungus directly results in a −7 Ate raw food mood penalty. This mood penalty is negated if the pawn has the ascetic trait or the Robust digestion Content added by the Biotech DLC gene.

    With the Ideology DLC enabled, all ideoligions inflict additional moodlets when eating raw fungus or meals made from it depending on which Fungus precept they have. Ideoligions with the Tunneler meme have Fungus: Preferred and receive a +3 Ate fungus mood buff when eating raw fungus and a +3 Ate cooked fungus when eating it cooked into a meal. All other ideoligions have the Fungus: Despised and receive a −6 Ate fungus raw mood penalty when eating raw fungus and a −3 Ate fungus cooked when eating it cooked into a meal. Note that in all cases, these mood bonuses and malus stack with any applicable mood effects from the form the food is eaten in.

    Raw fungus is also used to fuel the fungus darktorch.


    In RimWorld Core, it cannot be farmed, making it at best a random, situational and strictly supplemental source of vegetables.

    With the Ideology DLC, it can be be farmed, though all non-Tunnelers get a -3 mood debuff. Still, nutrifungus has the unique property of growing in darkness. This lets you grow crops indoors (e.g. during the winter) without the need of an expensive sun lamp. Can also be grown if your colony prefers darkness (Combat in darkness: Preferred precept) or if a sun blocker is deployed. Note that, without a way of mitigating darkness penalties, colonists will work 80% as fast in the dark.