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Alpha 12 - 0.12.906 was released on August 21, 2015 - Alpha 12 Release + Hotfixes

New Contents

Animal Taming

  • Colonists with the Animal Handler work type will now interact with animals.
  • Animal handling success rates are governed by the new Animals skill.
  • Handlers can tame animals. They approach designated wild animals with food and attempt to tame them to make them part of the colony.
  • Handlers can train animals as designated in tame animals’ Training tab. Animal training looks like taming, requires food, and trains one “trainable skill” at a time. Not all animals can learn anything; they need sufficient trainable intelligence.
Trainable skills
  • Obedience: has master, follows master while master is drafted and defends him.
  • Release: master can release animal during combat to attack distant enemies, and call animal back.
  • Rescue: animal will rescue wounded colonists and take them to bed. Animal must be smart and large enough to do this.
  • Haul: animal will intermittently haul items like a colonist would. Animal must be smart enough to do this, and will haul an amount related to its body size.
  • Added Animals main tab, which lists all colony animals and provides interfaces to set their master and area restriction.
  • Each animal has a ‘wildness’ indicating how difficult it is to tame.
  • Animals have a minimum handling skill. Player is warned if they designate taming an animal that no handler can actually tame.
  • Tame animals can be assigned animal areas in which they will try to remain.
  • Tame animals can be bought and sold. Bulk traders carry normal animals, while exotic goods traders can buy and sell any weird animal, pre-tamed.
  • Tame animals can be designated for slaughter and animal handlers will slaughter them.

New Animal Mechanics + Behaviour

  • Some animals (alpaca, muffalo, camel) can be shorn for wool that can be crafted into apparel.
  • Some animals (muffalo, cow, camel) can be milked.
  • Some animals (chicken, cobra, iguana, tortoise, etc) can now lay eggs. Fertilized eggs will hatch. All eggs can be eaten or cooked.
  • Animals can be pregnant and give birth. Animals are made pregnant when a male approaches and mates with a female. Birth is accompanied by amniotic fluid spray.
  • You can now build animal beds and animal boxes and place animal sleeping spots.
  • Animals all sleep.
  • Animals can have different graphics per gender.
  • Animals have “life stages” related to their ages. Baby animals are tiny and weak, juveniles somewhat larger, and adults are full size.
  • Colony starts with a random pet.
  • Animals can nuzzle colonists, improving their mood.
  • Animals can be named when tamed or when nuzzling. Names are drawn from a large bank of animal names.
  • All organisms including animals have life expectancies and will develop chronic conditions like frailty or cataracts in old age.
  • New incident: Farm Animals Wander In (some tame farm animals wander to and join the colony)
  • New incident: Self Tame (random wild animal on map becomes tame).
  • Doctors will treat animals’ wounds if the animal is in a colony bed.
  • Some animals may attack on a failed taming attempt.
  • Animals produce animal filth, proportional to body size, inversely proportional to petness.
  • Tons of new animal graphics and sounds for new animals.

New Animals

  • Boomalope (large fragile animal that explodes and sets fires on death)
  • Thrumbo (giant peaceful powerful creature with amazing fur and horn)
  • Chinchilla (very valuable fur)
  • Capybara
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Labrador retriever
  • Husky
  • Elephant

Room Roles and Stats

  • Rooms now have ‘roles’ and stats based on what is inside them. These are automatically-defined values that, in turn, passively affect thoughts and events in the room.
  • Room roles and stats can be inspected with a new inspection tool (bottom right of screen).
Room roles are:
  • Bedroom
  • Barracks
  • Prison bedroom
  • Prison barracks
  • Dining room
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Kitchen
  • Rec room
  • Tomb
Room stats are:
  • Impressiveness (most important stat; an aggregate of other stats, mostly for pride psychology)
  • Wealth
  • Space
  • Beauty
  • Cleanliness (has a direct effect on medical outcomes)
Room stats affect things like:
  • Immunity gain speed
  • Medical treatment quality
  • Room stats create many variants on thoughts like:
  • Ate in impressive dining room
  • Own impressive bedroom
  • Own bed in impressive barracks
  • Did joy activity in impressive rec room
Added room traits:
  • Greedy: Unhappy without a very impressive room.
  • Jealous: Unhappy if anyone has a room noticeably better than him.
  • Ascetic: Unhappy unless he has a very crappy room.


