Meat Amount

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Meat Amount is a Stat: The amount of meat yielded when butchering this creature. This value is reduced if the creature is not slaughtered cleanly, or if it is wounded when killed.

The actual amount of meat gained from butchering is also affected by Butchery Efficiency and the Work Efficiency Factor of the production station used to do the butchering. Butcher spots have a factor of 70%, while butcher tables have a factor of 100%.


The base value of Meat Amount is 140, other than for dryads, which have a base value of 2. This is multiplied by the following factors:

Post-Process Curve[edit]

Meat Amount is then affected by a post-process curve with points:

  • (0,0)
  • (5,14)
  • (40,40)
  • (100000,100000)
Meat Amount by Body Size