Insulation - Cold

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Insulation - Cold is a Stat: For clothing: how well this clothing protects from cold, lowering the Minimum Comfortable Temperature by the given amount. For textiles: impacts how well clothing made from this textile protects from cold.

NOTE: Currently, the display of these stats is broken on the wiki. There are two properties here: Property:Insulation_-_Cold_Base, the base temperature offset, and Property:Insulation_-_Cold_Factor, the % by which we scale the base offset to get the final value for a clothing item.

Unfortunately, prior to B19 (I think that's when it changed), clothing had the base value (e.g. 15°C) while textiles had the factor (e.g. 0.75).

As of 1.0, textiles have the offset (e.g. Hyperweave has 26°C), while clothing has the factor (e.g. tuques have 0.5). Thus, a normal hyperweave tuque has a cold insulation of 13°C.

We should find a way to either fix the display of the relevant stats, or flip the actual semantic properties between the items.