  • Added ‘facilities’ – passive buildings that give bonuses to nearby buildings:
  • Vitals monitor (improves healing in adjacent medical bed)
  • Tool cabinet (improves production at nearby work table)
  • Multi-analyzer (speeds research at nearby research bench)

Ancient artifacts

  • Ancient artifacts with psychic powers can be bought, sold, and found in ancient crypts.
  • Psychic powers work at any range through obstacles.
  • Artifacts are one-use.
The artifacts are:
  • Psychic insanity lance – drives a single target insane
  • Psychic shock lance – drops a single target asleep
  • Psychic animal pulser – drives animals berserk map-wide
  • Psychic soothe pulser – gives a temporary mood boost to everyone on the map

UI Reworked

  • Main tabs like Work, Outfits, World, Factions, etc are now tabs permanently displayed along the bottom of the screen instead of being buried in an Overview window.
  • Some tabs, like Work, will not take more space than they need to given the number of entries (colonists) to display.

Misc Changes

  • Graves are no longer just glorified storage slots; colonists must actually ‘bury’ corpses.
  • Can now build sarcophagi out of solid materials. High-quality sarcophagi are art items.
  • Colonists will visit graves of dead colonists for a joy activity.
  • New incident: Poison ship. A variation on the psychic drone ship that kills plants in an expanding circle.
  • New Flashstorm. A localized, intense lightning storm in one area of the map. Causes big fires.
  • Added heart attacks. People or animals approaching or past their life expectancy will have a chance of heart attack, which will progress and resolve in a random way. Heart attack is emergency-treatable to improve outcomes.
  • Added hay (animal food only, for getting through winter). Added haygrass (long growing, high yield of hay).
  • Added way to enable/deny medicine in different qualities to any colonist, prisoner, or tame animal, from a the health tab.
  • All furniture is now ‘minifiable’ like televisions and telescopes. This means beds, chairs, etc can be moved without being rebuilt, bought, and sold.
  • New trait: Night owl. Happy when awake at night, sad if awake around midday.
  • New thought: Crowded – In a space with too many people.
  • New installable implant: Painstopper. Prevents all pain, but reduces consciousness permanently.
  • New installable implant: Joywire. Large permanent happiness boost, but reduces consciousness permanently.
  • Furniture can now be art engraved.
  • New floors: gold tile, sterile tile, cream carpet, dark gray carpet.
  • Game start now has a “select random landing site” button if you don’t want to choose.
  • Improvements to trade interface: better layout, expands vertically to use all screen space, increment/decrement buttons and launch/drop all buttons added.
  • Added ‘open’ designator for opening cryptosleep caskets, graves, sarcophagi, and other containers.
  • Manhunter pack incident can use animals besides wargs.
  • Commands are shown if there is at least 1 selected object with this command, instead of requiring all selected things be able to accept the command.
  • Dazed broken pawns will now randomly strip off clothes and drop things.
  • New graphics for squirrel and warg.
  • New graphics for research bench and other buildings.
  • Unskilled or injured growers can fail at harvesting, destroying the harvest for one plant
  • A bunch of new music from Alistair Lindsay.
  • Carrying capacity is now a stat that can change for body size and manipulation capacity.
  • Siegers will never be sent with only melee weapons (too exploitable).
  • Sappers now avoid mining through high-health ores and barriers.
  • Rebalanced crop yields and harvesting challenges so crops require a bit more space.
  • Game will auto-reset mods config on startup crash to try to recover.
  • Tons and tons of bugfixes and other adjustments, refactorings, balancings and tunings.


  • Rebalanced animal hauling, traps, charge rifle, assault rifle. (Alpha 12b)
  • Rebalanced animal hunger rates and plant nutritions so animals need larger grass pastures to be sustainable. (Alpha 12b)
  • Thrumbo is much more powerful in combat. (Alpha 12b)
  • Sleeping pawns now wake up when harmed. (Alpha 12b)
  • Float menu column is wider to avoid cut-off text. (Alpha 12b)
  • Ship part incidents won’t occur so early. (Alpha 12b)
  • First raid comes a bit earlier on Cassandra and Phoebe. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Manual work priorities being used after switching to non-manual priorities. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Colonists have ‘colonist left unburied’ thoughts when tame animals were left unburied. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Eggs can only be used for simple meals (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Trade items dropping in weird places. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Colonists incapable of violence can slaughter animals. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Alphabeavers leave the map after they sleep because they get hungry. (Alpha 12b)
  • Fixed: Date changes over at 6am, not midnight. (Alpha 12b)
  • Misc other fixes and improvements. (Alpha 12b)
  • Poison ship part event now only drops one ship part instead of 2-3. (Alpha 12c)
  • Flashstorms are much less intense (Alpha 12d)

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