Twisted meat

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Twisted meat

Twisted meat

Pieces of twisted muscle and gristle, bloated with tumorous growths. These bizarre shreds of flesh must have come from a horrific creature.

Base Stats

FoodRaw food
Market Value
0.5 Silver
0.03 kg
Deterioration Rate
Days To Start Rot


Food Poison Chance


Crafted At
Butcher spot / Butcher table
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)

Twisted meat is a type of meat obtained from butchering entities. It can be eaten just like any other meat, but most humans dislike eating it even when cooked into meals.


Twisted meat is produced when a cook butchers any of a number of entities at a butcher table or butcher spot. The amount obtained depends on the Meat Amount of the butchered entity, as well as the Butchery Efficiency of the butcher and a number of other factors. [Detail Needed]

  • Animal Meat Yield
    Chimera Content added by the Anomaly DLC 151
    Devourer Content added by the Anomaly DLC 70
    Noctol Content added by the Anomaly DLC 70
  • You can also receive twisted meat by chopping down harbinger trees.

    Alternatively, pawns with the psychic slaughter power can fatally convert an organic target directly into piles of twisted meat, rather than their normal output when butchered.

    Fleshmass nuclei kept on holding platform or holding spots regularly produce twisted meat.


    Although edible and physically harmless to your pawns, consuming twisted meat in any form (raw, cooked, or paste) inflicts a substantial −10, 24 hour moodlet. Eating raw twisted meat does not inflict the normal mood debuff for eating raw food. By default, cooks will not cook with twisted meat, but you can make them do so by allowing twisted meat in cooking bills. While unpleasant, it still has its uses:

    • Ghouls and tamed animals can eat it without issue, leaving more pleasant foodstuffs for your pawns.
    • Some recipes at a serum lab require twisted meat.
    • Harbinger trees can consume it to hasten their growth, essentially banking the meat at a very inefficient rate for future use.
    • Like insect meat, its market value is only Silver 0.5, or 25% of regular meat. However, this has no effect on the market value of any meal you might cook out of it.
    • Inhumanized pawns receive no mood debuff for eating twisted meat raw or as an ingredient in meals. Inhumanization only affects the debuffs for Twisted Meat, so such pawns will still receive the mood penalty if forced to eat Insect Meat, Human Meat, Fungus, Nutrient Paste, or other raw foods without an overriding ideological Precept or Gene.
    • Ascetic pawns also receive no mood debuff from eating raw or cooked Twisted Meat, but this does not override mood debuffs from precepts such as Meat Eating (Abhorrent) from the Animal Personhood Meme.
    • Pawns with the Cannibalism precept or the Cannibal Trait will still receive the mood debuff from consuming twisted meat.


    Twisted meat is an ingredient in the following crafting recipes:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Ghoul resurrection serum Ghoul resurrection serum Content added by the Anomaly DLC Twisted meat 20 + Bioferrite 20 Drug - Serum
    Juggernaut serum Juggernaut serum Content added by the Anomaly DLC Twisted meat 20 + Bioferrite 10 Drug - Serum
    Metalblood serum Metalblood serum Content added by the Anomaly DLC Twisted meat 10 + Bioferrite 20 Drug - Serum
    Biomutation lance Biomutation lance Content added by the Anomaly DLC Shard 1 + Bioferrite 50 + Twisted meat 20 Gear - Utility
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